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13 Best Linktree Alternatives & Top Competitors 2021

Some of the best services like Linktree to create smart link for Instagram and other platforms

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Are you looking for the Linktree alternatives? Well, we have listed the top solutions like Linktree that you can use to create smart link for your Instagram and other social media profiles.

Linktree is one of the most popular and widely used link creation tools that let you create a single link with all the important pages of your business. While the Instagram bio is the best use case for Linktree, you can use the link almost anywhere.

While Instagram is a great platform for marketers and influencers, it has the limitation of single link that you can place in the bio section. While it is certainly not enough for the marketers, the tools like Linktree listed here will solve this issue.

Linktree: An Overview


Linktree empowers users to generate a personalized and highly customizable web page that houses all of their crucial links targeted for a particular audience and purpose. You can use Linktree for different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Linked In, Twitter, TikTok, and, of course, Instagram. 

You can use Linktree to create a smart link that will include link to the all of your important pages, landing websites to direct users to the right pages of your business.

It also helps you to accept donations from your followers, customers and fans to support your business.

The tool is used in various businesses and organizations to boost brand awareness and online sales. But Linktree has its own cons as well. For example, the tool lacks a custom domain option offered in a number of its alternatives. 

Linktree is not the only one in its game; there are plenty of others in the field. Just like any other similar, there is a lot of competition available. You may want to know which one offers better features and does a better job in terms of performance.

Featured Linktree Alternatives

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Best Linktree Alternatives List

Shorby Logo

NitDit Score


Shorby is a popular alternative to Linktree that you can use to create smart bio link for Instagram and other channels. This would include all the important links to your pages, your latest video, or anything else that you wish to promote. You can also add your social media handles so that you can use the opportunity to grow all your social media accounts.
$15/month Logo

NitDit Score


Lnk.Bio is a service like Linktree that allows you to create a single smart link with all your important landing pages for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Along with your important links, you can add your social media profiles as well as lin to your sponsor pages to highlight them and offer the maximum return to your sponsors.
Free, $0.99/month
shortstack logo

NitDit Score


ShortStack is a very handy platform to make the best out of your social media traffic. You can engage them by creating a micro landing page with all the important links. ShortStack also helps you to host social media contests and giveaways for the users that land through your social bio link. You can create a landing page or a contest page and lead your users to that page.

NitDit Score


We know Buffer as a social media management software that you can use multiple accounts from a single dashboard and to schedule posts. The premium version of Buffer comes with an option to create asmart bio link feature with custom shopable landing page and other important pages to maximize conversion. Do, read our detailed Buffer review and this list of best Buffer alternatives.

Free, $5 channel/month
TapKit Logo

NitDit Score


TapKit is a very handy alternative to Linktree, you can use this platform to create a smart link and microlending pages to increase sales and engagement through Instagram and other social channels. You can use the ready templates offered by TapKit to create pixel-perfect landing pages with links to all your important pages. Also, you can promote link to your sponsors' site to offer the maximum return.
Free, $15/month

NitDit Score


A very handy platform to create an Instagram smart link with multiple links in one. You can use ContactInBio to create professional-looking microlending pages with links to all your important pages. You can also add your social media handles to grow your profiles and add forms as well as payment options so that you can sell through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others.
free, $4.55/month
iglinks logo

NitDit Score

Create one simple common link for all your social media channels. You can make the best use of the Instagram bio link by creating a smart link with the tool. You can start using this service for free that will allow you to add unlimited links for one account.
Free, $5/month
LynxInBio Logo

NitDit Score


Another service that you can use your smart link for Instagram bio with all your important landing pages in one place to make sure that you are able to make the best out of that one bio link Instagram allows. It is a simple tool to create a smart landing page with all the links that you need.
Free, $5/month
Tap Bio Logo

