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Content Marketing Tips

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If you master the art of content marketing, you will probably make millions or let me correct myself, there will not be any limit to your potential earning. 

There are marketers who are making 7 figure income every month with creative content marketing.

The content marketing space is changing continuously and you have to keep learning and keep adapting to the changes to be on the top of the game. 

At HobPost, we are creating content that is helpful for the marketers whether you are a beginner or intermediate marketers, whether you are looking to start a side hustle or full-time income.

In this article, we will talk about 10 best and proven ways to plan your content marketing

01. Strategy


Content marketing is all about strategy. Content marketing is about creating value for your audience but also for yourself as a business and as a brand.

So, when you into content marketing, you really need to make sure that you know who you are and what your values are and also your audience.

This is the philosophy behind effective content marketing in compared to be just being spammy. 

So, the tip is to have a clear communication strategy for all of your content. This means knowing the tone.

If your tone is going to be casual then that needs to be consistent, if it is going to be professional then that needs to be consistent and this is so important. 

  • Plan your strategy at the beginning
  • Be consistent
  • Review your success
  • Have a clear communication

02. Know Your Audience


Knowing your audience will help you to create the perfect strategy for your business. If you know your audience well, you will be able to decide your tone what your communication strategy is going to be, they are in direct alignment with each other.

If students are your target audience, your tone will be different from a business audience, and it will change with the audience group. 

Even if you are giving educational-based information, the casual tone will probably be more impactful. making the students in a friendly way is easier than using words that may not be suitable for all the students to understand.  

So, you would want to adapt your strategy according to your audience, you would want to consider that in your tone.

It is not about you and entirely how you want to be perceived, it is a little bit but it is all about what your audience needs from you and what is going to make you relatable because that is what’s going to derive a sale. 

  • Know your audience well
  • Decide your content tone according to audience type
  • Use Polls and surveys to understand your audience better

03. Understand the Context

The next tip is to understand the context of the platform that you are marketing in.

Marketing on pairscope is very different than content marketing on YouTube and it is different on a podcast.

All these things have their nuance and their own context. For example, YouTube is built on the backbone of search. That is what it’s a real value which is the search and archiving kind of like Netflix.

If we talk about Periscope, it is live content and you are there and you can engage with the audience and ask questions and get a direct answer and so that’s what the real value is.

So the context changes depending on the platforms. Both YouTube and Periscope are video-based content and yet they are different and would appeal to different people and equally important that they all have a different practical business applications.

So you can’t sit there and just always think that you can repurpose content or that you can go with the same methods on different platforms.

It will not work like that, so you need to value the context while you design your content marketing. 

  • Design your content depending on the platform used
  • Set your objective 
  • Change your approach depending on the content

4. Respect Your Audience’s Time

When you are doing content marketing, you need to respect your audience’s time which means that you need to give them that upfront value.

You need to tell them why they are here and what they are going to get as quickly as you can, regardless of whether that is in your print, on your blog post or article, whether it is at the beginning of a video or even at the beginning of a podcast.

Create value for your users and let them know about it without any delay.

05. Aligning Your Content With Your Goal


Now, this is a very important point to look at. You must align your content with your business objective. Many marketers or would-be marketers create a content strategy without keeping the goal in mind.

It is important to have one core goal for your business at the start and stick to it when you plan your marketing strategy. 

If you want to sell your product, focus on that and create content that will help you to make a sell.

If your goal is to educate your audience, create amazing guides so that they come to you to find a solution. 

  • Be clear about your goal
  • Create your strategy around your goal
  • Create content that will help you achieve your goal
  • Stick to it

06. Use Amazon


If you are a business owner of any type, Amazon is one platform that is kind of a hidden gem and many marketers don’t really take it seriously or think that it is not for us.

The general idea about Amazon is that you can sell different physical products on Amazon but people don’t realize that there are literally five ways to grow in any business on Amazon, whether it is a brick and mortar business, whether you have an online business.

If you have digital products like ebooks or courses, you can start selling them on Amazon now and start getting organic traffic. Start generating reviews on Amazon and start selling your products organically on Amazon.

You have a ready audience and market on Amazon, you just need to pitch your product to the right audience. 

