30 Best Cryptocurrency Blogs To Follow

Learn More About The Cryptocurrency Trend On These Top Cryptocurrency Related Blogs.

cryptocurrency blogs to follow

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The cryptocurrency or crypto industry has been growing quite well over the last few years. People are looking for various opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies.

It is no surprise that there are as many cryptocurrency blogs out there where you can learn more about cryptocurrency and how to make a profit.

This guide to the best and best cryptocurrency blogs includes details on many pages that offer the latest bits of information on the crypto industry.

You can use the points listed in this blog to help you find some appealing opportunities that you are bound to enjoy using when finding information on the best crypto opportunities around.

01 Cryptocoinsnews

A consistent source for news, Cryptocoinsnews provides details on many coins and how the market is moving along. Details on the newest crypto industry conferences and meetings are also listed on the site.

  • Lists live price updates
  • Provides information on various coins
  • Includes reports from TradeView on various market changes and developments

02 Invest In Blockchain

Invest In Blockchain has been providing people with the latest news about blockchain efforts since 2017. The site provides daily updates on different crypto activities.

The best part of the site is that it focuses on an extensive variety of coins and not just on the biggest names in the field.

  • Lists press releases from crypto entities
  • Provides news on the latest trends in the crypto field
  • Offers full blockchain updates

03 Toshi Times

The analysts at Toshi Times provide thorough reports on different currencies and what trends are available on the market.

You can use the information provided by Toshi Times to get better ideas of what is happening on the market. You can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter from the site that highlights the latest trends in the field.

  • Offers separate segment dedicated to individual major currencies
  • Get information on the best exchanges through the site
  • A full forum provides access to details on many points about the field

04 CoinDesk

The highly technical details listed on CoinDesk make this a useful site for advanced traders.

Those who are not overly familiar with what is listed on the site can use the Blockchain 101 section to learn more about how the field works.

The educational and technical aspects of CoinDesk ensure that all people on the site will find something of value here.

  • Includes sections devoted to specific types of details
  • Includes ICO information as the content comes about
  • Provides points on various public protocols that may be utilized

05 Cryptoverze

The most popular part of what Cryptoverze offers entails how the site lets traders talk with one another. The site includes a Social Wall section where people can interact and discuss new trends in the crypto field.

The collaborative information provided by the Cryptoverze website ensures that people will get more information on what they could find surrounding unique currency investment opportunities.

  • Includes a full ICO list
  • Groups can be formed for discussions on specific currencies
  • The Q&A section answers many questions surrounding the blockchain industry

06 Bitcoin News

While Bitcoin News focuses on specific types of currencies, Bitcoin News does more than talk about Bitcoin activities. The site also covers points on other currencies, including many that have split off from Bitcoin like Bitcoin Cash.

  • Has opinion reports on various topics
  • The news is updated daily with the latest points on the field
  • Includes lifestyle tips based on currency use

07 The Crypto Updates

The most important part of what The Crypto Updates provides is thorough research and reviews on each coin that is to be profiled. The site includes points on currencies through price analysis reports and convenient infographics. People can also track coins through the site.

  • Lists official press releases from developers
  • Covers details on crypto scams
  • The price index section is regularly updated

08 Coin Idol

The main point about Coin Idol is that it focuses on news reports. These include reports on the newest things happening in the blockchain world with an emphasis on international developments.

  • Covers topics surrounding European markets, particularly Italy
  • The blog profiles unique developments in the crypto world
  • Provides detailed expert analysis on various crypto topics

09 BTC Manager

The blockchain information provided by BTC Manager helps people to note new trends in the industry. The site works mainly with Bitcoin and Ethereum news reports.

  • Has a section dedicated to ICO reports
  • Includes details on various altcoins
  • Numerous guides are available to help people make educated decisions on investments

10 NewsBTC

NewsBTC is a site that provides points on many features in currency information. News stories surrounding the currency industry and its associated culture will help people explore more things about the field.

