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Digital Marketing Tools

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Are you looking for the best digital marketing tools that you can use to grow your online business? Well, we have some of the top tools that you can use for your site.

When we talk about digital marketing, it is a vast topic to look at. Almost all kinds of marketing that you do on the internet come under digital marketing, be it through creating content on your blog or by creating a YouTube video.

Topics like search engine marketing, email marketing, outreach marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, all of these come under the window of digital marketing.

So, we will try to look at the best tools from all these different marketing verticals so that you have a complete idea about the tools that are available to grow your business.

But before you go ahead with the top digital marketing tool, your basics have to be strong. By basics I mean, do you have a strong business in place.

Do you already have a website? Do you have a quality product in place?

Create a Website

The first step towards creating a digital business is to have a professional-looking website. No matter what kind of website you need, be it a content-based site or an eCommerce site; WordPress is the best platform to choose.

If you are into eCommerce, then probably you can look at Shopify as an alternative while WordPress is also a great option to start your eCommerce business. Here’s is a list of top eCommerce WordPress themes that you can use.

When you look for WordPress, you will find two options

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

Here we are talking about WordPress.org. A self-hosted solution using the WordPress software. You will have to get a domain name as well as a hosting provider.

If you go for hosting like Bluehost you will get a domain name free with your hosting account. It is one of the highly recommended hosting providers that is used by millions.


You will get a readily installed WordPress, so you will not need any technical knowledge to get started. Even if you need any help, the Bluehost team will guide you quickly.

Once you have the basic setup ready, you will need a theme for your site (the design template). You can use a theme such as the Divi Theme to create your site.

Or you can choose to use a website builder like Elementor along with a compatible theme to create a completely unique design without any coding.

Table of Content

SEO Icon

Best SEO Tools

Best SEO tools that you can use to grow organic traffic for your website. These tools will help you to analyze your own site as well as your competitors’ site.

01. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most popular and widely used SEO analysis tools that you can use to analyze your own or your competitor’s site. It offers you a number of different toolsets for different kinds of analysis.

If you are a blogger or a marketer, SEMrush is going to be your best friend. It gives you all the data and if you use them properly; you will be able to grow your business easily.

SEMrush gives you backend access to any of your competitor sites. You can check their top-performing pages, the number of backlinks to those pages, the exact pages where they have got the link from along with the anchor text used.

So, if you follow the same path and create a similar kind of link profile you go very close to your success.

You can just make a search for the domain name that you wish to analyze and make a search. You will have all the data in front of you immediately.

SEMrush offers you seven day free trial period. However, you can use this link to get an extended SEMrush free trial and this article will also show you 50 ways to use Semrush to grow your business.

Have a look at this top Semrush alternatives list.


02. Moz

Moz has a collection of amazing software and other tools that will help your websites overall and all kinds of SEO practices. Moz SEO tools help you strengthen your SEO strategy, analyze SERPs, drive traffic, and in creating customers using features like Site Audits and Keyword Research.

Along with the tools it offers, Moz has a very popular blog section that is loved by users who want to learn more about SEO.


03. KWFinder

KWFinder is one of the most popular and very simple to use SEO tools. You can use KWFinder for detailed keyword research. You can find high traffic volume keywords with low ranking difficulty.

It will also help you to do a detailed analysis of your competitor’s site and find the top-performing keywords so that you can work on them too.


04. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

As interesting as the name suggests, Screaming Fros SEO Spider develops ‘SEO Spider’.

Based in the UK, this tool actually crawls into website elements like links, images, scripts, apps, tags, and CSS as well, to evaluate the overall SEO of the website.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

05. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a very handy and affordable SEO analysis tool that you can use to analyze any keyword to find how easy or difficult it is going to be to rank for that keyword.

You can also use this tool to do detailed research on your competitor sites and find out the best performing keywords for their site as well as complete backlink profile to find the sources where they are getting the links from.

email icon

Email Automation Tools

The top email automation tools that you can use for more effective email marketing for your business.

06. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular names in the market offering amazing email marketing and automation features, such as drag & drop interface, and free templates. 


07. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is one of the leading names in the market. It offers professional and trending features of the market at very reasonable prices.

Features like drag and drop email builder, creating personalized customer setup, amazing templates, and tailored email list as well.

08. GetResponse

The famous all-in-one marketing platform has helped and is helping businesses from all around the world. Features like contact analysis, automating data journey, high-converting landing pages, increasing conversion rates, webinars, and so on are simply amazing. Market automation doesn’t get easy than this. 

GetResponse has recently launched their own website builder that you can use to create a beautiful website using their ready-to-use template and edit it with drag and drop website building elements.

So, starting from building your website to email marketing to optimizing it for better conversion, you can do almost everything with this single software.

GetResponse Pricing

09. MailChimp

Another very famous name in this list, MailChimp’s automation features help you in building your brand name much stronger.

Build for businesses of sizes, it offers features like built-in segmentation, in-depth reporting, eCommerce integrations, and back-in-stock messages. 

Also, have a look at this list of best MailChimp alternatives.


10. Hatchbuck Email Marketing

Designed for small businesses, Hatchbuck marketing helps its customer take advantage of every possible opportunity.

Features like email link tracking, easy-to-sign-up forms, dynamic lists, drag-and-drop email builder, and easy to build subscribers list are the USP of Hatchbuck.


CRM Software

Best CRM software that you can use to manage your business, customer data, sales process from a single dashboard.

11. EngageBay

EngageBay is one of the leading CRM software that comes with all the features and options that you will need to manage your business from a single dashboard.

It comes with features like Sales Automation, Deal Management, Contact Management, and Appointment scheduling. You will be able to manage your contacts and leads and convert them to paying customers.

Other than the CRM tools, it offers you a complete marketing automation system to make sure that you are able to manage and grow your business in a healthy way.

You will be saving a lot of your time by using the automation processes and tools that EngageBay has to offer. It comes with a Form and Landing page builder, Email Sequences, Email Templates, etc.

Other than that, it offers you a Live Chat system, notifications, and a complete Helpdesk system to improve your customer support process and make it more efficient.

Read our review of EngageBay.

Top Features

  • Complete sales and marketing automation
  • Comprehensive CRM tools
  • Live chat system
  • Helpdesk system
  • Appointement scheduling tool
  • Support ticket management

12. HubSpot

When it comes to CRM software, HubSpot needs no introduction. One of the most popular names, you can use HubSpot to manage your business effectively with the kind of sales and marketing management tools the platform offers.

HubSpot offers end-to-end solutions when it comes to managing your core business processes are concerned.

Read our HubSpot review and don’t miss our list of top HubSpot alternatives.

Top Features

  • Marketing automation system
  • Lead generation tools
  • Advanced CRM tools
  • Meeting scheduling tool
  • Support ticket management
HubSpot CRM

13. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the biggest CRM software with a huge customer base and tons of automation options.

The platform has a number of tools to offer, even Slack is also a part of the Salesforce platform now and offers 360-degree support with all the features it has to offer when it comes to managing business processes.

Top Features

  • Powerful sales automation tools
  • Lead management and conversion tool
  • Customer 360 management
  • Slack integration
Salesforce CRM
Social Media Scheduling 

Social Media Scheduling 

The best social media management tool that you can use to schedule your content and manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard.

14. Missinglettr

Missinglettr is one of the most comprehensive social media management software that you can use to manage multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard and keep your stream active all the time.

The platform offers you a number of handy tools to create engagement and drive more traffic back to your site. It is one of the top software for bloggers and social media marketers to keep things going.

It comes to the content discovery option, as a new post is published on your blog the system will detect the post and create multiple versions of social media posts that are ready to publish. You can select and schedule those content for your account.

The Drip content feature by Missinglettr will keep your social accounts fresh with new content around the clock.

The platform offers a number of other features and options that are very handy to grow your social accounts.

You can read our Missinglettr review to know more about the software.

Missinglettr Social Media Calendar

15. Zoho Social

An ideal option for all kinds of business, Zoho is also considered to be the best in the business. You can schedule unlimited posts, create custom stats reports, monitor all the ongoing campaigns, and so on in just a few clicks. 

