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11 Best Copyscape Alternatives & Top Alternatives 2021

Some of the top alternatives to Copyscape that you can use to cross check your content for uniqueness.

Trending Copyscape Alternatives

The most popular alternatives to Copyscape that you can use.

Free, $9.99/month



Free, $11.66/month

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Free, $6.99 /month



Costs $11/month

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Copyscape has been one of the best plagiarism checker software that can help you to write error-free content for your blog post or any other projects.

While Copyscape is a great platform to check for plagiarism, spelling, and grammar errors, there are a number of other quality products that can do an equally good job sometimes for free.

So, if you are looking for the top software like Copyscape, we have got your back. In this post, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Copyscape

No doubt, Copyscape is a popular plagiarism checker tool, but it’s expensive as well. If you’re running on a low budget, Copyscape may create a hole in your pocket. 

To help you explore different alternatives to Copyscape, we have compiled a handpicked list below. By the end of the post, you will get to know which is the best Copyscape alternative. 

Best Copyscape Alternatives List


NitDit Score


Quetext is a very handy plagiarism checker software like Copyscape that you can use to write error-free content for your blog or for your educational projects. This is one of the most widely used software by the students for their assignments.

The DeepSearch technology by Quetext will read between the line to find the context of your content and give you suggestions accordingly so that you are able to create high-quality content.

Free, $9.99/month
grammarly logo

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Grammarly needs no introduction. It is one of the most widely used software by bloggers and marketers. No matter where you write, a Google Doc, your own website, social media site or anything else, it will suggest to you the fixes you need to make before it goes live.

You can start using Grammarly for free. The free plan is in-deed good enough for most of the projects. If you need a deeper analysis of your content with advanced suggestions, you can go for a premium plan.

Free, $11.66/month
WhiteSmoke Logo

NitDit Score


WhiteSmoke will make it easier for you to write correct content by suggesting to you the changes you need to make. If you are not very confident in the English language, WhiteSmoke is going to be your friend.

The product is constantly evolving with time to be more effective in finding minute errors so that your content is of extremely good quality.


NitDit Score


You can start using Dupli Checker for free to check your content before you make it live on your website or other projects. It is a very handy software to check plagiarism.

You can check up to 1000 words at one go and if you need a deeper analysis of your content, you can go for the premium plan it offers.

Free, $10

NitDit Score


ProWritingAid is one of the most comprehensive writing assistant software that will help you to write error-free content with proper grammar and spelling. It goes much deeper as compared to other software in this niche to make sure that grammar and writing style is properly checked.

Other than fixing grammar errors, it will suggest better words that you can add to your content to improve the overall quality of your content. Other than the writing assistant, it comes with a comprehensive plagiarism checker tool to make sure that you don't publish any duplicate content.

PlagTracker Logo

NitDit Score


PlagTracker is another very handy software to check plagiarism like Copyscape. You can use this software to check your content before it goes live on your site. If you need more features and options like an instant detailed report, grammar checker and others, you have to go for the premium plan.
Costs 7.49/month

NitDit Score


Ginger is one of the most popular and widely used AI-powered writing assistant software that you can use to create high-quality content for your project.

The system will go deep into your content, check the entire sentence and suggest you the changes as you go on writing and you can accept the changes with just a click. It will in fact support your complete alternate sentences to improve the overall quality of your paragraph.

When you look for a Copyscape alternative, the Ginger software is certainly one of the best options available.

Free, $6.99 /month
writer logo

NitDit Score


Writer is a powerful AI-powred writing assistant that can help you to write error-free high-quality content with better words. This software gives you the option to create content as per your branding. You can use certain specific words for your content no who writes it. The system will understand and suggest you according to your branding.

It comes with a beautiful online styleguide so that you can keep uniformity with your content. It will quickly suggest to you the changes that you need to make as you go on writing.

Costs $11/month

NitDit Score


PaperRater is a very handy grammar & spelling checker software that you can use to check your content before it goes live. It's a free online proofreading software to help you produce error-free content.
Free, $14.95/mo
PlagAware Logo

NitDit Score


PlagAware is a very handy plagiarism checker software with over 70 billion content sources to cross-verify content with to make sure that your content is completely unique. It is software used by many educational institutes and students to check their papers. Overall, it is a very useful software for students, online businesses, bloggers to check the content.
Costs $15

NitDit Score


Plagiarisma is another very handy plagiarism checker tool that you can use for free. You can paste the content to the box and check for plagiarism or you can use the URL of a post to check for plagiarism.

As you use this tool to check for plagiarism, you have the option to select Google or Bing. So, the system will check through the search engine content to check & filter for duplication.