  • Sell your digital products on Amazon
  • Appreciate good reviews
  • Create your brand value

07. Facebook Marketing

The next thing we wanted to talk about is Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing has become a little bit more tricky in the last few years.

And with the issues and concerns around the user data, things will get tighter in the time to come. 

The Facebook algorithm is changing regularly make ing it tricky for marketers to get the audience like it used to be in the past.

However, there are some good news as well, and the most important one is the Facebook live feature. 

Going live on Facebook is the most engaging marketing option these days. You can have and have people commenting on your Facebook live, it is going to be a strong tool.

As far as Facebook Ads, traffic is becoming more expensive, it is not a secret but it is still one of the best ways to grow your business because you can get highly targeted traffic with Facebook ads. 

Pro-Tip: Create Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook gives you an option to create a custom audience with an email list and the phone number of users. You can create your custom audience and start marketing your products.

Even if it is only as little as a hundred emails, you can create a custom audience and a lookalike audience off that email, and moving on into the future, creating a custom audience with your email list is going to be extremely important to your Facebook Ads and really getting that engaged traffic.

It is much better than starting and trying to find interest targeting to match whatever product or service you are offering.

The process of creating a custom Facebook audience is simple, you can go to your Facebook ad account and create your audience. 


The other thing is video ads, which are still going to remain king for Facebook ads. So always try to use a video when you are using Facebook ads to market your product or service. 

08. Instagram Marketing


The next thing which comes when we talk about content marketing tips and trends around Instagram.

There is no doubt that Instagram is becoming a lot harder and tougher to grow organically.

It is difficult to grow an audience with any random memes, selfies. The days are over where you can actually grow an Instagram if you are posting those types of things.

If you are growing a brand on Instagram, you have to post higher quality content than ever especially with the increasing competition in all types of niches.

Instagram has become of the top marketing channels in the last few years. Many celebrity Instagram influencers and making millions only by leveraging the Instagram following.

Soif your brand is not present on Instagram, you need to act now. 

You have to make sure that your hashtag game is on the point and most importantly, you have to stick with one niche so that you attract the targeted audience. 

If you are in the motivational niche you stick to the motivation niche, if you are in travel you stick to travel.

Another thing that is very important is to be consistent. Yes, it is difficult to grow Instagram but trust me, if you have a well-grown Instagram account, understand that you have the best source of marketing these days.

It is recommended to use an automation software tool to help in boosting your engagement

Don’t miss this article about the best ways to grow Instagram followers super quick

09. Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing is a process of doing your marketing by hiring someone who already has a good presence in the niche with a good number of following rather than starting from the ground and target a big audience. 

Influencer marketing is going to be a strong marketing tool in the next few years.

As a small business, you can look at the micro or the smaller influencers that have maybe an audience from 3k to 10k following on social media networks, whether it is Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter or whatever social media platform.

If you are interested in building an audience on online platforms, that is going to be your number one asset from here on out because it is super important to build a following.

So, if you are interested in growing your following and becoming an influencer marketer in a specific niche, influencer marketing is highly recommended.

10. Video Marketing 

Last but surely not least, video marketing. Video marketing is going to be big now and in the years to come

YouTube has already become the goldmine for marketers. It is the best way to engage with your audience and let them know about your brand.

This year, mobile consumption has increased about 35% and it will probably be similar in the years to come.

Since that is the trend going forward you should get on video especially because when people are on their mobile devices they like to watch the video.

The next best thing that you can do since people like to watch videos on their phone is one tip is you can have your video transcribe.

So if somebody is on his phone and he is looking at his phone and he can’t turn the volume up, they can still read what you are saying in the video.

It is really cheap to have a transcription of your video outsourced and have them read along on what you are saying as the videos go on. It is a proven fact that in the online industry that video marketing helps increase your leads by 66%. 

According to a report published by Cisco, the total amount of video content consumers will account over 80% by 2022.

Also, about 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with other users. 

So, video marketing is something where you need to put your money, time and effort. 

Final Word

So these were the top tips for content marketing. Hope you liked them and tell us in comments if we have missed any tip.

Content marketing is an open subject and you need to keep trying new channels to get better on the marketing game.

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