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8 Best Social Media Management Software 2021

The top social media management tools that you can use to manage all your social media accounts from one single platform.

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A collection of the top social media management software that you can use to manage all your social media accounts effectively. While social media marketing is very important for every business, it is a time-consuming task. You will have to be constantly active to get the best out of the social media platforms.

However, a business has a lot of other important tasks that will need your attention. So, these social media management software will help you to manage all your social accounts from a single dashboard, they will help you to schedule your social media posts in advance so that your account is constantly active with fresh content while you are busy doing other important tasks for your business.

Let’s have a look at the top social media software in the list below.

Best Social Media Software List

HootSuite Logo

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Hootsuite is a popular and widely used social media management software that you can use to manage all your social media profiles from a single dashboard. You get a completely free plan that allows you to add 3 social media profiles for one user.

If you need more options, you can go for any of the paid plans. If you are managing a team or working for your clients, you can invite more members on board and collaborate so that one user can create the content and the manager can approve it to avoid any mistake.


NitDit Score


Buffer is one of the most popular social media management tools with over 10 years in business. You can manage multiple social media accounts from this single platform and make sure that your accounts are active with fresh content all the time even if you are busy doing something else. You can schedule all your social media content in advance by using the Buffer platform. You can schedule your posts for Instagram and get notifications on your mobile when it is time to post.

Missinglettr Logo

NitDit Score


Missinglettr is one of the most comprehensive social media management software with all the features that you expect to help you manage your accounts with ease. It offers you the option to schedule all your social media posts in advance for the entire month so that you can focus on other important tasks. You can create dozens of posts with a single click, curate the hottest content in your niche.

sendible logo

NitDit Score


Sendible is one of the most comprehensive social media management platforms with all the important features that you will need to grow social media traffic. It supports all the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

You can connect your profile and start sharing content right from a single dashboard. You can create highly optimized content using Canva right inside Sendible. It gives you the option to collaborate with your team and create content together. Get detailed statistics for each social account you connect to check what is working for your business.

Sprout Social Logo

NitDit Score

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a leading social media management software that you can use to manage all your social media accounts from a single platform. You can use the advanced dashboard offered by Sprout Social to manage all the messages from all your social media handles from one place so that you don't miss any important messages.

You can schedule and automate your social media content in advance. You get detailed analytics around all your social media marketing tasks so that you can make better decisions for your business.

SocialPilot icon

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SocialPilot is a leading social media management tool that can help you to schedule all your social media posts in bulk so that you can focus on other important tasks. You can collaborate with your team and create content together from any location. It offers you detailed statistics for all your connected social media accounts so that you can make a better decision. Manage all your social media accounts from a single dashboard with SocialPilot

agorapulse icon

NitDit Score


AgoraPulse is one of the most comprehensive social media management platforms that offers you all the features to grow your social media following as well as traffic to your business. You can use AgoraPulse to schedule all your social media posts in advance so that you can focus on your core business.

You can collaborate with your team from any location. It also works as a CRM to help you create a segregate your followers and have a different approach towards different groups.

Kicksta Logo

NitDit Score


Kicksta is a powerful, AI-driven Instagram growth platform that can help you to grow your Instagram follower in a legitimate way. No fake or bot, you will get all real followers with genuine engagement. Over 10K agencies and Instagram influencers are already using the Kicksta software to grow their brand. Simple and easy software that can be very helpful in growing your overall Instagram profile.

If you are looking to know more about the power and possibilities of social media management software, then look no further. Here we bring you a detailed and insightful guide about everything you need to know about boosting profits with modern social media management software. 

Social Media Management: An Overview

Social media management is not a formula but a combination of a lot of sub-processes for boosting your visibility and profits on various social media platforms. 

It includes the creation, scheduling, and engagement of viewers with the right content, posted at the right time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. In most of the processes, an organization hires a team of individuals or a dedicated social media manager to work for the product to reach new customers online. 

From responding to customers and comments to developing and executing new social media strategies online, social media experts or social media management tools do it all. 

Social media management software is a simple-to-use tool that allows you to develop and control your strategy online. 

Why Social Media Management?

The importance of social media engagement has reached a whole new level in modern times. Gone are the days when TV commercials and radio ads ruled the marketing channels market. 

Whatever may be your product or service, people look for almost everything online before actually buying the same service or product. From comments on a particular post to ads running between two Instagram stories, social media management is more important today than it ever was. 

Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are now the new source of interaction between a customer and a brand. People expect a quick and detailed response to their comments and messages and real-time professional outputs. 

This is exactly where social media management walks in. It helps make your account much more interactive and helps you insightfully engage customers. 

As per the financial and business aspect, the importance of a strategized and intuitive social media management is much of a necessity than a luxury in modern times. There are over 3.2 billion people currently using social media accounts around the world. Did you know that every 11 seconds, a new user is added to the social media users lists? 

Social media platforms have taken the front seat in the global marketing business. Some of the best social media management software and tools can simplify your branding and complete marking strategies quite easily. Not only can you target your local and regional audience but also can easily market your product or service globally.

