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15 Best BuzzSumo Alternatives & Top Competitors 2021

Top BuzzSumo alternatives that you can use to find trending content for better ranking

Trending BuzzSumo Alternatives

The most popular alternatives to BuzzSumo that you can use.
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Are you looking for the best BuzzSumo alternatives? We have listed the top software like BuzzSumo in the list below.

BuzzSumo is one of the most popular and widely used online tools that help online content creators and digital marketers find trending and profitable content on the internet by topic or on any particular online platform. 

To offer the best content on your website that attracts your target audiences, you need to know what exactly is popular and what kind of content you should create for the future.

Scanning through the internet and analyzing your competitors would take hours and still, there is no surety that you’ll end up with a fruitful result. You have to know the needs of your audiences, their goals, and their concerns. This is where BuzzSumo steps in. 

BuzzSumo allows you to analyze and review content, sharpens your content focus, allows you to search topics with certain criteria, gives you content a direction, and more. Still, there are different alternatives available for BuzzSumo that you can use to get better results. 

Buzzsumo Alternatives

Best BuzzSumo Alternatives List


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Semrush is one of the most comprehensive platforms for SEO & marketing analysis. You can find the backlink profile, top keywords for any website. You can make a list of your top competator and find the top traffic driving pages on those site. Take their best keywords and use the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool to find more details around them. It also offers you SEO Content template to help you create perfectly optimized content for your site. Overall, Semrush is a great alternative to BuzzSumo.
Free, paid ($119.95)
ahrefs logo

NitDit Score


Ahrefs is another very good alternative to BuzzSumo. It offers you a comprehensive content explorer tool to find the trending content around any niche so that you can work on your own content with the right kind of keywords. Ahrefs is a platform that offers multiple tools for various tasks such as backlink analysis, keyword analysis, complete site audit, and more.
Starts at $99/month

NitDit Score

Social Animal

One of the closest alternatives to BuzzSumo, Social Animal is a comprehensive platform to find the right keywords for your content and you can do a detailed analysis of each keyword to get complete insight on details to optimize the content. It also gives you the option to find trending content on any topic, simply make a search with the main keyword and find topics.
Content Studio

NitDit Score

Content Studio

You can use this platform for content marketing and social media management. It offers comprehensive tools to create the best content that will rank higher in search. Right from discovering the top trending content in any topic to finding the right keyword for your content piece, it will help you at every step. Other than content creating and analyzing tools, it offers social media management tools that you can use to schedule your social media posts in advance.
Ninja Outreach Logo

NitDit Score

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an influencer marketing platform that you can use to find social media influencers who can help you to grow your business. It offers you complete CRM and the tools that you will need to plan your outreach campaign and collaborate with your team.
Triberr Logo

NitDit Score


Triberr is a platform for bloggers to share content, discover content in all different niches, and increase social share. You can actively participate and engage with others' content and share it so that you can create your own following and community to get more share in return. This platform is being used by content creators to amplify their content reach and connect with other content creators easily in a program called “tribes”, which is kind of a Facebook group.
Curata Logo

NitDit Score


Curata is a full-fledged content marketing tool that offers both content curation and management analytics. You can get keywords and shared content in just a few clicks. You can also bookmark and extract content via different news sources. The Self-learning recommendation engine will help you to find great content ideas.
Custom Pricing
DrumUp Logo

NitDit Score


DrumpUp is a social meida management tool that will help you to schedule your social media posts and help you to save the social media account managment time.

It will present you with the top content from across sources so that you can find the best content ideas while your plan your own content. You can fetch the best stories for your account relevant to your specific audience with DrumUp. The analytics and reporting features are also feature-packed and detailed.

Free, $15/month
Alltop Logo

NitDit Score


This is another impressive alternative to BuzzSumo. Alltop centralizes all the trending and worthy topic headlines worldwide. Searching for topics and content on Alltop is easy as the tool already has a categorized list installed. Alltop is free to use & the best resource to find trending topics and articles.
Oktopost Logo

NitDit Score


Oktopost is a well-known solution for B2B marketers across the globe. The tool has some of the best features in the market, such as easy content discovery and content curation. The tool allows users to add existing RSS feeds and easily monitor their content fetched from different sources. Oktopost can easily schedule posts on different social media platforms and streamline content delivery in a few clicks.
Scoop.It Logo

NitDit Score


Another very handy alternative to BuzzSumo on the list. You can use Scoop.It to find relevant and related content for any of your specified keywords. The free version offered here has limited features but is quite productive and a good option for beginners and small businesses. You can also discover influencers easily and curate the best of your content in no time.
Free, $14.99/month
Feedly Logo

NitDit Score


Feedly allows users to filter content from different online content, such as blogs, online magazines, and feeds. This filtration is done via the topic and publication that you specify. This is an RSS feed only, but with a lot of extra integrations. Though the list of offered features is limited, Feedly is free to use for all. You can use this platform to organize content and follow the topics that you are interested in.
Free, $6/month
SocialPilot icon

NitDit Score

ShareIt by Social Pilot

ShareIt is a free-to-use content curation tool that has helped a number of online markets and digital marketers. The tool allows users to easily curate, discover, and share the latest content easily and centralized. You can schedule your content directly for different social media platforms for auto posting. ShareIt by Social Pilot’s biggest selling point is its ease of use and that makes it a good BuzzSumo alternative.
Zoho Social

NitDit Score

Zoho Social

Zoho Social, a well-known name in the market, allows markets to schedule content in multiple ways. You can also monitor content and analyze the performance of your brand on various social media platforms. You get a one-window report card of your brand’s performance with Zoho Social.
Sprout Social Logo

NitDit Score

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a popular social media management platform that offers one of the best analytic tools in the business. You can use unique social media tools like influencer identification and social listening. Unlike BuzzSumo, Sprout Social has a set of unique influence features. The tool is quite cheaper than BuzzSumo. Another major difference is that it is more forced on social media marketing.
Free, $89/month

BuzzSumo Alternatives Detail

Content creators and digital marketers worldwide use different tools and software to research, analyze, manage, and create content for various online platforms.