  • Provides expert opinions on different currencies
  • Highlights many sites where people can spend their currencies
  • ICO information is provided in a dedicated section of the site

11 Coinspeaker

Coinspeaker is one of the older crypto blogs out there, as the site has been in operation since 2014 when the industry was first started.

The site highlights up-to-date prices on currencies and trends on where these currencies are moving.

Active STOs and new ones that are coming soon are also regularly profiled on the site to help people learn more about what is happening in the field.

  • Provides unique information on the latest trends in the field
  • STO and ICO information are both found on the site
  • General price analysis features help users identify new trends

12 CryptoPotato

The convenient information that CryptoPotato highlights include content surrounding the development of the crypto industry. You can use CryptoPotato to review points on what ICOs and IEOs are available for use.

  • Features Bitcoin and Ethereum analysis sections
  • Has interviews with many crypto experts
  • Market updates are consistent and useful

13 The Coinbase Blog

Coinbase has long been a popular source for trading currencies. The Coinbase Blog is directly associated with the site and provides points surrounding how well the currency field works.

  • Includes various helpful perspectives surrounding how currencies work
  • Full opinion posts offer unique views of the field
  • The product news section includes points on how the field is changing

14 99 Bitcoins

The content on 99 Bitcoins focuses mainly on educating people about how they can trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The site highlights the newest trends in the field and what people can do to take advantage of those particular trends as they come along.

  • Includes topics on specific currency-related situations
  • Get information on how various Bitcoin wallets work
  • Review points on many Bitcoin exchanges

15 Cointelligence

The useful design of Cointelligence helps people with finding details on appealing cryptocurrencies of value. The great listings on the site include many details on what’s available, including points on low-value coins.

  • Includes details on new events in the crypto field
  • Provides guides on how different tasks work
  • Includes analytical points on how many currencies are moving forward

16 Bits on Blocks

The interesting part of Bits on Blocks is that the site concentrates mainly on producing detailed information on certain tasks that one might wish to work on and how the content is laid out. The details featured here focus particularly on how business endeavors may work.

  • Covers guides on different blockchain topics
  • Simplifies information with ease
  • Includes points on how people can mine cryptocurrencies on their own

17 Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain Technologies highlights many points on cryptocurrencies surrounding how many currencies work. This includes new information on currencies and how different currency apps may work.

  • Thorough guides on using crypto functions included
  • Covers topics from around the world
  • Highlights appealing solutions for working to produce coins

18 CoinDiligent

You can get free tips from CoinDiligent surrounding different topics of note. These tips provide points on where you might go surrounding the use of currencies.

  • Includes various portfolio tracking programs
  • Offers strategies on how to much money with currencies
  • Includes details on currency wallets

19 Finance Magnates

Finance Magnates provides details on many currency points. The details on the blog include points surrounding various forms of content. Intelligence reports are listed to make it easier for things to work in many situations.

  • Features details on currency brokers
  • Highlights many wealth management solutions
  • Includes the latest bits of news surrounding crypto technologies and trading actions

20 Week In Ethereum

Some websites focus on specific currencies, and Week In Ethereum is one of those sites. The site promotes points on how Ethereum technology is working and what unique trends are working in the field surrounding this outstanding currency.

  • Provides points on new blockchain developments
  • Includes an easy to read review
  • New updates come about every week as scheduled

21 ForkLog

ForkLog is a news site around Cryptocurrency, so it’s a good source to get all the latest updates, and information related to Cryptocurrencies.

Other than the news, the site also publishes interviews with popular personalities in the Crypto field which is a great way to learn from the best in the industry.

  • Latest news around Cryptocurrencies
  • Interviews of popular personalities in the field
  • Regular and detailed updates

22 Mineable

Mineable is a detailed review, guides, and news around Cryptocurrencies. This is another great resource to improve your knowledge about different Cryptocurrencies.


23 Use The Bitcoin

Another good resource for BitCoin and other Cryptocurrency related news and guides. You can get the latest rates of popular coins and stay updated with the industry news.


24 Coin Idol

Another very busy Cryptocurrency news blog where you will get all the important updates around Cryptocurrency.


25 AMBCrypto

Get all the news about the important Cryptocurrencies on this website.


