How To Use Facebook Stories For Brand Awareness

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Facebook Stories For Brand Awareness

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Facebook Stories, one of the most engaging content type on social media these days is one of the most effective marketing tools as well.

Ever since the launch in March 2017, the Facebook Stories feature was welcomed by celebrities and social influencers to engage with audience.

The stories featured was originated by SnapChat which is replicated by Instagram as well as Facebook.

Most of the big platforms are welcoming the stories concept because general users like stories than other forms of content, the stories are going to be the dominating form of content in 2019 and beyond. 

According to Facebook, more than 300 million users use the Facebook & Messenger stories every single day

Facebook offers you a number of different ways to promote your product or brand on Facebook. Like you can create a post, create a shopping widget. Or you can simply use stories.

However, in this article, we are not going to talk about how to use posts or shopping widgets for Facebook marketing. Instead, we will share a guide on how you can use Facebook Stories for marketing your brand. 


About Facebook Stories

First, let’s understand what Facebook stories are. Facebook stories are a pretty similar feature that we get to see on Snapchat or Instagram.

The Facebook stories stay live for 24 hours, and after that, they disappeare. The Facebook stories section is located at the top of the Facebook Mobile app.

To see a Facebook story one simply have to tap on it and it will start showing stories. You can also reply to others’ stories or react to their stor.

Facebook introduced ads on Facebook Stories in Sep 2018 with full suite for targeting and measurement. 

Some of the biggest brands in the world are already using the Facebook Stories ad feature to expand their business and create brand awareness. 

Now let’s move to our main question which is How to Use Facebook Stories for Marketing.

Well, here are some of the points that you can follow to create Facebook stories.

Swipe Up Links

More traffic means more business. Take the advantage of the engaging facebook Ads to drive traffic to your business. 

The swipe up feature which lets us embed a link to your stories. As a result, the user can swipe up and land on our websites.

So you can simply create a story where you can talk about the product that you are promoting. And then embed a link to your website.

So whenever a user gets to see your story, they will be able to visit your website by swapping up instantly.

However, you cannot type down words explaining your users to visit your website.

Instead, the story needs to deliver as short information as possible and attract the visitors.

That is why it is advisable to create attractive stories that make people take an action.

Use Videos

Videos work far better on Facebook than text related stories. As people love to watch things instead of reading.

That is why you should focus on creating small videos explaining your product or the thing that you are promoting.

However, while creating a video, you need to make sure the video is as short as possible. Maximum video limit for Facebook stories is 15 secs.

You can make different types of videos to promote your product. For example, if you are a makeup brand, then you can make a how to videos explaining how can one use your product to get done with makeup.

Or if you are promoting a product, then you can talk about the top features.

But explaining everything in a single video would be tough. Instead, you can make a single long video and split it into multiple parts.

So it will be easy for the users to understand your product in a better way and will give you a better conversation rate.

Promote Offers

Facebook Stories are best when it comes to promoting offers. For example, if you are a web hosting seller, then you can simply make a story that displays the promo code as well as you can embed your website’s sale page. This way, if a user gets interested in your product.

Then they might want to try your services and that promo code, or discount helps you to get them to visit your website. As a result, you get a lead or sale for the product.

Works Best For Snippets

If you are going to release something big in the next few days, then you might want to create a hype around your users. And in this thing, a Facebook story can perform very well.

You can create a snippet or sort of a preview of something which will keep your users engaged.

Moreover, if you have an upcoming sale on your website, then you can use a Facebook Story to promote it. 

Promote Your Customers Feedback

The best way to earn people the trust is to help them to get feedback from real users.

So, if you have some satisfied customers, then you can ask them to make a video explaining their experience. After that, you can use that video to promote through your Facebook Stories.

This way, you can create the trust for your brand. Also, it will make other users post their reviews and as a result you will get a better brand exposure and more sales.

Final Words:

Facebook stories are the best new ways to promote an offer or give your audience and insights about your product.

Moreover, Facebook Stories allow you to share content within your audience and serve them in a better way. As a result, they will be updated with all your activities.

Anyway, now it’s your call to go ahead and try them out by yourself and see how they are working for you.

If you have any more questions to ask, then you can comment below, and we will surely help you out.

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