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Salesforce CRM Review (April 2021), Best Alternatives

One of the biggest names among CRM software, Salesforce can help you generate more leads.

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Salesforce.com, inc.

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United States



Free Version


Free Trial


Minimum Price

$25 user/month

Maximum Price

$300 user/month

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Salesforce Overview

A detailed Salesforce review & best alternatives, competitors that you can use manage your business from a single platform.

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer relationship management solution (CRM) that will help you to manage your business from a single platform. You can even manage your business through your mobile phone using the Salesforce CRM software. Over 150,000 companies are already using Salesforce.

CRM not just simply help a company to manage their customer relations, but also help in increasing the overall productivity and data management. 

A name that has made a big name for itself in the global CRM software market, and one that has become a favorite among its users, Salesforce occupies around 20% of the market share.   

One of the most important solutions that Salesforce CRM provides is that this CRM is used by large and multi-layered organizations, as the management software offers solutions to large and complex customer relationship management problems.  

NitDit'S Rating For Salesforce

NitDit’s rating is influenced by the overall quality of the product, ease of use, pricing in comparison to competitors, overall community sentiment around the product


NitDit Score

Ease of Use 85%
Features 95%
Value for Money 90%
Support 85%

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Detailed Review of Salesforce

A feature you will not see in most of the other CRM software. Salesforce CRM allows you to improve your overall business and selling process with the help of its AI-powered system. 

You can now automate your workflows, discover insights, make business predictions, and automate your overall internal working processes using Salesforce CRM.  

The AI provided by Salesforce is called Einstein. Einstein helps you collectively organize your data and draw insights from them easily.

It allows you to manage and predict workflows, qualify your leads, and recommend solutions based on past behavior.  


Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is one of the best when it comes to integration. Just about every major third-party business application or tool can be integrated with Salesforce.

Whether it is an analytics software, customer support software, or financial management software, Salesforce can pull in data from any third-party tool. 

One of the largest pool of integrations and options to display data collectively makes Salesforce CRM integration a pretty amazing choice. 

Mobile-First Design


There are a lot of other CRM software available out there that offer the mobile version of their software for on the go business management, but none of them have a mobile-first design in the first place. 

 Salesforce CRM allows you to manage your leads, data, contacts, and opportunities from your mobile device, even if you are offline. 



Salesforce CRM is almost 100% customizable! You can make use of the point and click feature provided in the software to customize your overall layout.

You can also integrate hundreds of mobile apps from AppExchange to add additional customization features. Additionally, you can create your custom application using the Salesforce developer tool. 

Built-in Marketing Feature

Salesforce CRM has a lot of additional features packed in the CRM itself. You can also manage your marketing through the software only.

You can create your marketing campaigns as per your workflow and target clients and additionally can also measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.   

Salesforce.com Community

Salesforce offers an extensive online community for all individuals and Salesforce CRM owners to interact and share experiences.

This is quite an amazing feature as CRM being a little tricky to handle software, sill needs a lot of how-to and about data for new ones to understand the depth of its possibilities.

The community shares programs, events, serve enthusiasts, and helps in creating features discussion boards. 

How to use Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM has a lot of built-in features that you can make use of. From business process management to sales, from lead management to email campaign management, the possibilities are huge with Salesforce CRM. 

Businesses and the ones that Salesforce CRM primarily targets are the large size ones.

Let us take a close look at something Salesforce CRM is primarily designed for, that is, increasing the sales of a business. 

01. Create a Free Trial Account

To get started with the Salesforce CRM, you can start with the free trial account to check all the features and options before you make the payment and start using it regularly.

The best part is that you don’t even have to add your credit card. You simply fill in your details and start using the services.


02. Salesforce Dashboard


Once you create your account, you will be directed to the dashboard. I think, here you will have to spend some time to understand all the options that you have.

However, the features and self-explanatory. You just have to add the details of your business and get started.