Free to use

Copyscape Alternatives Detail

I hope you are able to find some good options in our list of best alternatives to Copyscape. Now, let’s look at some of these in detail.

Best Copyscape Alternatives

01. Quetext

Quetext is one of the best alternatives to Copyscape that is flexible and affordable compared to Copyscape. The best part, Quetext has a free version that allows you to check plagiarism for 2500 words monthly. However, the paid plans unlock a plethora of robust features. 

Keep one thing in mind, Quetext is a plagiarism checker tool, so you won’t be able to use it for Grammar and style checking. Other than that, Quetext is the best way to check plagiarism for your content on the go. 

Quetext has deep search features that scan and check the document for the rewritten or the spun content. Once you’re done checking the plagiarism, you can easily export the reports as PDFs and share them with your writers or team members. 

Quetext supports languages like French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese when it comes to language support. The only down part of Quetext is — it doesn’t come with any annual plan so you have to buy the monthly subscription again and again. 

Key Features:

  • Premium support
  • Lightspeed recognition
  • ColorGrade feedback
  • DeepSearch Extended
  • Download original reports 
  • Interactive snippet text
  • It comes with custom URL exclusion
  • A robust citation assistant — APA, MLA, Chicago

Pricing:  It has a free forever plan; however, you can only check plagiarism for 2500 words only. The premium plan costs $9/month, which allows you to check 200 pages and around 100,000 words. 

Quetext Review

02. ProWritingAid

No doubt, ProWritingAid is a popular plagiarism and proofreading tool available. ProWritingAid comes with in-depth reporting features that make it stands apart.

Once you copy and paste your content checking, it analyzes your content styles and helps you improve your content. This tool analyzes the document in real-time, and then it suggests you make changes with the right words suggested. Doing these changes helps the readability of your content. 

Moreover, ProWritingAid also allows you to add your writing styles, guides, and customize the rules according to your needs and requirements. You can disable/enable any rule permanently.  ProWritingAid also comes with a plagiarism checker add-on with the premium package. You have the option to buy plagiarism check in bundles of 10, 100,500, and 1000 as per your requirements. 

With each check of ProWritingAid plag check, you can easily check plagiarism of 2500 words. The plagiarism checker is easy to use and has a deep search technology. Also, you will be able to generate the reports and get the results in seconds. 

The plagiarism checker will check:

  • What percentage of your text is copied/plagiarised. 
  • How much of that copied text is quoted
  • And how much is unquoted

It has a freemium tool best suited to students, content writers, and bloggers out there. 

Let’s check the key features of ProWritingAid: 

Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Grammar check, style editor
  • 256-bit bank-level securities
  • Summary reports of key issues
  • A robust & deep plagiarism checker module
  • Integrates with MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, and Scrivener

Pricing:  The only subscription to ProWritingAid costs $20/month. The yearly subscription costs $79/month, and the lifetime plan costs $299/month. 


03. Grammarly Proofreader & Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is the pioneer proofreading tool available out there. The goal of Grammarly is to help you write error-free content without any grammatical issues. It also comes with a robust plagiarism checker allowing you to check plagiarism in real-time. 

The plagiarism checker of Grammarly can easily detect plagiarism from billions of web pages and ProQuests’ academic databases. The plagiarism checker of Grammarly will tell you whether your content is copied or unique. If any part of your content detects plagiarism, it will show the plagiarism alert. What’s more, you will also get feedback for — punctuations, grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. 

The plagiarism checker of Grammarly is a part of the robust writing app of Grammarly. In addition to the plagiarism checker, you will also get to know some of the more complex issues and recommendations such as words choice, conciseness, tone, and so on. 

Key Features:

  • Priority email support
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Google docs support
  • MS Word and MS Outlook add-on
  • Provides keyboard for iOS and Android
  • Accounts roles and permissions
  • Clarity focused sentence rewrites
  • Provides browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Mozilla
  • Database of ProQuest and 16 million web pages. 
  • Feedback on Grammar, Punctuations, vocabulary, sentence clarity, etc. 

Pricing: Grammarly has a free version, but that doesn’t have the plagiarism checker. Grammarly Premium version starts at $12/month, and the Grammarly Business plan starts at $12.50/month/member. 


04. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke comes with a robust state-of-the-art English writing, proofreading, and plagiarism tool. In addition to plagiarism checks, WhiteSmoke detects hundreds of undetected errors. And it also gives writing suggestions to make your content more engaging and digestible. 

WhiteSmoke uses NLP (natural language processing), which features robust artificial intelligence and algorithms for text analysis. These features of WhiteSmoke makes help you write error-free and unique content. 

