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Are you looking for the best social media websites? Especially, those that are not as popular as Facebook or Twitter. Well, we will look at the top social media sites in this article.

By default, we are programmed to be socially active. However, the degree of social activeness depends. Some are hyperactive, while others are less active. 

But the bottom line is that we all crave for a companion. 

Earlier, people use to connect and network offline. However, in the digitized era, the way we connect with each other is different. 

In the internet world, we prefer to stay connected with each other social networking apps and platforms. 

From a relationship to getting a job, from hiring someone to creating a new business, everything can be done on social media websites. 

If we talk about numbers, surveys have revealed that more than 2 billion people are socially active in social media websites. 

Today, the entire internet is flooded with tons of social media platforms and apps. It might be overwhelming for many. If you are one of them, do not worry, because we have got it covered. 

In this article, we will discuss the popular social media sites where you can interact freely. In fact, you can also grow with the help of social media websites. You should know how to use them correctly. 

The world of social media sites is filled with tons of opportunities. 

Without further ado, let us begin the list. 

01. Facebook


Without a doubt, Facebook is the most popular social networking website. With more than 1.5 billion users, it has changed the landscape of staying connected digitally.

Facebook is the first social media website to cross the one billion users mark. 

Apart from staying in touch with your friends and family, you can also use this site for networking. There are many groups and pages on Facebook that allows you to sell online. You can even promote your business and brand on Facebook. 

One can also use Facebook for voice and video calls. From personal to group chat, you can do it all. In fact, one can also play games on Facebook. It is a whole new world in the digital age. 

Monthly active users: 2.41 billion (approx.)

02. WhatsApp


Previously, WhatsApp was owned by a tiny group of people. In 2014, it was acquired by Facebook. It is the most popular messaging app available. 

It supports an end to end encryption and gives top priority to your privacy. You can send videos, images, voice notes, documents, and files through it. 

WhatsApp also allows users to share their location. 

Many people create groups in WhatsApp for networking. From personal groups to professional groups, WhatsApp seamlessly meets all the requirements for each other. 

The WhatsApp voice call and video call feature make it altogether an extra special app. Don’t miss our collection of best WhatsApp alternatives.

Monthly active user: 1.5 billion (approx.)

03. QQ


QQ was initially limited to the Chinese people. Recently, it has gone global. Now people from more than 80 countries use QQ. 

It is a messaging app that also allows users to make voice and video calls. 

The built-in translator in the app comes very handy for the people who want to engage with each other in their native language. 

Monthly active users: 807.9 million (approx.)

04. WeChat 


With WeChat, you have many new ways to communicate with each other. This site allows users to express themselves fully with voice messages, selfie stickers, and message translation. 

One can also use WeChat for making calls to anyone, anywhere and on any device. 

Many people use WeChat to share their favorite memories and places with their friends. With thousands of animated stickers, staying in touch is fun on WeChat. 

Monthly active users: 1 billion (approx.)

Don’t miss this list of top WeChat alternatives.

05. Tumblr


If you want to express and discover yourself, then Tumblr is the social media site for you. On this platform, you can bond with other like-minded people. 

From philosophy to fashion, you can discover all your interest in Tumblr. 

The users can post text, photos, audio, live videos for expressing themselves fully. The best part of Tumblr is that everything is customizable here. 

Apart from acting as a social media site, it also works as a microblogging platform. Here is a list of some amazing Tumblr Alternatives

Monthly active users: 475 million (approx.)

06. Instagram 


If you are looking for a social media website that is curated to meet your photos and video needs, then your search ends with Instagram. 

On Instagram, the users connect with each other with the help of images and videos. One can use hashtags in the caption, along with their share photos and videos. This feature allows other users to discover their images and videos. 

One also has the option of adding status on Instagram, which stays active for 24 hours. If you want them permanently on your account, you can add them as highlights. 

You can also use Instagram for directly messaging your friends. 

Recently, Instagram has rolled out the IGTV feature for the content creators who needs to make long videos. Many people also use Instagram to promote their business and brand. 

Monthly active users: 1 billion (approx.) 

07. Twitter


If you want to see what’s happening around the globe, then Twitter is the social media site for you. 

Twitter allows users to follow their interests and join different conversations. You can also share what’s happening. 

Many celebrities prefer to voice their opinion through Twitter. This social media site has also started many movements like the #MeToo movement. 

From politics to entertainment, you can share all your opinions on Twitter. The restricted usage of character numbers makes this website altogether more special. 

Monthly active users: 126 million (approx.)

08. SnapChat


SnapChat gives users the most fun way to share their special moment. In this social media site, all you need to do is capture a snap and add a fun caption. Later, you can share this with your friends. 

The selfie lens and filters are the trademarks of SnapChat

The site supports live messaging and group stories. Apart from that, you can also use it to be in a video call with 16 friends simultaneously. 

SnapChat also allows users to watch live stories from across the globe. 

Monthly active users: 203 million (approx.)