16. eClincher

eClincher is one of the most popular and highly productive social media scheduler tools that have a lot of in-built features.

The key goal of this social media management is to streamline all the necessary social media scheduling and management needs. 

17. Hootsuite

This is one of the easiest to use and highly productive social media scheduler tool that helps you with all major platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, and so on.

Easy to use dashboard and hassle-free setup makes Hootsuite a market favorite in social media scheduling. Read our detailed Hootsuite review here, and this list of top Hootsuite alternatives.

Hootsuite Dashboard

18. Buffer

One of the quickest and most powerful social media management tools of all time, Buffer has been used by four million people worldwide.

You can schedule posts, and track content performance. You can connect all social accounts and manage them from a single dashboard. Along with all other social media sites, you can use Buffer to schedule posts for Instagram as well.

It also offers you the Instagram smart link option that you can add in the bio section to make the most of it.

Read our detailed Buffer review here. Also, don’t miss this list of top Buffer alternatives.


19. Hiplay

Automate your social media accounts easily using Hiplay. You can do a lot of things like creating posts from the dashboard, adding posts to the library buffer, categorizing posts, ensuring consistent posting, and so on.

20. Sendible

Sendible is a popular social media and content management software that you can use to be more productive while managing your social media posts.

You can use this platform to manage all your social media accounts from a single dashboard. It also works as a collaboration platform where you can collaborate with your clients or your team and manage all social media content planning together. So, if you are working with a remote team, Sendible can be a great tool for you.

Along with all other social media platforms, you can use Sendible to schedule content for the ‘Instagram platform. It will give you all detailed reports on your social media accounts so that you can make a better decisions for your business.

Read our detailed Sendible review post and don’t miss this list of top Sendible alternatives.

Sendible Dashboard
Ad Campaign Managers

Ad Campaign Managers

If you are managing a business and advertising on all different platforms, here’re the tools that you can use to manage your ads.

21. AdHawk

One of the most acclaimed and highly rated Ad Campaign Manager, AdHawk is created by two of the former Google employees. The only key goal of all the features of this tool is to simplify the advertisements. 

22. 4c

One of the most famous global marketing companies currently in the market, 4c has made ad campaigns and digital marketing management much easier for all.

Practices like media execution, audience discovery, performance analysis, and audience analysis have never been so productive. 

23. Kenshoo

Kenshoo is an all-in-one solution for everything that you need in ad campaign management. From the planning of an ad campaign to the execution of the campaign in real-time, everything can be evaluated in Kenshoo.

Automation, dissecting shares, e-commerce management, and other many functions can be performed in Kenshoo.

24. Celtra

A very feasible option in this list that helps not only high-end professional brands and companies but also delivers a lot of focus on highly creative and smaller-scale companies. 


25. Basis

Created by the team of Centro, this is an all-in-one ad campaign manager software, that not only helps in simplifying ad campaigns, but also helps in digital media planning, finance, reconciliation, operations, and so on. 


Analytics Tools

Best analytics tools that you can use to analyze your business. These tools will help you to make better plans with the proper insight.

26. Google Analytics

With a market share of around 83.5%, Google Analytics is definitely a must analytics tool for all kinds of digital marketers. You can track almost anything using Google Analytics, even the screen sizes of your visitors. 


27. Yandex Metrica

This is also a great option for all kinds of marketers from all around the world. One of the most amazing features, that most of the other tools don’t provide is the Free heatmap feature, which tells you the places where your visitors click the most.

28. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is one of the most informative and simple to use, feature-packed analytics tools in this list with features like the fully customizable dashboard, easy reports, data stories, data connectors, and simple graphs as well. 

29. Facebook Analytics

Offering one of the most powerful and simple to use analytics tools in the market, Facebook Analytics is a great choice for all your analytics needs.

Multiple notification options, data segmentations, easy personalization, and customer-specific suggestions are some of the great features of this tool. 

30. Cyfe

Another very good choice when it comes to analytics, with Cyfe helps you track data from all different social media platforms, sales platforms, PPC channels, and more from one single dashboard.