The plagiarism checker of WhiteSmoke checks the plagiarism of your blog posts, research pages, articles, websites, and so on. The plagiarism checker is fast, and it scans billions of web pages to check the text for plagiarism. All in all, WhiteSmoke has all the tools that you will need to write crystal clear, plagiarism and error-free written content. 

Key Features:

  • Fully integrates with Microsft Word and Outlook
  • Robust grammar, punctuation, and spelling checkers
  • Detects errors that are undetected by another alternative tool
  • It has a robust text translator for over 50 languages
  • WhiteSmoke is fully compatible with Windows and all browsers
  • A robust plagiarism check that compared your text against billions of web pages. 

Pricing: The base plan of WhiteSmoke starts at $5/month, including the Grammar checker, translator, and plagiarism checker. The business plan of WhiteSmoke starts at $11.50 monthly, including all the features and apps for Windows and Mac devices. 


05. PlagTracker

Plagtracker is a reliable tool for checking plagiarism easily. PlagTracker is a one-stop solution for students, teachers, publishers, and website owners. PlagChecker supports different languages such as English, German, Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish, etc. 

To start checking plagiarism with PlagTracker, you just need to enter your written content, and then you need to click on the red button. Once you do this, it will scan your text against billions of web pages available on the internet. Using the freemium version of this tool, it will take around 10 seconds to process the plagiarism checker. 

The premium version of PlagTracker allows you to check plagiarism for larger files. With the premium version, you can get instant PDF reports, grammar checkers, reference checks, file upload, unlimited checking volumes, and so on. 

Key Features:

  • Instant reports
  • A robust database check
  • Enables you to upload files
  • Allows you to download and send a report
  • Provides a free grammar checker
  • Allows you to integrate PlagTracker with your application
  • The premium version unlocks unlimited checking volume

Pricing:  The premium version of PlagTracker costs 7.49/month, including all the essential and advanced features. 


06. DupliChecker

DupliChecker is a freemium plagiarism checker tool. This tool allows you to check plagiarism without even signing up; just copy and paste the text, and you’re good to go. Well, to avoid the hassle, we would suggest sign-up before getting started with it. 

To check the plagiarism with the free version, you have two options: copy and paste the text there or upload a document in Doc or Docx format. You will find it a bit difficult to find the search button, as it will be hidden with many Google AdSense ads popping up.

If you choose to get started with the premium version, it won’t show up any ads, and you will have accurate reports, deep search, customer support, and check plagiarism for upto 10,000 words.  The tools show plagiarism in percentage and have unique content in ratio percentage. Don’t worry you content privacy is guaranteed, as Duplichecker trashes the content after checking the plagiarism. 

Key Features:

  • Multiple file formats supported
  • No limitations of documents formats
  • A unique content ratio in percentage
  • Plagiarism checker with 100% privacy
  • It detected minor traces of plagiarism
  • Detect plagiarism in different languages
  • The tool is operational in upto 7 different languages

Pricing: There is a free version with a limited set of features. The DeupliChecker Base IV plan costs $20/month for a total number of plag searches of 7200 words. 


Conclusion: The Best Copyscape Alternatives?

It’s a fact, Copyscape is a pioneer plagiarism checker tool. Due to its accurate plagiarism checking, Copyscape doesn’t offer any free plan. And needless to say, Copyscape does deep plagiarism checks, but sometimes we should try other alternatives as well. 

If we have to recommend the best value for money plagiarism tool, we’ll go with QueText. The QueText plagiarism tool is affordable and flexible. 

On the other hand, if you need more than just a plagiarism checker tool, we would suggest getting started with Grammarly because Grammarly has robust grammar checker tools along with a popular plagiarism checker. 

We hope this post helps you in finding the best Copyscape alternative without any hassle. 

Copyscape Alternatives FAQ

Q1. What is Copyscape? Copyscape is a popular plagiarism checker software that you can use to check if your content is completely unique before it goes live.
Q2. What Are The Best Copyscape Alternatives? There are a number of top-quality plagiarism checker software these days that you can use to check your content. You can use software like Grammarly, Ginger, Writer etc.
Q3. Are The Copyscape Alternatives Free to Use? While some of the Copyscape alternatives offer a free version with limitations, most of these software are paid. If you need a deeper analysis of your content, you have to go for a paid plan.
Q4. Is Grammarly The Best Copyscape Alternatives? While Grammarly is certainly one of the best writing assistant and plagiarism checker software, there are certain software that are equally effective such as Writer, ProWritingAid, Ginger etc.

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