26 U.Today

U.Today is a media organization that is totally dedicated to helping people understand the next-gen tech. They have many guides on the blockchain, crypto,  mining, trading bots, exchanges, crypto blending, etc. To simply put, if you want a one-stop solution to learn more about cryptocurrency, U.today is the best shot. 

U.today has a new section on its official sites covering all the trending crypto coins such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple and XRP news, EOS, TRON, etc. 

What’s more, U.today has a franchise that helps you build a successful crypto business in six months. With the U.today media, you can easily open and grow one of the growing crypto media in your region. 

Key Highlights:

  • Detailed explanations of crypto and the latest trends
  • They have a news section on trending bitcoin news
  • In-depth guides on minging, wallets, trading bots, exchanges, etc. 

27 Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph was founded back in 2013 by Tony lane Casserly. This cryptocurrency blog has all the recent news about the Crypto industry. On the official website, you will get all the latest and trending news about Ethereum, blockchain, mining, cryptocurrency prices, and so on. 

The whole blog is dedicated to cryptocurrency only. Also, they keep an updated list of the 10 most trending cryptocurrencies. The best part, the Cointelegraph blog also does the market analysis and provides you with the most recent events, promising ICOs, blockchain development, etc. Even they have mobile applications available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Key Highlights:

  • They do a market analysis and provide all the latest results.
  • One-stop solution for the crypto industry such as blockchain, Ethereum, etc. 
  • A dedicated news section for popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Altcoin, etc. 

28 Bitcoin Magazine

As the name suggests, Bitcoin Magazine is a popular cryptocurrency blog. Since 2012, Bitcoin Magazine has provided in-depth analysis, research, and thoughts on finance and technology. 

In the Bitcoin Magazine blog, you will find all the lasted news, analysis, price data, commentary, etc. They have a dedicated blog, and podcast and they even conduct Cryptocurrency events to educate their blog visitors. 

All in all, with Bitcoin Magazine, you will find in-depth and relevant material on the bitcoin and blockchain community. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Established source of news on Cryptocurrency
  • In-depth analysis, research, and education on trending cryptocurrencies. 
  • The blog is suitable for everyone, regardless of their experience and expertise. 
  • They feature both the highs and lows of the Bitcoin industry.
Bitcoin Magazine

29 Bitcoinist

Bitcoinist is another reliable cryptocurrency blog that has a popular news portal. On the Bicoinist news portal, you will get all the popular breaking news, guides, prices, and analysis on blockchain and digital currencies. 

They have two dedicated pages on popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Altcoins. You will get all the in-depth info for these two crypto coins such as news, price, reviews, acceptances, etc. 

In addition to cryptocurrency, Bitcoinist also has a dedicated category for Blockchain, Security, FinTech, Technology, trending, etc. Overall, it’s a hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

Key Highlights:

  • News portal for bitcoins price analysis, guides, etc. 
  • They have separate pages dedicated to Bitcoins and Altcoins 
  • In addition to cryptocurrency, they have in-depth guides on trading, FinTech, Blockchain, security, etc. 

30 BTC Manager

BTC Manager is a hub for BitCoin, BlockChain, Ethereum, and FineTech. They provide digestible content on the crypto world that is curated for all types of audiences beginners, intermediates, and hardcore. 

On the official site of BTC Manager, you will see the live updates on some of the popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Once you click on the “Show Details” button it will open a graph where you will be able to check the trends of that particular cryptocurrency. 

The best part about BTC Manager they have active social media handles where you get all the recent updates just by following them. 

Key Highlights: 

  • In-depth guides and resources on BitCoin, BlockChain, and Ethereum
  • They have a cryptocurrency timeline/graph on the homepage to check the performance
  • All the guides and information they provide are well-researched and written by crypto enthusiasts only. 
BTC Manager

Final Word

Everything you look for when finding appealing crypto blogs should be noted well. You have many options to find when looking at attractive crypto blogs, so look around to see what places have the most important for you to utilize.

You will be pleased with the extensive amount of information you can get out of each of these sites.

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