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15 Best HubSpot Alternatives & Top Competitors 2021

Some of the top alternatives to HubSpot that you can use for marketing automation and CRM related needs.

Trending HubSpot Alternatives

The most popular alternatives to HubSpot that you can use.

Starts at $7.50/month

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Starts at $12.30/month

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Free, $9.99/month

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Free, $10.79/month

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Are you looking for the best HubSpot alternatives? Well, we have listed some of the top platforms like HubSpot that you can use for email marketing, marketing automation, CRM and other needs.

HubSpot has been a pioneer in inbound marketing. It is a powerful set of tools for marketers, offering email marketing, automation tools, lead generation tools, and a number of other useful tools making it one of the most comprehensive solutions when it comes to marketing.

HubSpot has helped thousands of small business owners to establish a strong presence on the Internet and conquer their competition by bringing more traffic to their websites and generating leads through content marketing.

However, not all organizations can afford HubSpot premium services. But they still need to build a strong online presence to conquer their competition and generate leads. 

HubSpot alternatives help such organizations reap the same benefits without paying hefty monthly fees. When we talk about the best alternative to HubSpot, it can be the top email marketing platforms, CRM platforms and many more in different categories of tasks that HubSpot can perform.

Below are some of the top Hubspot Alternatives that can help you get started without breaking your bank:

Best HubSpot Alternatives List

ActiveCampaign Logo

NitDit Score


ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing automation tool for small businesses. It offers email, text message, and Facebook messaging automation features that help you turn website visitors into leads and nurture them to close sales quickly. 

The tool also includes a powerful CRM platform that helps you keep track of all your contacts easily.

ActiveCampaign's prime focus is on email marketing. You can send and receive emails, create autoresponders, use powerful filters to segment contacts by location, interest, and more, all from a single dashboard. It also gives you the ability to create customized workflows for your customers easily.

  • Easy setup
  • Powerful drag-and-drop workflow builder
  • Flow-chart type working
Starts at $7.50/month
GetResponse logo

NitDit Score


GetReponse is a powerful email marketing & automation platform for small businesses that provides you with a free trial, and no credit card information is required until you upgrade to the paid plan. 

It includes drag-and-drop templates, templates from top designers, A/B testing facility, autoresponder, and automated drip campaigns.

This HubSpot alternative is easy to use and yet powerful enough to allow you to analyze your email campaigns. 

GetReponse comes with a powerful website builder, so you don't have to go to another platform to create your site. This all-in-one solution will help you to create your website or landing page and grow it with the top marketing tools it offers. You can create multi-step landing pages and a wide range of marketing automation templates for each stage of the buyer's journey using dynamic content.

  • Email marketing tools
  • Website builder with your own domain
  • Landing page builder, ready templates
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Powerful A/B testing tools
  • Sales automation and revenue growth tools
Starts at $12.30/month

NitDit Score is a complete marketing automation tool that helps you create landing pages, emails, and follow-ups. 

It allows you to send email drip campaigns, nurture leads, and convert them into customers easily. It also includes a sales funnel builder feature that lets you build unlimited funnels.

  • Create automated emails
  • Sales Funnel builder
  • Retain customers easily
Starts at $49/month
MailChimp Logo

NitDit Score


MailChimp is a popular email marketing platform that extended itself to a complete marketing automation platform with a website builder, email marketing and other marketing automation tools marking it a great alternative to HubSpot.

It comes with a free version that allows you with 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month. 

This is more than enough to start an email campaign without worrying about going over the limit.

MailChimp is easy to use and has a simple drag-and-drop feature for landing pages. It also lets you perform detailed segmentation and track your progress easily. 

You can create a single email or send automated sequences based on recipients' actions, such as opening the email, clicking a link, accessing certain pages of your website, and more.

Also, don't miss our list of top MailChimp alternatives.

  • Website builder with your own domain
  • Comprehensive email marketing tools
  • Ready to use email templates
  • Complete marketing automation features
Free, $9.99/month
EngageBay Logo

NitDit Score


EngageBay is a popular CRM and marketing automation platform that allows you to manage your social accounts from a single dashboard. It also provides you with powerful analytics tools for monitoring your progress.

The tool has features such as scheduling posts, publishing images and videos, and creating engaging groups. All these features can be accessed through the browser-based interface. 

EngageBay offers some very handy tools and options around marketing, helpdesk software, sales software to manage your business and grow it from one single platform.

We have already published a detailed review of EngageBay that you can read to know more about the platform.

  • Complete CRM software
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Helpdesk software
  • Sales management software
  • Live chat system
Free, $10.79/month
Constant Contact Logo

NitDit Score

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an all-in-one tool that helps you create landing pages, broadcast email communications, and manage your contacts. 

It is one of the most widely used solutions for small business marketing automation and has been used by a number of brands worldwide.

Founded in 1995, Constant Contact has a long-standing history in the world of small business marketing automation solutions. It is one of the most affordable tools available on the market but offers many powerful features as well.

  • Drag and drop campaign builder
  • eCommerce website builder
  • Marketing automation tools
Starts at $20/month
SendinBlue logo

NitDit Score


Sendinblue is another very handy alternative to HubSpot. If you are in tight budget and looking for a free solution for your email marketing purpose, Sendinblue is a great options for you. It comes with a free plan that you can use to send upto 300 emails per day and have unlimited contact.

