5 Ways To Glean SEO Insights From Your Help Desk

Your customer support help desk can be a great source for potential keywords and improve overall SEO of your site. Know more here.

SEO Insights From Your Help Desk

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A customer help desk can be an SEO treasure trove for conducting keyword research. There are tons of customer insights that can help to boost your organic marketing strategy.

As long as your helpdesk ticketing system comprises support tickets, a knowledge base, and other channels, you can glean valuable SEO insights from it.

Let’s discuss 5 ways to do this below:

01. Mine your help desk analytics for keywords. 

The right keywords can help search engines to understand what your website is all about and show it to the right audience. However, a wrong set of keywords defeats this purpose and has the potential to stunt your organic growth

You can improve your SEO reach through your helpdesk analytics. Some common phrases and queries may show up in submitted support tickets. You can also check what customers are often searching for in your knowledge base. 

These insights will help you understand what your audience is truly looking for and how you can address their pain points in your content. Not only does this retain existing customers but, it also attracts more prospects to your business. 

02. Identify the most accessed content in your knowledge base. 

A knowledge base should resolve a majority of issues in order to reduce the number of support tickets and customer requests. A typical knowledge base often includes documentation 

articles, answers to FAQs, how-to guides, video tutorials, and other helpful resources. 

As a general rule of thumb, your knowledge base should be organized by category. It allows customers to easily locate what they need and also helps you to extract customer insights. For example, content grouping and custom reports in Google Analytics allow users to view and compare aggregated metrics by group name. 

Such reports can help you discover what your customers are more interested in. Then, you can proceed to create more of the most-read documentation articles or user guides. You can also repurpose your existing content into other formats or distribute it on other platforms. 

03. Determine where your traffic is coming from. 

If your helpdesk ticketing software supports multiple channels, you’ll be able to see where your customer requests are coming from. It can be internally from your website or from email, phone, social media, or Google searches. 

Through some data about your traffic sources, you can actually tell where you need to boost SEO. For example, you can work on optimizing your website’s speed and navigation so users can easily find what they are searching for. 

If you notice that you’re ranking lower or getting fewer clicks from Google SERPs, it means that you need to optimize each page or content for SEO. You can try changing some titles and adding relevant keywords to meta descriptions.

Help desk ticketing system

Of course, your customers will ask questions and search for various information all year long. But you may notice that the search for specific information increases at certain times of the year. You may also receive different types of queries from different locations. 

It’s also possible to notice a spike in requests, queries, or complaints at certain intervals, e.g after a new product launch or new marketing campaign. You should analyze your helpdesk data monthly or quarterly to identify trends. 

Such customer insights can help you to predict future trends and make adequate preparations. For example, more help desk agents need to be available during certain seasons. You may also need to create additional help articles too.

Customer Service Data

05. Pull keywords from customer reviews. 

User-generated content is another goldmine that you can use to improve your SEO. These are customer reviews or testimonials that are in the form of texts, images, or videos. You can use them to show prospects what existing customers are saying about your brand. 

You can choose to collect reviews through your website or app, customer service channels, or third-party review platforms. Then, you’ll sort through to find recurring keywords and phrases that you can turn into long-tail keywords. 

These keywords will help you discover good topics on which you can create content on. You’ll get to understand what your customers are hoping to achieve with your product or service. And this will greatly improve your SEO tactics.


Help desk is meant for providing support to your customers but it also provides SEO insights. We’ve discussed the 5 ways to glean insights from your help desk system. However, you need to have good ticketing software that can assist with your content marketing strategy. 

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