03. Create / Add Users  


One of the first things to do while you implement Salesforce CRM is setting up of users that can access the system. This setup includes the assignment of role hierarchies and permission levels for every user. 

Begin with setting up the role levels and hierarchy in the system. This ensures the data is secured and safe.

After you have created the hierarchies and roles, now is the time to add users to the system and assigning roles to them.

It is recommended to give the users read-only profile rights initially, as this would allow them to become familiar with Salesforce.  

04. Define and Design Sales Process

Ones you have added users in the system now is the time to define the complete sales process of your company into the CRM.

This step demands you to carefully identify your onboard sales process and replicate that entirely into the system. 

Also, the complete team on the system at all different levels need to understand and correspond to the process.

This is very important as CRM applies a pipeline management system and this has to match according to the match with your actual business process. 

05. Customize Salesforce 

Customizing the overall process and working of the CRM system is a very important step here, as this makes the overall process easier and simpler to implement. 

Add the most used features and tools placed at the very forefront of your software, personalize its complete navigation layout, and make it more user-friendly for yourself. 

06. Import Data


Importing data initially is the most important step in setting up any CRM tool. You can use the provided data importing tools to import data into the software.

Additionally, you have Data Import Wizard and Data Loader tools to import data into your CRM.

You can also import data into your system using Gmail and AppExchange, which even makes shifting data from some other CRM tool to Salesforce a lot easier.    

07. Enable Analytics


Salesforce’s dashboard is one of the most feature-packed and productive in use. You can develop valuable analytics and performance data reports.

Get a visual representation of the progress and also get AppExchange analytics data reports as well.  

Pros and Cons of Salesforce CRM 


1. Artificial Intelligence offered in the software is a game-changer. Things just get a lot easier with AI

2. The time taken in setting up the software and getting your first process started is very quick. One of the quickest for that matter in the industry. 

3. Customization features offered in Salesforce CRM is one of the highest in the industry. 

4. The huge integration options provided in this CRM is amazing. You can do anything using Salesforce CRM. 


1. The technical support offered by Salesforce is very complex and is not the best for sure.

2. Each new update of this software drastically makes the dashboard look alien.

Top Features of Salesforce

  Optimize your sales process
  Connect your entire team from any device from anywhere
  Make the customer support process easier
  Streamline your customer data
  Real-time business insight
  Share any file with your team on the cloud securely
  Optimize your cross-sell and up-sell process
  Customize and automate your process
  Do your business from any device
  Comprehensive campaign management
  Effective email templates
  Proper roles and permissions
  Integration with third-party apps

What Kind of Support Salesforce Offers?

Salesforce is a big organization and they have a top-quality support team to resolve your concern around the clock. They have two days of response time policy. You can however go for administrative assistance and 24/7 support with additional fees.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Forum & Ticket

Platforms Supported

Salesforce FAQs

01. What is Salesforce? Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer relationship management solution (CRM) that will help you to manage your business from a single platform. You can even manage your business through your mobile phone using the Salesforce CRM software.
02. What Can You Do With Salesforce CRM? You can manage your business using the Salesforce CRM. The end-to-end solution offered by Salesforce makes it a complete solution for small businesses as well as big enterprises. It helps in managing your contacts, lead generation, lead management, marketing solutions. Salesforce collaboration platform helps you to collaborate with your team and manage all the tasks related to your business from a single platform.
03. What are The Top products of Salesforce? Salesforce offers you multiple products to help you manage your business such as Sales Cloud Solution (Manage your sales process using the Salesforce cloud solution. Close more leads, manage your pipeline, manage your customer information in one place.) Service Cloud Solution (With the Salesforce service cloud platform you can manage all the queries of your customers quickly. You can create communities and offer self-help service making the entire process smooth and quick.) Marketing Cloud Solution (Make your entire marketing process smooth and simple to manage. You can use cross platforms and solutions such as email, social media, mobile to manage your marketing process)
04. Is Salesforce Free to Use? Yes, but only for non-profit businesses. However, you get 30 days free trial to use the platform before you go for a paid plan.
05. What Are The Best Alternatives of Salesforce? There are some big names in the CRM industry such as HubSpot, ZOHO, and many others that offer similar services to manage a business.

Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce offers you four different plans to choose from. Also, the pricing is different depending on the product you go for. There are a number of products such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and pricing or other integrations.

However, mostly the following pricing will be applicable.

  • Essentials ($25 Per Month, Per User and Billed Annually)
  • Professional ($75 Per Month, Per User and Billed Annually)
  • Enterprise ($150 Per Month, Per User and Billed Annually)
  • Unlimited ($300 Per Month, Per User and Billed Annually)

Best Salesforce Alternatives & Top Competitors

If you are looking for the best Salesforce alternatives, here’s a list of best CRM software like Salesforce that you can use to manage your business.
HubSpot Logo NitDit


NitDit Score

HubSpot CRM

Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


HubSpot offers a full stack of software for: Marketing Sales Customer service A free CRM lies at its core. Even though this software is powerful enough, it gets the best when these are used together.  In recent years, the way marketing works has changed. With this change, it has become...
Bitrix24 Logo


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


Bitrix24 can help a business by automating some of the core processes like sales and marketing and make it a lot easier. It is a simple and easy platform to get started. How to Use The Bitrix 24 CRM?  Bitrix 24 is one of the easiest and simplest to use...
Wrike Logo for NitDit


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price

$9.80 user/ month

Max Price

$24.80 user/ month

Wrike is simply amazing! It has to be one of your top choices if you are looking for a complete project management application. This award-winning project management solution integrates several unique features for all kinds of users and organizations. It’s easy to use, quick to start with, and comes with...


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


Scoro is a complete solution for project and business management, especially for small and medium-sized business organizations across the globe.  This end-to-end business management solution not only gives you a single-screen control of various business processes but also streamlines your entire business processes.  Users can access data in a very...
Zoho projects


NitDit Score

Zoho Projects

Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


The list of features offered by Zoho Projects is quite long.  On comparing the service with other similar priced solutions, we found that Zoho Projects outshines the competitions, thanks to integrated features like a built-in time tracker for projects, easy to generate reports, scheduling features, and Gantt Chart, which are...
float logo


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


Float is packed with time-tracking and reporting tools. Users can easily log working hours for all kinds of scheduled tasks, estimates, and real-time working hours.  Float allows users to easily make accurate estimates and to fully utilize the potential of bulk resources effortlessly.  Also, the integrated time tracking features enable...
Basecamp Logo


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


Basecamp has always been a benchmark tool in the world of free online project management software. Although the current Basecamp version offers a free package, its latest version will not offer any free service to you unless you are a teacher or a student.  Basecamp is one of the best...
airtable logo


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price

$10 user/month

Max Price

$20 user/month

At the very core of Airtable, it is simple to use an online database management system that is dedicated to creating and editing databases among a group of different people. An online database or simply a database is a bunch of different things you can easily group for easy data...
ClickUp Logo NitDit


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


A platform that offers 100MB storage for free with unlimited tasks management for unlimited users. If you are a single person managing your business or a small business with a small team, this is the tool you need to manage and plan your business processes at zero cost. Why ClickUp?...


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


To make the best use of this easy to use project management tool, one must take care of a few different things, such as the organization has to decide how they are going to use Asana. Take a call on how Asana can be implemented for your use and why...


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price

$8 Seat/Month

Max Price

$16 Seat/Month

The best part about monday.com is that once you get along with all the features and tools integrated, you get to explore tons of different views for your project board. The basic and integrated view is called a Table view, or simply a Table.  You also have access to a...
Slack Logo


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


Slack is popular worldwide for its constant updates and innovations. An advanced and easy-to-use interface makes the software a popular choice among team collaboration software. Users will get an integrated compose button for quick message writing and options to edit it briefly before actually posting it. Also, changes with commands...

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