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One of the most comprehensive social media management software that can help you grow social media following and traffic

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$254 Per Month With Annual Billing

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Sendible Details

Sendible is one of the most popular social media management tools that you can use to get more productive as far as managing your social media profiles are concerned.

Sendible provides a comprehensive interface to manage your social media accounts from one single platform.

You can use Sendible to arrange your work based on social media site and on the certain profiles that you are interested in highlighting the most.

Sendible integrates perfectly with the leading social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. It also supports blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, Blogger, Tumblr. You can draft your posts on Sendible and publish them on these platforms.

It also integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Canva, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Analytics to make your process even more productive and quicker.

Sendible Screenshots

How Sendible Can Help?

Social Media Management

Once you start using the Sendible platform, you will not have to jump between different social media accounts for your business. You will be able to manage everything from the advanced dashboard offered by the tool.

Sendible Dashboard

Schedule Your Posts

You don’t have to go to each individual social media account to post your content as Sendible makes the process easier for you.

  • Create your content for each social media platform
  • Attach media to your posts
  • Select the social media account where you would like to publish
  • Set the time to publish the content

Social, you can schedule your social media posts well in advance so that you can focus on your primary business.

Schedule Posts

Smart Drag and Drop Visual Calendar

Once you are done with scheduling your posts, you can access all the posts in a visual calender where you can easily drag and drop posts as per your need.


Get Content From Multiple Sources

We all understand that social media is all about visual content. You need to use high-quality images for your posts to make them attractive to your audience.

Sendible gives you the option to upload images or videos in multiple ways. You can upload it from your computer, get it from an URL, YouTube or just by making a search.


Get Content Suggestions

This is another great feature offered by Sendible. You just have to set the topic for your content and the tools will instantly suggest you great content that is highly likely to get more traction on the social media platforms.

If you are managing your social media accounts, you probably understand how difficult it is to come up with winning ideas. And this tool really makes life easier to get regular suggestion with great content ideas.


Team Collaboration

Sendible is not only about creating and scheduling content for your social media accounts, but it works as a CRM by allowing you to collaborate with your team and assign tasks through messages.

You can invite your team to create content along with you. This feature is going to be if great help if you are working for your client or a freelancer is working for you. Both you and your client or you and your employee can have access to the dashboard and plan things together.

You will have complete authority to set different level of access depending on the user type or how you plan to manage it


Once your team is on board, you can start assigning tasks to your team.

Assign Tasks

Comprehensive Social Media Reposts

You will have complete statistics of your marketing effects at your fingertips. You will have comprehensive reports for Facebook, Twitter Instagram and other social media accounts. You can analyze the data and take an informed decision for your business.

You need to simply select the social media account that you wish to get the report for and you will have the data in front if you.


You can also integrate Google Analytics for deeper insight on the traffic that your business received through these social media posts.

You will have complete data around the most traffic driving posts so that you can replicate the winning design and idea for all of your posts.

Sendible Google Analytics Integration

Managing Your Work Flow Through Mobile

Sendible comes with mobile apps for Android as well as iOS, so you can manage your work on the go through your mobile device. You can respond to incoming messages from your team from anywhere.


You can also manage all your social media streams from your mobile device to make sure that your accounts are active even when you are not working at your office.

Top Features of Sendible

  Supports multiple social media platforms
  Easy post scheduling tool
  Use tools like Canva right inside the dashboard
  Tools to create high-quality posts
  Easy to use content suggestion tool
  Integrates with leading software
  Drag and drop content calendar
  Team collaboration
  Detailed analytics
  Mobile apps

What Kind of Support Sendible Offers?

Sendible offers you support through their detailed how-to articles, video tutorials, live chat during the UK working hours. You can access their knowledge-base to find the answers to your queries. You can also raise a ticket in case you are unable to resolve any issue.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Forum & Ticket

Platforms Supported

Sendible FAQs

Question No 1. What is Sendible? Sendible is a social media management tool that you can use to manage all your social media accounts from one single platform. You can create content for social media and schedule them well in advance. It also gives you the option to collaborate with your team and plan your social media marketing together.
Question No 2. How Sendible Can Help? Sendible will make you more productive by helping you manage all your social media accounts from one single dashboard. You can use tools like Canva right on the Sendible dashboard, so you don’t have to toggle between multiple tools to complete your tasks. You can create content and schedule them for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels. Along with social media management, you can also use Sendible to create content for your blog and publish them to platforms like Tumblr with a click. Sendible offers you a very useful content suggestion tool helping you to find the most engaging content types.
Question No 3. How Many Social Media Platform Does Sendible Support? Sendible supports all the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. So, you can create for all these platforms right on the Sendible dashboard, publish them, and have detailed statistics to make informed decisions.
Question No 4. What Kind of Instagram Support Does Sendible Offer? You can directly publish photos to your Instagram business profile right from the Sendible dashboard, it will also publish hashtags in the first comment automatically. You can also manage your stories from the platform.
Question No 5. Can I Use Sendible for Free? No, Sendible is a paid tool. However, they offer you 14 days free trial to help you understand if the tool is helpful for your business before you make your decision.

Sendible Pricing

Sendible offers you multiple pricing plans to select from, you can select one depending on your requirement. The pricing is based on the features available and parameters like the number of users, number of social media accounts, number of reports, etc.

You have the choice to go for monthly or yearly payment. You will get 14 days free trial for any plan that you choose.

Sendible Pricing

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Ease of Use 85%
Features 90%
Value for Money 85%
Support 85%

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