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Manage your sales pipeline, contact customers through various channels and get detailed reports to grow your business with Close CRM.

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Min: $25/Month

Max: $129/Month

Close CRM Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is Close CRM?

Close CRM is a comprehensive solution for all business types to manage and grow from a single dashboard. It offers you all the important features to help you convert leads into paying customers.

The intuitive user dashboard makes it simple for the user to manage processes with ease. The platform gives you an omnichannel option to get in touch with your customers through multiple channels.

You can invite your remote team on board and make Close CRM your virtual office to manage and discuss all your daily tasks.

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Pros of Close CRM

  • Diverts call when a sales representative is unavailable
  • Automatic emails to the prospective customers
  • Integration is easy to use
  • Nested smart views 
  • Built-in drip campaigns

Cons of Close CRM

  • Filtering data is hard because too many filter options
  • It does not support a mobile app
  • Insufficient space for smart views
Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of Close CRM

  Lead management
  Pipeline management
  Omnichannel approach
  Detailed analytics
  Smart Views
  Task management
  Built in SMS
  Advanced filtering
  Remote team collaboration
  Third-party integrations
Steli Efti CEO Close CRM

Close CRM: Company Profile

Steli Efti: CEO Close CRM

Close CRM is managed by a completely remote team. Close was open to businesses in 2013 and has grown to be one of the leading CRM solutions to help businesses manage leads and grow sales.

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California, US



Detailed Review of Close CRM

Close CRM is an all-in-one CRM software to grow the sales teams by helping turn leads into revenue. Close CRM is specifically designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the remote sales team. 

Close CRM Review

Onboard the team within minutes

Close CRM helps in onboarding the team within minutes by analyzing the workflow and KPIs with real-time actionable data.

You can use Close CRM to grow your revenue faster by focusing on what works for you and eliminating other distractions. 

Fills your pipeline

You can further use Close CRM for reaching out to more people by setting the priority right by prioritizing the highest quality leads. 

You can use the platform for automating your workflow with predictive and power dialer, easy-to-use sequences, SMS, and videos. By eliminating the admin task, you can focus on selling more in less time. 

The activity overview of Close CRM provides insights about the number of leads created, outbound calls, inbound calls, send emails, receive emails, and opportunities. 

In the premium plans, you will have the choice to create different pipelines for different teams within your organization, sales processes, and other data points.

Close CRM Pipeline Management

Optimizes tech stacks 

Close CRM is helpful for sales operations as it optimizes the tech stack and further reduces costs. The all-in-one tech of Close CRM supports smart views, call coaching, emailing, SMS and reporting. 

Close CRM also supports integrations with other software to present you with the best-in-class API.

The CRM supports integrations of the following categories: customer service, analysis and reporting, communication, data and backup, data and workflow automation, goal and commission tracking, organizational tools, marketing and prospecting. 

Close CRM Integrations

Increases call velocity and volume

The calling software of Close CRM is designed for outbound sales. With the power of the calling software, you can easily make more than 300 calls in a day. Also, you can call multiple numbers at once to increase the reach rate.

The software immediately directs it to an available sales representative when someone answers the call. Also, with Close CRM, you can get a local phone number to make outbound calls across the globe. 

Close CRM outbound sales

Actionable insights

Close CRM uses metrics to create reports on data that can make a difference in your business. The actionable insights of Close CRM help make accurate forecasts of sales. 

The KPIs give a holistic view that can track the leading indicators and spot potential roadblocks. The built-in feature report of Close provides context to the data and eliminates the requirement of any third-party dashboard. 

You can assess the growth of your business in real-time by comparing activity reports and analyzing the sales metrics within a minute. 

Close CRM Reporting

High-impact smart views

You can use the smart views of Close CRM to prioritize lead data and then further, automate the email and calling workflows. Close CRM updates the lead list based on the recent data with the smart views you create on the platform. 

Also, the filters of Close are useful in segmenting the database in a visual editor. This is especially helpful when you want to keep the sales process error-free and build a solid foundation. 

Unified view of the sales pipeline

Close CRM presents you with a unified picture of the sales pipeline with the drag and drop workflow that supports customization and provides actionable revenue insights. 

When using the Pro or Business plan of Close CRM, you can also create multiple pipelines created explicitly for different sales processes, teams, and products.

The smart view filtering of Close CRM also filters the pipeline view automatically to keep you always up to date with the latest information. 

Close CRM Pricing

Close CRM offers four pricing plans to choose from and you will get a 14-day free trial in any of the plans. You will also get a discount if you select yearly billing.

Here are the plan details.

Close CRM LogoClose CRM LogoClose CRM LogoClose CRM Logo
Price Yearly Billing$25/Month$59/Month$89/Month$129/Month
Number of Users330100Unlimited
Smart ViewsYesYesYesYes
Store Leads2,500UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Store Contacts4,000UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Multichannel inboxYesYesYesYes
Contact Custom Fields5250250250
Task managementYesYesYesYes
Advanced Lead FilteringYesYesYesYes
Close CRM Pricing