30 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Follow

The top lifestyle blogs to learn your daily life related things from the experts

Best Lifestyle Blogs To Follow

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Everybody needs some kind of inspiration to achieve success, bloggers are no different. If you are a lifestyle blogger and looking for some inspiration, here is a collection of some top lifestyle blogs to follow.

Lifestyle is a common blogging niche, especially among female bloggers so it is difficult to choose a few of them from all the available options. Still, we tried to put together some good blogs from the available options, we surely missed some deserving ones as well.

So, don’t hesitate to use the comment section to mention a blog that you think deserves a position on this list of best lifestyle blogs.

These great lifestyle blogs include some appealing sites that are helpful for letting you know some of the appealing trends and changes that are coming about in your industry.

Let’s look at some of the top lifestyle blogs that you can take a look at today.

01. Goop

Goop Lifestyle Blog

Goop has been around since 2008 and the site has grown by multiple folds in terms of content, traffic, and revenue in the following years. It is certainly one of the leading lifestyle blogs that you should follow.

When you look at the home page of the site, it looks more like an eCommerce site with products listed to sell. However, when you dig into the site, you will find plenty of detailed articles around topics like beauty, travel, wellness, food, and more.

The site covers all the important topics around lifestyle and can be one of your best resources for regular reading.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Hundreds of quality articles to read
  • Know more about trending products
  • Covers, wellness, beauty, food, travel, and other lifestyle topics

02. Mind Body Green


One of the most popular and widely followed resources for health and lifestyle, Mind Body Green is full of experts and offers some great resources that you can follow to maintain a better life.

The site covers topics like Mindfulness, Health & Fitness, Food, Beauty, Parenting, and other related topics that are important to our daily life.

As this site is managed by experts in the respective topics you are sure to find top-quality content that you can follow.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Covers a variety of different topics related to lifestyle
  • The site is managed by experts
  • Tons of resources & expert guidance

03. Live Strong

Live Strong

Live Strong has been around for years and offers top-quality content around health and nutrition. The site is full of rich content around getting fitter, better health, proper nutrition, managing weight, and other related topics.

Each of the topics is managed by subject matter experts so you can trust the content and follow the guidance.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Managed by subject experts
  • A great resource for health & fitness
  • Detailed guidance on managing weight

04. The Balanced Life

The Balanced Life

Founded and managed by Robin Long, The Balanced Life is a great resource for busy women to live a better and more balanced life.

The site comes with an active blog, podcast, and a shop making it a rich overall resource to get detailed insight on many important topics related to women’s lifestyles.

The site covers a variety of different topics such as exercise, overall Health + Fitness, motherhood, food Recipes, Self Care and a number of other topics that women are interested in.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Covers all the topics related to women’s life
  • A great resource for fitness & health
  • Active blog and podcast
  • An active community for women

05. HBFit


HBFit is all about health, beauty, and fitness. You can use the details on HBFit to get information on everything surrounding what you need to get for your body and for feeling your best.

HBFit particularly includes details on how to make the most out of many practical things of value.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Includes outstanding recipes on new food products
  • Has an extensive look at yoga points
  • Highlights trends surrounding the many unique things that people can do for their lives

06. A Cup of Jo


You can read A Cup of Jo if you want to find details on entertaining new ways for living life. The site has been operational for more than ten years and includes details on home design, food, travel, and many other exciting things of value to your life.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Includes details on parenting and helpful points of note
  • You can learn more about relationships on the site as well
  • The style section includes details on the latest fashion trends

07. PrimerMagazine


One of the best Men’s lifestyle online magazines, you can find all the information related to men’s lifestyle on this site. From general topics like motivation and good living to finance, finding a job, interviews, and all other topics that can help men live well.

It also covers popular topics like men’s fashion in detail. So, it is a one-stop solution for all topics related to men.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Read all things men
  • covers all important men topics in detail
  • An in-depth guide on many topics

08. Camille Styles


Learn more about food, wellness, and entertaining through Camille Styles. The site helps people to live healthily and to find ways to make their fashions and other quality things for their lives work well.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • The modern style of the blog makes it a fun place to check out
  • Includes help details on yoga
  • The thorough details can help you with moving forward with your wellness plans

09. The Blonde Salad


The fun features in the Blonde Salad website will help you with finding many things surrounding what you want to do with your life and where you can go with it.

