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One of the most popular multi-vendor marketplace WordPress themes, REHub is perfect for eCommerce and product comparison sites.

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REHub Theme Review, Pricing, Features & Details

What is REHub Theme?

REHub is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme that you can use to design a product comparison, review or multi-vendor marketplace website.

The theme comes with all the features and options that are needed to create a fully featured multi-vendor site. It comes with ready-to-use demo design templates and works perfectly with the Elementor website builder to make it easier for the users to create a completely unique design.

The theme is constantly evolving with great new designs and new features. Let’s have a look at it in detail.

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Pros of REHub Theme

  • Ready demo design templates
  • A lot of custom eCommerce features
  • Custom listing builder
  • Product comparison option
  • Works with website builders
  • Great looking mobile design
  • Multi-vendor user profiles

Cons of REHub Theme

  • Learning curve for newbie users
  • One license for only one site

Top Features of REHub Theme

  Demo design templates
  Custom layout options
  Product listing builder
  Multi-vendor support
  Product comparison option
  Comparison chart builder
  Works with website builders
  Optimized for mobile devices
  Optimized for fast loading
  Schema rich snippet option

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REHub is a constantly evolving eCommerce WordPress theme that is perfect for various websites related to product reviews, and marketplace sites.

You have unlimited design possibilities and a number of custom-created features to help you take your eCommerce business to the next level.

REHub Theme supports more than 30 special blocks for both Elementor and WPBakery, which allows you to customize all the aspects of the website. It provides plenty of customizable options and goes beyond the standard options available on page builders. 

Further, you can customize the 30+ products and post layouts available. REHub Theme supports both basic and advanced layouts. 

The basic layouts include products with a sidebar, two and three columns full width, an extended product layout, sections with floating buttons, a compact product layout, and full-width background. 

On the other hand, the advanced layout includes dark layout 3D model viewers and AR, advanced full-width side block colored, side block light, review with sections, directory style, video block layout, and directory style. 

Also, these layouts suit the different functionality and types of websites. 

REHub Theme Review

Excellent Animation Framework 

One animation is sometimes enough to bring life to a website, and you can do the same on REHub Theme. The theme allows you to add all sorts of animations, including complex animations, to any website elements. 

It supports the following triggers for animation:

  • Scroll 
  • Hover
  • Click 
  • Loading 

Furthermore, it supports SVG and text with multiline animations and batch and stagger animations. You can also go for the timeline and multistep animations based on your requirement. 

Listing Builder Directory 

You can build a sophisticated looking eCommerce store using the REHub Theme through the special directory style. You can use the listing builder directory to:

  • Disable add-to-cart buttons 
  • Configure listings 
  • Use advanced swatches and attributes

Further, you can use the filter option to make it easier for the customers to navigate the online shop easily. 

REHub Theme Listing Builder

Customizer Options

You can completely customize the look and feel of your website using the website builder elements.

REHub Theme Customizer

Mobile Layouts With AMP Support 

Nowadays, people love to visit websites on the go. It is the reason why any theme needs to support responsive mobile layouts. To ensure the same, the theme supports special mobile styles for all the advanced blocks. 

The mobile layout of REHub Theme supports:

  • Floating buttons 
  • Customizable mobile panel 
  • Customizable toolbar panel 

All these come in handy to increase the mobile conversion rate of your website. Also, the theme supports a dark layout, which is excellent, especially if you are making a gaming or digital product website. Of course, you can use the dark theme for other niches too. 

Irrespective of the theme, the product and post grid often looks compact on mobile. However, REHub Theme ensures that even with a tight look, it maintains a style. 

WooCommerce Support 

If you are working on creating an online store on WordPress, WooCommer is undeniably the perfect option. REHub Theme not only supports WooCommerce but also extends its functionality. 

A few of its functionality options are:

  • Product swatches and advanced filters 
  • Quick view and wishlist 
  • Listing builder 

Also, it supports the following design layouts for WooCommerce:

  • Grids
  • Columns 
  • Sliders
  • Carousels 
  • Rows

Further, the theme supports ten shop variants and 20 product page layouts. You can use it for laying the foundation and then go ahead to customize it to meet your brand’s tone. 

Also, the e-shop design pack that includes a wholesale grid, unique marketplace pages, size guide pop-ups, and code areas is handy to increase your online store sales. 

You can also increase the sales on your website with the help of its e-commerce marketing pack that includes features like wholesale listings, fake sale notifications, and an accessory section. 

Special Content Blocks 

Not only is the quality of content you create is crucial, but also how you place the content on the website is equally important. The theme supports special content blocks to boost the SEO of your websites. 

It supports the following content blocks:

  • Video block and schema 
  • Auto content and top listing blocks 
  • How to blocks 
  • FAQ blocks 
  • Review snippets 
  • Product schema and snippets 

These blocks are beneficial if you build a website that requires dropping reviews or including content. 

Advanced Affiliate Functions

REHub Theme is one of the best options available in the market if you want to build a website for affiliate products. 

A few elements of REHub Theme that require special mention to build an affiliate website are:

  • Top list builders 
  • Top tables 
  • Dynamic comparison

Further, with features like special post layouts, price comparisons, user submits, price drops and trackers, you can enhance the user experience of your website visitors. 

Community Theme Functions 

Most popular websites have a community. It is essential to have a community of like-minded people if you plan to grow your online business. REHub Theme supports many community theme functions to help you build niche communities. 

A few functions that help you build niche communities on REHub Theme are paid memberships, advanced Buddypress, SEO options for profiles, member type system, roles synchronization, and reputation system. 

Bonus Plugins 

When you purchase REHub Theme, you get a theme with plenty of bonus plugins with a combined worth of more than $700. 

It provides you with the following premium plugins:

  • WPBakery Page Builder 
  • Revolution Slider with six unique layouts
  • Advanced product filter plugin 
  • Import WP Pro 
  • RH Frontend PRO 
  • RH Link PRO 
  • RH Woo Tools 
  • RH Brand Logo 
  • RH Gif 
  • RH Chart PRO
  • RH Fake Activity Greenshift Animation Add On 
  • Layered Pop-up plugin 
  • WooCommerce Sales Notification

You can use these plugins for review posting from the site, importing deals and much more. 

100 Grade 

REHub Theme gives your website a speed boost. You can be sure of the fact that your website designed with REHub Theme will have a high performance. 

Wondering why?

Well, it is because it has a 100 grade on Google Speed Insight and GTMetrix. In other words, you can be sure that the REHub theme will fully optimize your website to match all the web vitals. 

REHub Theme Pricing

You buy the REHub theme from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59. You can a single site license for this price and 6 months of support that can be extended to 12 months by paying extra amount.

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REHub Theme FAQs

Q1. What is REHub Theme? REHub Theme is a popular eCommerce site WordPress theme that you can use to create a perfectly optimized multi-vendor marketplace site.
Q2. Is REHub Theme Free? No, REHub Theme is a premium product that you can buy on the ThemeForest marketplace.
Q3. Is REHub Theme Good for Blogs? While you can use the theme to create your blog, it is not the perfect theme for simple blogs as it comes with a number of custom features and options created for eCommerce sites.
Q4. Can I Create a Product Comparison Site Using REHub Theme? Yes, you can. The REHub Theme comes with amazing product comparison features and comparison graphs to make things easier for you.
Q5. Does REHub Theme Work With WooCommerce Plugin? Yes, the REHub Theme works perfectly with the WooCommerce plugin.
Q6. Can I Use REHub Theme With Elementor? Yes, you can. The REHub Theme is fully compatible with the Elementor website builder.