09. Pinterest


If you want to give your eyes a treat, then your ultimate destination should be Pinterest. It is a visual bookmarking and photo-sharing social media site. 

In Pinterest, you have the freedom to explore more than 100 billion ideas. 

Based on your taste, you can save all your favorite photos. 

If you are looking forward to some DIY project or simple inspiration for birthday decoration, bedroom decoration, or even gift ideas, you can use Pinterest. 

Pinterest is also used by many bloggers to attract traffic. All you need to have is good images. All you need is a set of good tools to grow your Pinterest followers. Also, don’t miss this article about the best tools to schedule pins.

Monthly active users: 291 million (approx.)

10. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking site. Many people use LinkedIn to accelerate their careers. 

Whether you want to find a new job, or simply want to stay connected with your network, you can do it all LinkedIn. 

Many companies use LinkedIn to hire new members for their group. Similarly, many people keep their profiles updated to get hired. 

From a job search to gaining the latest news and content, LinkedIn is powerful enough to meet all your professional requirements. 

Monthly active users: 610 million (approx.)

11. Telegram 


If privacy is a huge concern for you, then you should try using Telegram. It is an instant messaging app. It is similar to WhatsApp.

In Telegram, all chats are protected with encryption. Your data is never disclosed to anyone. 

Even though it is a recently launched social media app, it has gained high popularity in a short interval of time. 

There are many public groups available on Telegram, which the users can join based on their interest. The app supports groups with up to 2,00,000 members where the members can share any type of file. 

Monthly active users: 300 million (approx.)

Don’t miss our list of best Telegram alternatives.

12. Reddit


Reddit is a social media site that is preferred by the intellectuals. One can freely use this site for posting and sharing content. 

Later, you have the option of voting and discussing the content. 

The users of Reddit are the true power for the app. You can build your very own community here. Your opinion actually matters on Reddit. 

On the basis of your interest, you have the option of engaging in different content on this platform. 

Monthly active users: 330 million (approx.)

13. Foursquare


Foursquare is a city guide social media site. On this platform, you can find exactly what you are looking for, wherever you are. 

You can make a list of favorite spots, plan a trip, and save places you want to go. You can easily keep track of all the places you have been on this platform.

Foursquare allows the users to discover the best experiences with helpful tips from the people that they trust. 

Basically, it is a reliable guide in your pocket. 

Monthly active users: 50 million (approx.)

14. Badoo 


If you are looking at a social media site specifically for meeting new people or for dating, you can try the Badoo app. This site allows you to date honestly. 

In Badoo, you get to meet the people behind the profiles. One can also use it to create connections with people near them. 

All the profiles in Badoo are verified, and therefore, you can be sure that you are getting the real deal here. You can find people here who share your passions. All you need to do after that is to connect with each other. 

Monthly active users: 60 million (approx.)

15. Connected2.me


Connected2.me is a social media app where you get to meet new people and chat with them anonymously. They don’t see who you are. 

The app also allows the users to keep their anonymity even when they are in video calls. How cool is that? 

It is a fast, secure, and anonymous messaging platform. If you are afraid to be judged by other people, then you can express yourself freely in Connect2.me. 

Monthly active users: 25 million (approx.)

16. Whisper


If you are looking for a social media site that allows you to express yourself openly and honestly, then you can register yourself on Whisper. 

You can also use it to connect with others who share your interests with groups. You can discover the real world around you on Whisper. 

Create video whispers to better express yourself. You also have the option of making new friends with chat. 

Monthly active users: 20 million (approx.)

17. YouTube


YouTube is the largest video sharing social networking site in the world. You can upload and share videos on YouTube. 

Apart from that, you can view videos uploaded by others, like or dislike them, and you can even comment on your opinion on the videos. 

You can watch your favorite videos on YouTube. And you can also use it to discover sports, news, music, and gaming. 

The all-new feature of YouTube allows the users to stream music in it. You can also stay informed by watching live news. You can also see the trending videos of your country here. 

Monthly active users: 2 billion (approx.)

18. Quora


Quora is a social media site that is similar to Reddit. On this social media site, you will discover stories that are tailored to meet your interest. 

All you need to do is follow the topics that interest you. One can use Quora to read high-quality answers to interesting questions here. 

On Quora, you also have the option of asking questions on Quora. You can also share your own experience on this platform. 

Quora is a knowledge-sharing community. 

Monthly active users: 200 million (approx.)

19. Medium 


Are you someone who loves to read and write?

Medium is a social media site or space for smart stories and ideas. 

You can follow the topics of your interests on Medium, and then you can read stories on that particular topic. 

Bookmark your favorite line from the story on Medium. You also have the option of highlighting interesting quotes and texts of the articles that you read. 

Medium also allows you to share your opinion on the articles that you have read. You encourage other writers by clapping for their stories. 

Medium allows you to publish your own content too. If you want to start blogging, Medium is a nice platform to give blogging a try. 

