10 Best Webinar WordPress Plugins for 2021

Top Webinar WordPress plugins and other software for managing webinars


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WordPress Webinar Plugins


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Are you looking for the best WordPress Webinar Plugins for your websites? Here’s a detailed and informative list of the top WordPress Webinar plugins & a few general webinar platforms that you can use for your business.

Webinars are one of the best modern solutions to interact with all of your website’s subscribers, followers, visitors, and other audiences in a very interactive and connecting way. 

Webinars allow all kinds of users and businesses to engage with their followers, build a solid online community around their platform, gain and nurture new ideas, and so on in a very simple and cost-effective manner. The key to success? Webinars offering two-way communication! 

Check out the top WordPress Webinar Plugins!

Please Note: A few of these options might not be directly available for WordPress platform as plugins. However, you can use the software for webinars.

01. WPWebinar: Boosting Attendance with Google Hangouts

WPWebinar plugin leverages the power of Google Hangout to host your webinars on your WordPress website platform. 

This simple yet powerful WordPress webinar plugin has tons of features integrated within the software, such as:

  • A powerful and intuitive follow-up email system integrated within the tool ensures that a maximum number of people can attend your webinars without fail. This helps you in building a strong community.
  • Place and plan a timed call to action across your webinar sessions. 
  • Create and publish custom thank you web pages and social media integration posts for participants to register themselves.
  • Integrated and easy-to-use video player boosting the customizability of your webinar. 
  • Intuitive and well-established support service, including MailChimp and ConstantContact.     

Price: WPWebinar is priced at a whopping $197!


02. WP GoToWebinar: Transform Your Webinar Experience

WP GoToWebinar is one of the best options in the WordPress Webinar plugins market. The core of this amazingly easy-to-use webinar plugin solution is to enhance the way you interact with your webinar audience. 

All of the features and integrated tools allow you to form a better and solid connection with your customers, no matter the type of brand you are. 

  • Display webinars in table and calendars
  • Shortcodes for placing webinars and forms 
  • Google reCaptcha support integrated for eliminating spam registrations

Price: Free to Use 

WP GoToWebinar

03. WebinarPress: For the Ones with No Technical Knowledge at All! 

WebinarPress is a complete webinar WordPress solution specially designed and developed for people with no technical expertise or experience. You won’t need any tech expert to host webinars, live online events, and automated webinars from your website. 

The plugin is one of the few in the business that includes fully responsive web pages and allows participants to use any device to access webinars.

  • Get answers in real-time from your participants
  • Collect leads easily as well
  • Simple and quick to use for all

Price: Free to Use


04. eRoom: Features-Packed WordPress Webinar Plugin

eRoom is another amazing option for people looking for a one-stop and quick-to-use Webinar WordPress plugin. The plugin helps you attract more attendees as you can send multiple email reminders and notifications for all of your events via the plugin.

The best part about eRoom is that it allows you to create, host, and manage live webinars from the WordPress dashboard itself.

  • Feasible with remote working teams and work from homework culture.  
  • Allows you to offer virtual lectures for diversifying the content
  • Use integrated one-stop shortcodes to add meetings to any page on the site.

Price: Free to Use

eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar

05. Video Conferencing with Zoom

Video Conferencing with Zoom is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to manage webinars using the Zoom platform. Zoom has made a lot of buzz in the market for a while now and is worth your attention! 

The plugin is one of the most complete tools that allow you to meet, attend, and record live webinar sessions straight from your WordPress dashboard, reducing hassles, and other technical formalities. 

  • Link any WordPress post in the Zoom conference
  • Display Webinars via Shortcode
  • Option to integrate with WooCommerce
  • Option to import Zoom meeting to WordPress dashboard

Price: Free & Pro version

Video Conferencing with Zoom

06. WebinarIgnition: Seamless and Customized Webinars for All

For the ones looking for a more premium experience with their webinars, WebinarIgnition just might be the right one for your needs. This webinar software can be integraeted with WordPress easily and manage all your webiners right from the WordPress dashboard.

The platform offers you a number of professionally designed page templates for teh webinar pages.

You can set up and customize your complete webinar page with the color palette of your choice, branding adjustments, and the like.

  • Customization for all business needs
  • Create complete sales funnels for setting up registrations and confirmations
  • Powerful branding and intuitive replay pages

Price: Free to use. Premium versions available, starting from $20


07. EasyWebinar: As Easy as It Gets with Webinar Plugins

EasyWebinar promises you an amazing live streaming solution with zero latency so that you can easily record and repurpose your content from different webinars. 

It’s quick, easy, and packed with a ton of different features, such as:

  • Easy integration with any CRM solution
  • Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Drip, and more integrations available 
  • Intuitive reports and email notifications

Price: The standard package here costs around $59


08. Livestorm: Automated Webinars for Maximum Attendance 

Livestorm is a popular and fast-growing webinar solution. The plugin is popular as it offers browser-based webinars, proven to boost attendance rate in webinars. 

You can get three different types of webinars to choose from: on-demand webinars, automated webinars, and Live Video Webinars. 

  • Built-in integrations, such as Zapier
  • HD video and Live Q/A
  • Works seamlessly on all browsers, such as Chrome, FireFox, and so on.

Price: Free to Use


09. Stealth Seminar: All About Evergreen Webinars 

Unparalleled to any other plugin, this WordPress webinar plugin is all about helping you in boosting your automated sales funnel and evergreen webinars. From pre-recorded webinars to live chats, Stealth Seminar offers it all in a single interface:

  • Run recorded webinars in real-time seminars 
  • Go live with YouTube Live
  • Low internet bandwidth and presentation nerves

Price: Starts at $69.96/month

Stealth Seminar

10. Demio: Run Live and Browser-Based Webinars 

Demio is another fast-growing and easy-to-use webinar solution that is popular among marketers from around the world. As there is no need for downloading any app or software, more attendees are expected with Demio as you get browser-based webinars in a single click. 

  • Run live webinars
  • Share screen and webcam videos in live webinars
  • Upload any presentation slides for webinars 

Price: Starts at $34/month for 50 attendees

Stealth Seminar

Wrapping up

All these plugins have been tried and tested by experts worldwide and different industries for various online webinar hosting and management needs. 

Do make sure that you choose the one which is feasible with your business needs and demands and the best for your team in the long run. Webinars are here to stay for a very long time now. 

Don’t forget to let us know your choice!

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