Here are more details about some of the top alternatives to BuzzSumo.


Semrush is one of the most comprehensive platforms when it comes to competitor analysis, backlink analysis, keyword analysis, and discovering new content ideas.

This is a one-stop solution for SEO, marketing, and social media management-related tasks. A home for over 45 different tools, Semrush can help you with almost everything when it comes to growing your business.

It is quite popular for keyword and easy competitor research. Semrush has also made a name for itself in the market with features like Link Building. The Link Building tool is one of Semrush’s major selling points and something you’ll not find in any other similar tool. 

Starting with organic research, you can find almost all the important details about any website. You can find all of their backlinks with complete details, anchor text, exact link page so that you can target similar link profiles for your business.

You will find all of their top pages, top keywords that are driving most of their traffic. You can create a list of all of your top competitors using the Semrush tools and create your own keyword database looking at the top pages of their competing sites.

Once you have the main keywords, you can use the Keyword Magic Tool they offer to find all the details about those keywords along with all other related keywords that you can add to your content piece.

Read our detailed Semrush guide to understand everything about this platform and what you can achieve with Semrush.

Keyword Magic Tool Detail

Semrush: SEO Content Template

Once you have the right keywords to work on, you can use the SEO Content Template Tool to further optimize your content with the right semantically related keywords and other details recommended by the tool so that your content is perfect and it ranks on the first page of search engines.

SEO Content Template


One of the best alternatives to BuzzSumo, Ahref is packed with several very useful tools that you can use to grow your website. While Ahref is known mainly for analyzing competitors, find backlinks and keyword positions. It does offer comprehensive tools to find the top trending content around any topic.

You can also track your content and mentions easily with Ahref. This tool has one of the largest indexes of keywords in the market, around 5.4 billion, and crawls over 4.1 million web pages in a minute. 

The Content Explorer by Ahref will help you to find the best content in any niche. You can find the latest trending articles around your niche so that you can find more content ideas for your own site.

  • 5 million posts discovered in 24 hours
  • In-depth keyword analysis 
  • Easy keyword research

Content Studio

Though Content Studio and BuzzSumo have many common features, Content Studio has an upper edge with tools like RSS feeds and easy-to-use media planner.

Content Studio is one of the most comprehensive platforms for content marketing and social media management. You can use this platform to discover trending topics in any niche so that you can plan your content.

The AI too of Content Studio is constantly fetching fresh content around various topics across all different platforms so that you have all the data at your fingertips.

You can search for content by keywords, domains, authors, or hashtags to get all possible popular content from various sources.

Content Studio

Other than content discovery, the Content Studio platform offers several other useful tools such as influencer discovery, content composing, and publishing tools as well as comprehensive social media management tools.

Also, Content Studio is much cheaper than BuzzSumo, so it is popular in small and emerging businesses. The content marketing features offered in Content Studio are also unique. 

Content Studio

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an influencer marketing software used by marketers all over the internet. This is also used as a prospecting and outreach tool and is considered a good option for driving blog traffic.

You can use this outreach platform to find and reach out to bloggers and influencers in your niche who can help you grow your business by promoting your content.

Ninja Outreach offers you easy to search and filter influencers based on your need while you design your outreach campaign. It offers you complete CRM to manage your campaigns, collaborate with your team members to work on a project.

Ninja Outreach

Social Animal

Social Animal is the closest alternative to BuzzSumo as many of the features are quite similar in functionalities. Social Animal is easy to use and looks for specific keywords not only in the headings but also in the body of articles and blogs. 

It offers you a deep content analysis tool so that you can analyze any topic or content to find potential. The system tracks millions of keywords to help you with complete insight when you plan your content.

You can use the system to find the right time to publish, what should be the keywords that you need to use, what should be the ideal length of the content so that the possibility of getting ranked higher in the search increases.

Social Animal

Headline Analyzer

Social Animal offers you a very useful headline analyzer that you can use to try out different tiles for your blog post. Headlines are very important because the users will decide if they will click on your content or not primarily depending on the headline.


BuzzSumo Alternatives FAQ

Q1. What is BuzzSumo? BuzzSumo is a cloud-based platform to discover trending content with a lot of engagement so that you can plan your content in a similar line.
Q2. Is BuzzSumo Free? BuzzSumo is a freemium platform that offers a completely free plan with limited features.
Q3. What Are The Best Alternatives to BuzzSumo? There are a number of platforms that you can use to find engaging content ideas. You can use platforms like Semrush, Ahrefs, Content Studio, etc as an alternative to BuzzSumo.
Q4. Are The BuzzSumo Alternatives Free? Most of the BuzzSumo alternative software that we mentioned in this article comes in a freemium model that offers a free plan along with the paid plans.

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