NitDit Score

Tap Bio

Create a great-looking smart bio for your Instagram profile that will host all your important pages, your latest blog post, and any other landing page that you wish to promote. It is a very easy-to-use and quick solution to create your smart bio.
Campsite.Bio Logo

NitDit Score


Convert your single Instagram bio link to unlimited links by creating the smart bio link with It's a very simple social media landing page builder that will help you to create a great-looking & high converting landing page that you can link on your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media bios.
Free, $7/month Logo

NitDit Score


About.Me is a service that has been around for years. You can use this platform to create your detailed bio and make it look professional. If you are an Instagram influencer, About.Me can be your bio with all the details and links. So, you can create your About.Me landing page and link it to the bio.
Link in Profile Logo

NitDit Score

Link in Profile

Link in Profile, as the name suggests is a smart bio link creating app that you can use to create your smart landing page with all the important pages on it. It will help you to drive more traffic from Instagram to your sales pages.
AppTuts.Bio Logo

NitDit Score


With AppTuts.Bio, create your smart link for all your social media bio and add all the important links on a single smart landing page. This is a very simple service to help you maximize the conversion from your social profiles.
Free, $19/month

Linktree Alternatives Detail

That was our list of best Linktree alternatives. Hope you are able to find a suitable option on the list. Let’s look at some of these options in detail below.

01. TapKit: Popular for Sales and Driving Traffic

TapKit Smart Link

TapKit is one of the best alternatives for Linktree. TapKit is popular for its amazing features, which give users the functionality of both Canva and Linktree in a single interface. The interface is the easiest to use in the market. 

The design of this tool is better than that of Linktree. The tool has many useful features to offer to help you increase your followers and overall sales. 

Top Features

  • Create up to 5 different projects. You can create links not only for Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.
  • Competitive features like drag-and-drop web page builder, interactive and easy-to-use widgets, high-end analytic features for detailed reporting, and custom URL tools.
  • You can capture and collect leads up to 100 with the predefined email features. 

02. ContactInBio: A Feature-Rich Option! 


ContactInBio is a fairly popular and easy-to-use alternative to Linktree. This feature-rich link creation tool has competitive pricing in the market. Keeping in mind the features offered here, ContactInBio would easily win in a head-to-head with Linktree. 

The offered feature categories are fairly extensive and accessible by all kinds of business organizations. The best part here is that you can set up ContactInBio easily with just your smartphone. You only have to pay a one-time fee and create multiple links for sharing on different platforms like IG and TikTok.

Top Features

  • Create a custom link for your social media bio. Use your brand name, Insta ID, and so on.
  • Add colors, links, texts, buttons, and different styling options. 
  • Get in-depth analytics for day-to-day activities. Track campaigns for multiple links and have them added to your profile. A good option for boosting your clicks and sales.

03. Easy to Set Up Link Tool


This is a unique option in the category of best Linktree alternatives. This tool goes by a very simple rule, A Common Link for all Social Media Platforms! 

IGLinks is amazingly easy to use and eliminates link management hassles. You won’t have to create, manage, and monitor different links for all platforms. Similar to ContactInBio, you only need your mobile phone to set your profile up on IGLinks. It would hardly take you 5 minutes to do so. 

You can create attractive and customizable link profiles in just a few simple clicks. The mobile app version offered is quite productive. Unlike any other link tool, you don’t only get the option to share your profile link on different social media platforms but also sell your services and products directly from your link profile. 

You also get both the free and premium version to choose from. From pre-designed themes to unlimited links, has it all. 

Top Features

  • Add social media accounts and usernames easily on the Linktree pages. Customize them with colors as well.
  • Schedule time for the expiration of your links.
  • Clone links to edit and update your original links

04. LynxInBio: High-End Customization Option

LYNX Bio Link

Similar to many other Linktree alternatives here, LynxInBio is also really easy to begin with. The setup is said to be easier than setting up an Instagram account itself. It packs different features that most of its recurring users have found really useful. 