The Blonde Salad particularly concentrates on ideas surrounding clothes, shoes, and accessories alike.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Covers details on the latest trends
  • Includes points surrounding small and large brands alike
  • Includes many inspirational Instagram posts

10. The Skinny Confidential


The points highlighted on Skinny Confidential are things that focus heavily on many of the interesting things people can do for their lives.

The Skinny Confidential includes fitness tips, beauty tricks, and appealing recipes that are quick and easy to prepare in your home.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Features a full podcast that offers many helpful points for living
  • The travel section includes details on the hottest new places to visit
  • A business section also includes points for today’s professionals to check out

11. Inspiration Indulgence


The influence that you will get off of Inspiration Indulgence will help you find ways to make more out of your life and to get everything you’ve always wanted out of your work.

The place includes many Instagram posts that showcase the hottest outfits people can check out for their workout needs and for professional purposes.

There is also a strong emphasis on fitness and what today’s women can do when working to make their bodies look and feel their best.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Various tips and points are highlighted in many helpful articles
  • Learn about how to practice better living with many tutorials on the site
  • The latest fashion details are covered here with information on many outstanding accessories you can sport

12. Blissful Gal


Blissful Gal is a place that is about more than just fashion and living. It is also about blogging and what people can do to make the most out of their blog efforts.

People can use this site to learn about fashions and many self-improvement points that can give people a better chance of making the most out of their life.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Find out about attractive fashions that will not break the bank through this site
  • Find points on what you can do when making your fashions and other features in your life more appealing
  • Skincare and makeup sections are featured prominently on this site

13. Wit and Delight


The fun features of Wit and Delight make it a place for all women to try out today.

The Wit and Delight website features points on what women can enjoy for their lives, including points on health and wellness, home décor, fashion, and relationships.

The thorough points highlighted here will help people to get more out of the work they are planning for their work needs.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • The thorough information on the site gives people great ideas on what they can do for their needs
  • Unique trends in relationships are covered throughout the site
  • The unique design points highlighted on the site are all worth exploring here

14. Get Busy Living Blog

The Get Busy Living Blog offers a unique platform where people can learn more about improving their lives and enhancing their health.

The site has full details on health tips, how to make the most out of one’s income, and points for healthy living for all people to explore.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • The site’s content is unique and attractive for many people
  • The content highlighted here is also helpful for many needs
  • The posts on the site are regularly updated with points on new trends and points for all women to explore

15. Thirteen Thoughts


Thirteen Thoughts is another place to note that will add the most out of one’s life.

The blog profiles point to photography and blogging and what women can do for their lifestyle needs.

The beauty segment includes details on the newest things that people can notice for their lives and what they can do with them.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • The newest trends in the world of fashion are always profiled on this site
  • Get profiles on great things to add to one’s purse on occasion
  • Tech tips are included for helping women to see what they can do for their blogs

16. The Fresh Exchange


The Fresh Exchange is another place for lifestyle points that will help women with seeing what works the best for their lives, although the points covered here are helpful for men to see too.

The site particularly includes a strong look at ways how women can enjoy living with unique points of value for your living.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Design points are included for all parts of your home
  • Learn about new food tips for how you can make the most out of your hosting efforts
  • The travel segment of the site includes many tips on how you can make more out of your trips and experiences

17. Pumps and Iron


Many people are looking for ways to make the most out of their health needs.

Pumps and Iron is a lifestyle blog that focuses heavily on noting ways how people can go more out of their fitness efforts and with making more out of their bodies.

The site includes details on workout tips, healthy recipes, and many other points related to health. There is even a section on the site dedicated to points on running for those who need some extra help with this aspect of living.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • The beauty section includes many things that highlight what people can do for their lives
  • The Instagram section of the blog highlights some fun things to see for one’s fitness needs
  • Highlights the latest fashions surrounding health and wellness, including outfits for yoga

18. A Piece of Toast

A Piece of Toast has been in operation for nearly ten years. The site has proven to be a fun place for those who want to learn more about how they can enjoy their lives and make more out of their wellness demands.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Includes points for living that are simple and technical at the same time
  • The style section focuses mainly on whimsical and entertaining fashions
  • People can use the beauty section to find points on the latest things

19. Gen Y Girl


The Gen Y Girl blog looks at modern living and motherhood. The place focuses on how challenging adulting can be and the many things that people can do for their health and wellness.

Points on how to make life as a young professional work for you can be found throughout the site as well.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Covers many topics about motherhood and what new and experienced moms can do for their lives
  • Offers points of fashion for all members of the family
  • Includes useful tutorials on how to manage many points about one’s professional life

20. Pouted


You can see what Pouted has to offer when you are looking for ways to make more out of your life.