So, you don’t have to keep visiting multiple platforms for all different analytics related to your business.

Research Tools

Research Tools

Best research tools that you can use to find the best content ideas, analyze competitors to find top-performing keywords.

The SImplest and easiest tool to analyze and study the current ongoing trends. Super easy to use and a powerful tool has a lot of features packed such as country-based trend research, YouTube research, campaign creation & management, and so on. 


32. Appannie

If you have an app for your businesses, or if are thinking of shifting into the Playstore world, then this is the ideal tool for all your app-based research needs.

Used by all the major app developers from all around the world, Appannie has some of the simplest features like App Search Optimisation, title optimization, description recommendations, and so on.

33. Similarweb

Similarweb is a must-try application for all kinds of marketers, especially the new ones. The tool gives you a source of traffic, estimated upcoming traffic, country-based traffic, keyword suggestions, and so on. This tool is also available as a Chrome extension. 


34. BuzzSumo

One of the most popular market research tools available these days, Buzzsumo is the number one recommendation on many marketing lists.

You can analyze a particular topic, research competitors, check out the social sharing been done related to the topic, and so on. 

You can use Buzzsumo to find the content that works. You can use it to find top trending content so that you can plan your content properly. You can also use Buzzsumo to find the influencers in your niche who can help you grow your business quickly.

Don’t miss this list of best BuzzSumo alternatives.


35. Facebook Audience Insights

One of the easiest and most powerful research tools in the market, Facebook Audience Insights targets a lot of major must-have areas of marketing.

Behavior analysis, country-based research, device analysis, events, and so on are possible to analyze using Facebook Audience Insights.

Design Tools

Design Tools

With the increase in the importance of social media and quality content. The importance of designing tools has also gone up. We have listed some of the top designing apps below in the list.

36. Canva

Canva is the most popular design tool available. From beginners to professionals, from designers to bloggers, everyone prefers to use Canva for meeting their design requirements.

The Canva tool comes with many pre-made templates. These templates make it easier for users to create beautiful designs instantly. 

From designing Facebook posts to an entire magazine, you can do almost everything on the Canva app. Adding infographics in a blog post makes it easier to summarize your points or to explain a point easily, you can use the Canva app for designing these infographics too!

A list of top Canva alternatives.

Canva Review, Alternatives

37. Marvellapp

One of the best tools for designers, Marvellapp helps you in prototyping app and website mock-up versions. It is packed with a ton of different tools and a lot of cool features that designers can make use of easily. One of the highest recommended tools on this list. 

38. Pablo

A very simple to use and highly productive tool for all of your designing needs. The tool offers a lot of designs to create social media stories, posts, ads banners, and so on. 

39. Adobe Spark

A free and easy-to-use graphic designing application, this is being used by a lot of users from all around the world. With one of the most beautiful templates in the market, Adobe Spark is a great choice.

Task Reminders

Task Reminders

Task reminders and to-do list apps are an integral part of modern businesses. There are a number of quality apps in this niche, we have listed some of the top options below.

40. Wunderlist

A cloud-based task management application that has created quite a buzz in the market for its highly productive features. Wunderlist allows users to manage tasks from a lot of different devices such as a tablet, computers, or smartphones. 

41. ToDIst

ToDoIst is another very productive cloud-based task management tool that will help you work as a team easily and quickly. You can set goals, collaborate with the team, set items on a list, and do various other tasks easily with ToDoIst. 


42. ToodleDo

ToodleDo is very user-friendly and simple to use. With the clean interface, simple organizational features, and a lot of additional tools, ToodleDo is a good choice in this category.


43. Any.do

The most good-looking and clean app in the task reminder and management category. Any.do is packed with all the must-have features and drag-and-drop functionalities. This is definitely worth a try. 

44. TickTick

A new player in the game, TickTick definitely has a lot of features and sub-features to be the best in the market. It is cheap, it is easy, and it allows collaboration. You can use this software to organize your work and life.

You can keep all the important information and list everything you need to do with reminders so that things are well organized and on track.