Monthly active users: 60 million (approx.)

20. Discord


Discord is a social media site that is exclusively designed for gamers. On the Discord app, you can send both voice and text messages. 

Discord comes with customizable channels and categories. 

If you want to have any sort of gaming discussion, then Discord is the right platform for you. 

It is the perfect site to have a team conversation with your gaming group. You also have the option of doing video chat here. 

With Discord, you can experience modern game discussion. 

Monthly active users: 56 million (approx.)

21. Wattpad


Wattpad is designed for both the readers and authors. It is a social media site where the stories live. In short, Wattpad supports a global community of readers and writers. 

You can use Wattpad for reading stories of other authors. Along with it, you also have the option of writing your own stories here. 

On Wattpad, you can connect with a community of story lovers. And I am not talking about just any community, but the international community. 

You can also save all your favorite stories in the Wattpad library, isn’t that cool?

Monthly active users: 80 million (approx.)

22. NaNoWriMo


If you love to write, you must have heard about NaNoWriMo. Well, built by a nonprofit organization, it is a community for the people who love to write. 

If you want to grow as a writer, then you can register yourself on NaNoWriMo. 

NaNoWriMo allows you to set milestones, track your progress, and connect with other readers. If you always wanted to write but lacked that push or motivation, then you should surely signup here. 

Monthly active users: 4 million (approx.)

23. Helo


Helo is a social media app where users can enjoy viral content and daily news. Apart from that, one can also make new friends on it. 

You can share all the interesting content that you have found on Helo with your friends and family. Many people stay connected to Helo because of their shared interests in jokes, poems, wishes, and Bollywood news. 

You can also record and share your life and become famous in Helo. 

Monthly active users: 50 million (approx.)

24. ShareChat


ShareChat is India’s own social network site, which is available in 15 languages. On this site, you can explore your different wishes. 

The inbuilt friend’s search tool helps you in making new friends who live near you. 

You can use ShareChat for messaging, sharing jokes and videos, audio songs, and quotes. You can also publish your very own content in ShareChat. Do you want to become an influencer? If yes, start gaining followers on ShareChat.

Monthly active users: 60 million (approx.)

25. Goodreads


Goodreads can be termed as a social networking site for the people who love to read books. On this platform, you get to give and get book recommendations. 

Along with that, you can also see what your friends are reading. 

Goodreads allows the users to keep track of the books that they want to read. The users connect with each other on Goodreads through their book reviews. 

Monthly active users: 35 million (approx.)

26. Likee


On the Likee app, the users can enjoy original premium content. One can use the app to explore a wide world ad record amazing moments. 

Likee app allows the users to meet interesting people who live nearby. You can also connect with people through live shows. 

It is a short video creator platform where you can become the next superstar. 

Other features of Likee includes different makeup themes and upgraded filters. You can make exquisite videos on the platform with just a tap. 

Monthly active users: 200 million (approx.)

27. TikTok 


TikTok is another popular social media app for video content creators. 

Many people have used the TikTok app to climb the ladder of success. Many TikTo users have become a successful influencer, and now they are earning big bucks. 

TikTok has now become a global community of content creators. 

Apart from watching content, one can also use the TikTok for watching videos of their choice. You can also follow other TikTok users. 

Monthly active users: 300 million (approx.)

28. Smule


If you are a singer and are looking for a social media platform to connect with other singers, you can try using Smule

On Smule, you can sing and make music with other users together. You can also use it to sing with other top artists. 

On Smule, you can collaborate with millions of music fans on Smule. You choose from millions of songs on this platform. 

Get notices on Smule with show-stopping FX. 

Monthly active users: 50 million (approx.)

29. StarMaker


StarMaker is another social media app for music lovers. On this app, you can select your song from a huge collection of more than two million songs. 

StarMaker features a multi-guest karaoke room. You can use this room for tuning in and socializing. 

The makers of the app regularly conduct fun singing competitions where you can participate. 

If you are someone who wants to work more on their pitch, you can use StarMake as a vocal and pitch guide to improving your performance. 

You can also go live for your fans and earn rewards. 

Monthly active users: 50 million (approx.)

30. OpenTalk


OpenTalk is a recently formed social media site that allows the users to connect with each other through phone calls. 

With OpenTalk, you not only make new friends but also learn to speak better. 

On the basis of your interests and profile, OpenTalk connects you with other users. You are then given free 20 minutes, which you can use to connect with other users. 

If you are looking for a social media site that allows you to connect in a new way, i.e., through voice conversation, you should try the OpenTalk app. 

Monthly active users: 1.5 million (approx.)

Stay Social

Now you have the list of the best social media sites which are available in the digitized world. 

Whether you simply want to stay in touch with your friends, or you want to accelerate your career, you will find a social media site for all. 

From reading and writing to singing and dancing, there are plenty of social media sites which are curated to meet your need. 

On the basis of your interest, you can go ahead and download a social media app and give it a try. Do let us know which social media site actually worked for you. 

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