The helpful thing about Pouted is that the site concentrates heavily on points surrounding not only fashion but also interior decorating, travel, and technology.

Everything covered on Pouted is all about taking advantage of the great things life has to offer and what people can do with their needs.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • You can learn about the hottest new sales on fashions
  • Get details on enhancing your home
  • Accessories are particularly highlighted among other fashion-related things

21. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

The desire that many people around the world have to live better lifestyles and to be stronger people is something that everyone can appreciate.

The Conscious Lifestyle Magazine blog includes points on many things people can do when aiming to have stronger and more prominent lifestyles that they can appreciate having. The magazine site covers points on body, spirit, mind, and the environment.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Learn all about green living through the blog
  • The health section includes many details on organic living
  • The simple design of the site makes it easy for you to see what’s online

22. Quintessence


The classy design of Quintessence makes it a useful blog to explore when you need detail on the latest and greatest points for a living.

The site offers information on books, entertainment, sports, fashion, and interior decoration.

The main focus of quintessence is to offer details on how to make the most out of one’s life and to enjoy the finest things that life has to offer in general.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Includes detailed photos showcasing the many things one can get out of life
  • Highlights details on fun things to do with the family
  • Includes a full video series highlighting many points for life

23. On Better Living


Your last choice to see is On Better Living, a site that highlights points on many things relating to your life and what you can enjoy.

The site includes features on food and entertaining as well as on appealing recipes of note. The health points on the site also highlight many things of note.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Includes simple points for how to handle living needs
  • Provides the latest details surrounding what you can take advantage of
  • Full instructions included for each recipe highlighted on the site

24. Refinery29


Refinery29 is a big online publication that covers a range of different entertainment and lifestyle-related topics. You can follow this lifestyle blog to find style tips

This is a one-stop solution for all kinds of beauty-related topics such as skincare, mack up, nails, hair. Along with that, you can read trending content around fashion, shopping etc.

It covers lifestyle in detail, topics like food, travel homecare to name a few. Along with that, you can find content around personal finance, career advice for overall growth.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Covers all topics around lifestyle
  • Detailed beauty and lifestyle content
  • Food and travel-related content
  • Latest from the entertainment industry

25. InStyle


InStyle is a trendy online resource to find content around lifestyle, entertainment, beauty, and a number of other related topics. It covers topics related to Hollywood lifestyle, travel, food & drink, books, celebrity, fashion so that you have all the information under one roof.

More About This Lifestyle Site

  • Detailed lifestyle-related content
  • Food & drive, beauty-related content
  • Updates on celebrity lifestyle

26. A Beautiful Mess


Founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, A Beautiful Mess is a great resource if you are looking for the best lifestyle-related content. They cover content related to decor, crafts, food recipes and more.

27. SHEfinds


If you need a shopping guide, here is a great resource for you. You can follow SHEfinds to find a valuable guide on shopping-related lifestyle products.

It’s an amazing platform for women’s fashion and beauty-related content.

28. Esquire


Are you looking for the best Men’s fashion sites? Well, here’s one that you can follow. One of the most comprehensive portals for Men’s fashion, Esquire everything around the topics that men are interested in. Topics such as fashion, food, sports, drinks, lifestyle are covered by this site.

29. Jess Ann Kirby

Jess Ann Kirby

Jess Ann Kirby is another very useful lifestyle blog around various aspects of life. If you are a woman, there is some amazing content around pregnancy, parenting and related topics.

You will find other topics like Food recipes, wellness, beauty and fashion-related content.

Q1. What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog covers the topics that are related to our day-to-day life. Topics such as food, fashion, drinks, and other tops that we deal with in everyday life come under the lifestyle blogs.

Q2. Are Lifestyle Blogs Free to Read?

Yes, most of lifestyle-related blogs are free to use.

Q3. How Do Lifestyle Blogs Make Money?

Lifestyle is a very popular niche and there are multiple ways to make money. You can make money by promoting products within your content, you can go for affiliate marketing, use ad platforms like Google AdSense etc.

Q4. How to Start a Lifestyle Blog?

You will need a domain name for your site, a hosting account, and the choice of platform that you wish to use to create your blog. You can use CMS such as WordPress to create your blog. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a site with WordPress.

Final Word

The points that you will discover through these lifestyle blogs will help you find some great ways to enjoy life. You should look at these places if you want to do more with the content you are planning for any intention you hold.

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