You can choose from both the Free and Pro plans. Though the free version is limited in the number of tools offered compared to many other alternatives, features like random URL shortcode, basic link tracking, and theme selection give LynxInBio an upper hand. 

Top Features

  • Choose a customized background or an image that suits your profile and brand
  • Detailed and intuitive click tracking
  • No watermarks of footer logos

05. Tap Bio: An Innovative Alternative

Tap Bio

Linktree might be a pioneer in the category, but Tap Bio is the game changer for sure. However, Tap Bio, at the very first glance, looks a bit complicated to use for beginners. 

The best part is that Tap Bio’s navigation looks amazing and a next-gen alternative for Linktree. The interface is a bit unique as compared to other alternatives. It’s clean and, instead of blocks, uses cards for managing projects. You get to use a card for free in Tap Bio, plus a profile card that you can use anytime.   

Top Features

  • Priced as low as $12/month, one of the cheapest premium options in the category.
  • Feature-packed free plan for higher functionality.
  • Beautiful navigation and high-end design. 

06. Campsite.Bio


Campsite.Bio has many similarities to Linktree, but still has some remarkable features you can use for boosting brand profile and sales. The interface is really easy to use, and compared to Linktree, this one is super clean and easy to navigate. 

Campsite.Bio’s free version allows users to add brand images easily on the landing pages. Also, you can make use of your Instagram images directly here. The customization features offered are also quite remarkable. 

Top Features

  • You can schedule your posts and content directly with Linktree. 
  • Integrate easily with Google Sheet and MailChimp to boost your email list and contacts.
  • Google Analytics for a detailed view of all traffic redirected by the link.

07. About.Me: Custom Landing Pages


About.Me is a one-stop platform for beginners and small-sized businesses. About.Me is a cost-effective and easy-to-use link tool that offers straightforward features.

You can create landing pages that integrate all of your links easily and in a centralized manner. You can get a link format “” to go with. The Free Version is packed with a number of different features, such as a powerful about me page and an easy-to-use email signature.

Top Features

  • Pro plan costs for $79/year only.
  • House landing page on your custom domain quickly.
  • Add videos, portfolios, and testimonials for higher brand promotion. 

08. Link in Profile: For Professional Social Media Experts

Link in Profile

Link In Profile is a popular alternative to Linktree. This next-gen tool is recommended for professionals with high-end social media needs and medium-sized business organizations. 

The user interface is powerful and easy to use, even if you have to manage different links altogether. Also, setting up your profile takes less than a minute. 

Top Features

  • Simply paste a link of your posts from IG to add to your linked pages.
  • Dedicated and powerful landing pages.
  • 30-day free trial to choose from. 

10. AppTuts.Bio: Create Attractive Biographies


AppTut.Bio is an easy-to-use effective tool that helps you in creating attractive biographies and profiles. You can add any number of links that you want with AppTuts.Bio. 

You can also customize your links for different social media platforms and websites. You can customize it really easily and add multimedia content, such as videos and forms, to more followers and sales. 

Top Features

  • Free to use.
  • Create forms for newsletters and emails.
  • Quick customization and configuration.

Linktree Alternatives FAQ

Q1. What Are The Best Linktree Alternatives? There are a number of quality services like Linktree that offer you the option to create a smart bio link for Instagram. You can use the Linktree alternatives like Shorby,, ShortStack, etc.
Q2. Are These Linktree Free to Use? Most of the Linktree alternatives listed here comes with a freemium model. That means they offer a free plan along with paid plans.
Q3. How Can Linktree Alternatives Help? The Linktree alternatives listed in this article will help you to create a smart landing page with links to important pages on your site so that you can maximize the potential of a single bio link on Instagram as well as use them on all other social profiles.
Q4. Is It Legal To Create a Smart Bio Link? Yes, It is. Instagram allows you one single link. So, the smart landing page bio link is the workaround to have multiple links through the smart link that you create.

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