Don’t miss our list of best TikTok alternatives.

Project Management

Project Management

You can use the best project management software to manage all your projects from a single dashboard. You can use the software to collaborate with your team. We have listed some of the top project management options below.

45. Asana

A very simple to use and highly productive tool for all of your project management needs. You can actually plan the workflow and keep your work schedule on track always. 

You can manage the entire remote team from this platform and make it your virtual office. Read our detailed Asana review to know more about it.

Asana Workflow

46. Evernote

While working on your business, you need a good app to keep a note of everything that is important for your business. Here’s when Evernote comes into the picture, one of the best software to keep notes.

You can sync your notes and keep them handy anywhere. You can keep text, image, audio, PDFs, and other content types.


47. Confluence

A team collaboration platform, Confluence is remote business-friendly software that will make managing a project simple and easy from any location in the world. It is your virtual office where all your team members meet to plan things, communicate and get things done.


48. Slack

Another most talked-about and buzz-created tool in this list is Slack. Used by a number of big names in the market, Slack is considered to be one of the handiest and simple project management tools in the market. 

When you are working with Slack, you can forget about to and fro emails and manage all your team communication using the Slack platform. Read our Slack review here.

Team Communication Slack

49. Trello

One of the easiest and most powerful project management tools in the market, Trello has the cleanest and the most productive interface on this list. This one deserves a try for sure. 

Trello is a very popular software among bloggers and marketers to collaborate with the team, plan a project, and manage the entire workflow from a single dashboard.

Business Tools


Other important tools that you can use to grow your business.

50. Linktree

Linktree is a very handy software to manage your Instagram profile and add a smart link.

So, this software will create a custom landing page with all your important pages on it and create a smart link that you can add to the Instagram bio. This will help you to make the most out of your Instagram marketing.

We have also published this list of top Linktree alternatives that you can use.


51. Github

Github is the most popular platform for web development. In a way, this can be the home for your software code.

If you are in a process of designing any software, you can use the features offered by Github to make things easier for your development team.  


52. Flowster

Flowster is a very famous name on this list. Simple to use and highly productive tool for all of your workflow design needs and execution. Used by major IT departments, this tool deserves a try for sure.

One of the best software to manage eCommerce and business management. It comes with a large collection of ready-to-use templates.  

From onboarding new employees to managing your entire sales process, Flowster is the single platform that you can use.

53. Business Name Generator

The name of your business makes a lot of difference to the overall branding. You must select a quality name that is not a copy of any popular brand so that you can create your own unique identity. The name has to be easy to remember and spell.

Here are a few aspects that make a good business name.

  • The name shouldn’t be very long
  • It should be easy to remember
  • It should be easy to spell
  • It should be unique

If you are creating a general blog, you can read our list of best blog name generators that will help you to find a brandable name for your business.

54. Ffonts

One of the few platforms offering some of the most creative and industry favorite fonts. Whether you need a new logo, have to create templates, or have to design anything, this tool will help you with a lot of beautiful fonts.

55. Bootstrap Studio

Front-end development is made easy with this amazingly easy and highly productive tool called Bootstrap Studio.

You have a ton of predefined sets of sections and editors for making an ideal landing page for your website in just a few clicks. But you will need a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to get easy with this amazing design tool. 

Bootstrap Studio

Q1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of marketing a brand or a product through the Internet and other digital mediums. Social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing are some of the popular forms of digital media marketing.

Q2. What Are The Best Digital Media Marketing Tools?

There are hundreds of top digital media marketing tools, we have listed the best option in this list. When we talk about the top digital marketing tools, it depends on the category of tools such as email marketing, video marketing, designing tool, etc. When it comes to competitor analysis, keyword and backlink analysis tools, software like Semrush, Ahrefs are some of the top options.

Q3. Are Digital Marketing Tools Free to Use?

There are multiple tools that offer free plans along with paid plans, while there are many tools that you can use for free. Tools like Google Analytics, Search Console are completely free to use.


So this was the list of the Best Digital marketing tools. Choose the ones that make your life easier and more comfortable. 

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