Social media management software allows you to kick start and streamline your social media marketing campaigns quickly and productively.   

The Major Elements of a Social Media Management Software

The journey from dab to fab on social media platforms is all about the right strategy and the implementation of the perfect social media management software. Take a brief look at the major elements important in social media management software you can invest in without thinking twice. 

Scheduling New Posts in Advance

Posting the right content on social media platforms is as important as posting it at the right time. Social media management software understands this perfectly and allows you to schedule your content for various online platforms easily and in advance.

This allows you to be more productive and eliminates various posting and account management hassles. The disruptions in your daily productivity are now a thing of the past as you can easily schedule your content for posting on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Social media management software fixes all kinds and types of posting hassles for all kinds of businesses and brands. By allowing you to schedule your content in advance, the software allows you to target the perfect time slots for posting without a fail. 

The software empowers you to post several different posts on several different platforms easily. You can schedule your posts a few hours or days in advance. Modern social media management software even allows you to schedule content days, weeks, and even months in advance easily. 

Some of the top users of social media management software also streamline their complete posting calendar in advance for the complete year.   

Content and Engagement Analysis

The insightful and detailed analysis of your social media posts and engagement is a crucial part when it comes to social media marketing. 

Though most of the modern, top social media platforms offer some or the other kind of monitoring tool of their own, the ones offered in social media software are much more powerful and convenient. 

These tools streamline and centralize all of your data in a detailed manner. These data and numbers allow you to analyze a lot of different things quite easily, such as the type of audience you are engaging, the source of your traffic, the average age of your audience, and so on. You can figure out what would work for you and what would not. 

Simple to Manage Multiple Accounts

As per the state of the social media platforms and general marketing strategies present today, one of the most tricky and time-consuming jobs is to manage multiple different social media accounts at the same time. The days of Facebook’s sole authority as the only social media platform are gone. 

From TikTok to Instagram, the social media platforms available today are endless. The number of accounts you have to manage for a comprehensive and profitable online presence could easily be overwhelming for even the most experienced and powerful social media marketing managers. 

With the best social media management software available out there, users and businesses from all different niches can manage and take care of a lot of different accounts easily and quickly. You will be empowered to post content on several different platforms in just a few clicks. No need to log in to different social media channels for posting the same content.

Not only it saves you a lot of time but also makes sure that your social media strategy remains constant and effort-free in its complete journey. 

Collaboration with Content

Particularly as a business or a brand, you have to keep your service and online marketing solution updated with the best standard and trends in the market. The absurd and illogical content available on various social media platforms available today is endless. This is one of the top reasons why social media marketing teams incorporate a complete team of expert social media experts, sometimes located in different parts of the world. 

Social media platforms themselves don’t allow for collaboration in a direct manner. Social media software platforms are nowadays powered by cloud-based setups that allow all social media team members to access their strategies and social media marketing plan quickly and easily. Employees from anywhere in the world can work together collaboratively. 

Will Social Media Management Software Help Your Business?

Social media management software is designed and developed to make online marketing easier for all kinds of service and product providers across the globe. The central idea of true social media management software is to boost your profits and engagement. 

The software is packed with a ton of intuitive features and services that allow you to boost your market presence and marketing efforts quickly and easily. Here are a few major benefits of powerful social media management software that you should know right now:

1. Understand Your Audience Easily: One of the top takeaways of powerful online social media management software is that it helps in providing you with high-end, insightful analytics in a very detailed and intuitive manner. You can get data on who exactly is following your posts and where is your traffic sourcing from. Some of the top social media management software offers you detailed segmentation of the analytics as well. 

2. Save Time: A core advantage of powerful social media management software is that it saves a lot of time for all kinds of business organizations. From advance posting to one-click multi-platform posting, modern social media software streamlines and boosts up the speed for various processes. 

3. Building Reputation: Online reputation is important more than anything else. With complete online social media management software, you can reply to comments and messages on all different platforms in a centralized and quick manner. 


These insights into social media marketing software can kick start your move towards boosting your business online. Opting for such software might reduce half of your burden in marketing your product or your ideas online.

With proper knowledge in social media marketing and some efficient strategies, you can reap more benefits than ever. If you have any other queries or suggestions in mind about social media marketing software, do let us know in the comments! 

FAQs About Social Media Software

Q1. What is a Social Media Management Software? A Social Media Management Software manages social media accounts and schedules social media to keep the accounts active with fresh content.
Q2. How can Social Media Management Software Can Help A Business? A quality Social Media Management Software will help you schedule your social media content in advance to have plenty of time to focus on other important tasks for your business. They will also provide you detailed statistics for your social media accounts so that you can make a better-informed decision.
Q3. Are Social Media Management Software Free to Use? Most of the Social Media Management Software comes in a freemium model that offers a free plan with limited features and paid plans.
Q4. How Many Social Accounts Can I Manage? It depends on the plan you select. The numbers are different for different software.
Q5. Can I Use These Software on Mobile? Yes, all the quality Social Media Software offers mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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