The tool also includes a powerful email template editor, automated drip campaigns, advanced segmentation options, and detailed reporting features including open rates and revenue generated from your emails.

This marketing automation platform will help you create, send, and track emails for your business without hiring an expensive developer. It even includes a free landing page builder to help you generate leads by promoting your content effectively. 

Sendinblue is not just an email marketing platform but a complete CRM and marketing automation platform that offers comprehensive solution for businesses. Features like email marketing, SMS marketing, CRM solution, landing page builder, form builder ad many other features make it a great choice for your business.

  • Comprehensive email marketing solution
  • CRM software
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Landing page builder
Free, $25/month
Keap Logo

NitDit Score


Keap is a well-known name among the HubSpot alternatives. It allows you to create landing pages, build opt-in forms, and follow up emails quickly using the drag-and-drop editor. 

With over 20 years of experience, Keap is one fo the most comprehensive CRM and marketing automation platforms. It offers you complete solution when it comes email marketing, managing customers, managing sales and marketing related tasks.

  • Drag and drop email builder
  • CRM and marketing automation
  • Reporting & complete analytics
Starts at $40/month
Ontraport Logo

NitDit Score


Ontraport is another popular marketing automation platform for small businesses. It provides you with a comprehensive CRM, email marketing, and lead nurturing platform to manage your contacts in a single place. 

The tool allows you to segment your lists by location and contact history easily.

The drag-and-drop interface of the tool makes it very easy to design professional landing pages and automate everything from emails to collecting payments. You can create automated email sequences and even make online payments using the tool.

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Sales & CRM software
  • Task automation
  • Email & SMS marketing
Starts at $79/month
Drip Logo

NitDit Score


Drip is a marketing automation platform, also called an eCommerce revenue engine, helps you launch, run, and grow your eCommerce business. It provides you with a 14-day free trial so that you can test out all features before starting with the paid plan.

Drip has been used by a number of different brands across the globe. It allows you to create custom automated workflows for your customers by segmenting contacts using behavioral, demographic, geographic, and purchase data.

  • Auto-responders with emails
  • Email marketing automation platform
  • Integrate with WooCommerce and Magento
Starts at $19/month

NitDit Score


Wishpond is known for delivering beautiful landing pages and offers powerful event tracking tools for analyzing your marketing efforts. 

It is a complete marketing automation software that will help you to grow your business with the right kind of tools that you can use on the platform. Starting from email marketing to form builder, you get a number of different marketing tools on this platform.

  • Create automated emails
  • Lead generation software
  • Review marketing campaign performances
Custom pricing
Pardot Logo

NitDit Score

Pardot By Salesforce

Pardot is a great alternative to HubSpot if you are looking for a professional Marketing Automation tool. It comes with features such as email campaigns and landing pages to help you generate leads for your business. 

It also integrates with other tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Apple Mail, so that you can communicate effectively with your customers.

  • Generate leads faster
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead management
Starts at $1,250/month
Pipedrive Logo

NitDit Score


Pipedrive is a sales automation tool that helps you manage your pipeline, leads, and deals. It comes with a CRM interface for managing all of these features easily. 

The tool also allows you to create campaigns and email sequences for organizing product launches or marketing events.

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive has gained a lot of traction over the years and is one of the best HubSpot alternatives. The tool comes with great features such as email templates, sales reports, and much more. 

It is ideal for small businesses that are looking to increase their sales using automation tools.

  • Create automated emails
  • Lead generation software
  • Powerful CRM Solution
Starts at $12.50/month
sharpspring logo

NitDit Score


SharpSpring has been one of the most widely used HubSpot alternatives for small businesses. 

It comes with a powerful email marketing tool that allows you to create and send marketing emails quickly. The tool also offers many advanced features such as conversion tracking, drip campaigns, and more.

  • Create automated emails
  • Email marketing
  • Integrate with Google AdWords
Starts at $399/month

NitDit Score


Klaviyo offers high-end automation and flexible email marketing features to small businesses. It is readily available as a stand-alone product with additional features such as eCommerce, real-time analytics, engagement tracking, and conversion optimization. 

The tool is called a hybrid customer data and marketing platform that tracks your leads and customers with precision. This HubSpot alternative allows you to segment your database further down the funnel, across different stages of the buyer's journey.

You also get a large range of email and landing page templates, and many other tools for "insanely effective email marketing". The tool can easily be integrated with lead management systems for higher productivity.

  • Create profiles to track business data
  • Create multiple campaigns
  • Sync your contacts easily
Free, $20/month

HubSpot Alternatives Detail

HubSpot Alternatives FAQ

Q1. What is HubSpot? HubSpot is one of the leading CRM and marketing automation platforms that you can use to grow your business and manage all your business tasks from a single dashboard.
Q2. Is HubSpot Free to Use? Yes, HubSpot offers a completely free plan that you can use for your business. If you need more features and options, they have a number of premium plans to upgrade.
Q3. What Are The Top HubSpot Alternatives? All the platforms we listed in this article are good options if you are looking for a HubSpot alternative. Platforms like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse are some of the top names.
Q4. What is the Best Free HubSpot Alternative? Most of the HubSpot alternative platforms come with free plans with limited features. You can look at Sendinblue as they have a decent free plan.

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