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Constant Contact is an all-in-one marketing platform with a lot of features. It offers comprehensive email marketing & automation options.

Free: No

Trial: Yes

Min: $9.99/Month

Max: $45/Month

Constant Contact Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is one-stop automation for online marketing and email marketing solutions. The software is designed and developed to help businesses worldwide become more flexible at using email and social marketing.

Constant Contact enables you to send and receive unlimited emails, manage your contacts, design beautiful newsletters, and more in just a few minutes. 

With Constant Contact, it only takes a few clicks to create an automated mailing campaign from one of the templates or upload your custom HTML code.

Let’s take a look at its major features and how it works. Banner

Pros of Constant Contact

  • Drag and drop campaign builder
  • Over 300 ready templates
  • Marketing automation
  • Comprehensive CRM solution
  • Third-party app integrations

Cons of Constant Contact

  • Price is on a higher side
  • Price goes up quickly with more contacts
  • CRM is expensive
Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of Constant Contact

  Create professional email campaigns
  Email campaign builder
  Hundreds of pre-designed templates
  Marketing automation options
  Subscriber segmentation for better results
  Email signup forms builder
  Poll & survey builder
  Real-time analytics
  A/B test campaigns and titles
  Event marketing option
  Landing page builder
Frank Vella CEO Constant Contact

Constant Contact: Company Profile

Frank Vella is the current CEO of Constant Contact. With a team of over 1000 employees, Constant Contact is a leading solution when it comes to digital marketing and eCommerce marketing.

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Detailed Review of Constant Contact

As a cloud-based email marketing solution, Constant Contact is one of the easiest to implement in the business. 

There are a number of references available from where users can fetch guides like the Getting started with email page to help them in setting up and using their marketing account.

Constant Contact Review

Creating an Email Marketing Campaign with Constant Contact

Setting up an email marketing campaign is super easy, and you won’t need much learning to get started. The software allows you to revisit a campaign or simply copy and paste it for building a new campaign. 

You can search for your campaigns by the date of creation or their keywords or even view them via the Recents tab. The software has a fully integrated marketing calendar that allows you to schedule your emails based on certain events, like a holiday.

Similar to many of the other tools in the market, you can use a ready-to-use email template to get started. 

Constant Contact Email Templates

You can upload your template and add images or video attachments to the email. All these features are easy and intuitive. 

The software offers a number of unique features. You can create and customize email templates to suit your needs with the drag and drop editor. 

Constant Contact Drag and drop Builder

You have access to mobile-friendly design templates that allow for the responsive designing of emails. Moreover, this option is best for the ones who need more customization in emails.

Tracking Campaigns with Constant Contact

This email marketing software offers the ability to track campaigns. There is a full range of metrics available for you, your team, and customers on how emails are performing in terms of click-through rates and unsubscribes. 

You can tweak various settings such as time zones and scheduling based on feedback from the recipients. You get to see metrics like open rates, click-throughs, and unsubscriptions with this option. 

With Constant Contact, you can track marketing success in real time.

Constant Contact Analytics

The best part is that the metrics and tracking features work fine for both desktop users and mobile users.

You get A/B testing options, a must for modern business needs. It allows you to manage your emails and their customization based on who opens them.

How Constant Contact Can Help

Constant Contact offers a number of useful features other than email marketing. Here’s are some options offered by the software.

Marketing Automation with Constant Contact

This feature of Constant Contact is worth exploring. Marketing automation allows you to set up campaigns with pre-written emails based on certain triggers like a new customer or purchase of your product. 

When the trigger fires off, they will receive an email automatically from either yourself or one of your team members for personalized messages. 

You can decide and configure the time of how long you want to wait until you send a follow-up email to your contacts and subscribers.

Constant Contact Automated Email

Marketing Tools for Events

The event registration app feature offered in Constant Contact is a great way to keep track of registrations and attendees for events. The app simplifies all of your marketing requirements for events, such as trade shows or conferences. 

Named as EventSpot, you get all the must-have tools, such as email invitations, registration form, homepage design, and more. Unlike most of the alternatives of Constant Contact, event marketing tools in Constant Contact are highly effective.

Constant Contact Event Marketing

Constant Contact Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Constant Contact is devided into two segments. The first one is the set of digital marketing tools and the second one if the CRM software.

The CRM software is priced at 399 per month. This includes CRM, Lead scoring, Opportunity management, Sales automation and other tools.

The Digital marketing set primarily includes Email Marketing and related software.

You have two plans to choose from, the Core plan that comes to $9.99 per month and the Plus plan that comes fro $45 per month.

You get a 30-day guarantee in all the plans, also get a 15% discount if you go for yearly billing.

Email MarketingYesYes
300+ Email TemplatesYesYes
Real-time reportingYesYes
Automated emailsNoYes
Conversion and sales reportingNoYes