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10 Best Plagiarism Checker Software 2021

Write error free content by using any of these top Plagiarism checker tools

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Are you looking for the best plagiarism checker software? Well, we have listed the top software options that you can use to check your content for plagiarism and other corrections.

You can use tools like Grammarly, Copyscape, Quetext, and others listed on this article to make sure that your content is completely unique before it goes like on your website.

Let’s have a look at the options.

Best Plagiarism Checker Software List

grammarly logo

NitDit Score


Free, $11.66/month

Grammarly is one of the most popular writing assistant software that will suggest corrections as you write your content. It will make sure that you are able to create error-free content for your project. It offers you a completely free version that is good enough for bloggers. You can use the browser extension for Chrome and other browser and get the suggestion while you write on your blog, social media sites, or even in your email. You can also use the comprehensive Plagiarism checker tool to check for duplication. Read Grammarly Review


NitDit Score

Ginger Software

Free, $6.99 /month

Ginger Software is one of the most popular English writing assistants that you can use to produce high-quality content. It offers a comprehensive grammar checker tool, spelling checker, content rephraser, punctuation checker as well as a content translation service to more than 40 languages.

If you are looking for support while writing your content, you can use Ginger Software to get that support. The software is available for all different platforms and devices to get 360-degree support. You can use the Chrome extension to get constant suggestions while you are writing. Read Ginger Software Review

copyscape logo

NitDit Score


Free, $4.95/month

One of the leading duplicate content checker software Copyscape is a popular name among the plagiarism checker software. You can use the tool for free to check the copy of any page on the web. You can simply paste the URL of the page and check for copies.

You can signup for the premium plan and get your content checked for plagiarism before it goes live. The tools offer premium API as well as WordPress plugin to make it easier for the users to check duplicate content. Read Copyscape Review.


NitDit Score


Free, $9.99/month

One of the most comprehensive plagiarism checker tools with over 5 million students, teachers, and professionals already using the software. The custom DeepSearch technology by Quetext will make sure to offer you the most accurate result by running your content against billions of content pieces. The software is easy to use and offers a detailed report around your content to take action. Read Quetext Review.

writer logo

NitDit Score



Writer is a feature-rich writing assistant software that will help you to maintain a high level of consistency when it comes to content for your brand. You can define the tone and the terminologies for your brand and no matter who writes, the software will help you to maintain the same tone.

Some of the top businesses are already using Writer to create error-free and brandable content. Set your dos and don'ts and get started with your content. Read Writer Review

WhiteSmoke Logo

NitDit Score



WhiteSmoke is a popular English writing assistant software that you can use to write correct content. It will support you to write content with correct grammar, it will check spelling errors, check and help you improve your writing style, and suggest words to improve the overall copy of your content.

This Natural Language Processing-based software makes sure that your content is with the right punctuation. Other than a writing assistant, it also offers you a content translator that supports more than 55 different languages. Read WhiteSmoke Review

Plagiarisma Logo

NitDit Score



Plagiarisma is a simple, free and easy-to-use plagiarism checker tool that you can use to check your document. It is a great option for bloggers and students to check the content to make sure that it is unique. Plagiarisma offers a Grammar checker as well, to make sure that your content is dramatically correct. You can also use the tool to rewrite content in case you want to resubmit your content in another forum. Read Plagiarisma Review


NitDit Score

Dupli Checker

Free, $10

Dupli Checker is a popular freemium plagiarism checker tool. You can use the tool to find upto 1000 words at a time in the free plan and you can go for a premium plan if you need a deeper search and more words.

Other than the plagiarism checker tool, you will find a number of other tools in the Dupli Checker such as grammar checker, spelling checker, keyword research tools, SEO tools, text to speech tool, image to text tool, and a lot more. Read Dupli Checker Review

PlagAware Logo

NitDit Score



PlagAware is a very effective plagiarism checker tool, especially for educational content. PlagAware is a rather small provider, but that doesn't make the product less effective. You can quickly run your content through this comprehensive plagiarism checker software to find possible duplication in your content. The software will check your content against over 70 billion other content sources to give you the most accurate result. Read PlagAware Review


NitDit Score


Free, $14.95/mo

PaperRater is a useful site to check your content for spelling, grammar, and plagiarism. They are offering the content valuation service since 2009 and offer you a completely free plan so that you can start using the site without any payment.

The service is easy to use, once you have your content ready, just paste your content and check for potential mistakes. After the analysis of your content, the tool will give you a detailed report on the issues in your content. Read PaperRater Review.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the process of copying, stealing someone else’s work without due credit. The work could be written content, ideas, story, language, expression of any form.

When you look at Plagiarism from the bloggers’ point of view, you will find tons of similar content on the internet. Some of those works could be completely copied line by line.

If you are a serious blogger and looking for a long-term career as a blogger, you need to avoid Plagiarism at any cost because with copied content you will never be able to rank on Google or build an audience.

At times, you might create content that is too similar to some already available content without even knowing, so these Plagiarism checker tools will help you to create unique content for your business.

Note: You may be limited over what you can do with some of these plagiarism checking tools. These limits include rules surrounding what types of content you can search for through certain tools.

You might also have to purchase credits or other items for access to some unlimited features or other points that might provide more advanced search results than what you might be used to manage.

Check the plagiarism checker tools included in this article to get your content checked before it goes live on your site.

FAQs About Plagiarism Checker Software

Q1. What is Plagiarism? In simple terms, Plagiarism is nothing but duplicate content. Users of search engines will not take your content seriously if it is filled with errors & duplicate content.
Q2. How Plagiarism Checker Software Can Help? The Plagiarism Checker Software can help you to create error-free content to make sure that you are able to maintain a high standard when it comes to content for your brand.
Q3. Are Plagiarism Checker Software Free? Most of the Plagiarism Checker Software offers a free version with limited features. If you wish to create high-quality error-free content, it is recommended to go for the paid version of any popular software.
Q4. Which is The Best Plagiarism Checker Software? There are a number of top-quality Plagiarism Checker Software these days. You can use software like Grammarly, Quetext, Copyleaks, and others.

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