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LifterLMS Review (Dec 2021), Top Features & Pricing

One of the most comprehensive learning management plugin for WordPress sites.

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LifterLMS Overview

LifterLMS review, one of the best education management software systems for WordPress that is designed for schools, colleges, and universities. 

The LifterLMS platform includes a number of features to help educators create engaging courses, organize students into groups, and track their progress through the course. LifterLMS is a powerful WordPress plugin that is a great choice for educators looking to create and deliver engaging courses. 

This LMS system is a good choice for businesses on a budget as it includes all the basic functionality needed to run an online course.

Let’s have a look at the product in the detailed review below.

NitDit'S Rating For LifterLMS

NitDit’s rating is influenced by the overall quality of the product, ease of use, pricing in comparison to competitors, overall community sentiment around the product


NitDit Score

Ease of Use 95%
Features 95%
Value for Money 90%
Support 95%

Top Features of LifterLMS

  Drag and drop course builder
  Website Builder friendly
  Comprehensive quiz builder (multiple formats)
  Quiz timer option
  Create multimedia lessons for your courses
  Lessons with drip content
  Comprehensive student dashboard
  Course review option
  Payment gateway integration
  Multiple revenue methods
  Content restriction based on membership
  Option to create course bundles
  Option to offer discount coupons
  Country & currency section
  Credit card management
  Order management option
  Student achievement badges
  Certification process
  Private coaching option
  Member-only course option
  Bulk course enrollment
  Private group discussion option
  Works with any quality WordPress theme

Detailed Review of LifterLMS

The list of features offered by LifterLMS is extensive. The following is a list of the top features offered by LifterLMS & how you can use this popular learning management system to create your own online course site.

Getting Started with LifterLMS

LifterLMS is essentially a WordPress plugin that you can install like any other premium plugin and use the features it offers. Once you install the plugin, you can enable the add-ons that you will need for your site.

Once everything is ready, you can create a course and add content in minutes, adding pages, videos, quizzes, and discussion boards; whatever you would like your learners to experience when they sign up.

Creating and Setting Up a Course in LifterLMS

  • Create a new course with the right name, relevant to your content and lessons
  • Click on “upload content” and upload your files (documents, videos, images) to create pages in LifterLMS; these will be accessible by learners once they sign up.
  • You can also use the drag-and-drop course builder to create content for your lessons and courses
  • Add quizzes or discussions boards for additional interaction between you and your learners
  • You’re done! Get started with selling and promoting your content, lessons, tests, and assignments.  

You can set up factors like course length, course difficulty, introduction video for a featured snippet, and an option to display customer reviews.

You can set up the price of your lessons and courses. You can set up the frequency of the payments for all of the courses and restrict the people who can buy this course for their learning purposes.

Using the drag-and-drop course builder, you can create and configure your courses the way that is most convenient for you. You can set up sections for your lessons and actual course lessons as well for higher productivity.

LifterLMS Review

Logical and Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface of this eLearning course management tool is logical and easy to use. A live editor for the content comes with options available at your fingertips, such as image upload, video embedding, audio embedding, and hyperlinks creation. 

The list goes on – LifterLMS has everything you need to create your online course. The content of an eLearning course is what it’s all about, and LifterLMS has features that allow you to create courses in a number of ways, such as importing from CSV files or uploading PDF documents containing the text/images for your next training session. 

The interface makes it easy to use, which is why LifterLMS is one of the best eLearning course management tools on the market.

Intuitive User Experience

LifterLMS offers a world-class and productive user experience, including the ability to create modular courses through its drag-and-drop builder. The LifterLMS course builder is already in use by a number of schools, education authorities, NGOs, and other organizations. 

The overall user experience is very much logical and hassle-free, and learners can work at their own pace. 

You can add quizzes into your courses to boost retention rates and create your own assessments for learners. With options to add tests and assignments into your courses, you can create a full learning management system for your learners.

Intuitive User Experience

LifterLMS offers a world-class and productive user experience, including the ability to create modular courses through its drag-and-drop builder. The LifterLMS course builder is already in use by a number of schools, education authorities, NGOs, and other organizations. 

The overall user experience is very much logical and hassle-free, and learners can work at their own pace. 

You can add quizzes into your courses to boost retention rates and create your own assessments for learners. With options to add tests and assignments into your courses, you can create a full learning management system for your learners.

Drag-and-Drop Course Builder

LifterLMS provides a drag-and-drop interface that allows for the quick and easy creation of courses. The best part is that you won’t need any third-party integration to create and develop courses in LifterLMS. 

The feature is similar to other drag-and-drop course builders offered in some of its major alternatives and still works fine for all different courses. The tool offers a live editor for the content along with the option to publish it online. 

To create and manage your courses, select and drop different content blocks and resources to create a course. 

The tool allows you to create different things in just a few clicks, such as lessons, course content, tests, assignments, and more. With LifterLMS, you can create an entire eLearning course without hassling around different tools. 

The interface is simple, yet its features are quite extensive when designing courses for different purposes such as eLearning, training, or certification programs.

While creating a new course, you can add sections that are the building blocks of your course that will host all different elements that you want to add to your course.

To add a section, you can simply click on the section button or drag it to the page.

LifterLMS Create a Section

Creating Lesions

The lessons are the primary elements of your course. To add a session, you can simply be dragged into the main course builder area and dropped into any section, highlighted by the blue drop-zones.

LifterLMS Creating Lesions

Add Content into Your Course

You can add content into your course by using the drag-and-drop course builder, as well as the Elementor and live editors offered in the LMS system. To do this, just drag a resource from the library of LifterLMS to your lesson or section. 

This will automatically export that resource for you to display it on the page where you want it. You can also use the integrated WordPress editor to create your content. 

You can also edit existing pages in the LifterLMS system to make changes or add new resources for teaching later on down the line, so you aren’t limited in what you teach. 

You can even drag and drop lessons from one section into another if you would like to have more organization within your course instead of using the coding method to add data to your courses.

LifterLMS Review: Creating Quizzes

When we talk about an online course website, the quizzes are a very important part of it. LifterLMS gives you the option to create modern and engaging quizzes on your lessons.

It offers a number of different quizzes and answers types to choose from. You can add short answers, long answers, multiple-choice and other types of quizzes.


You will get the option to add quizzes while creating new lesions and users at the front end can click and take the quiz. You can add the correct answer while creating the quizzes and highlight it.

Quizzes LifterLMS

WooCommerce Integration

LifterLMS boosts its productivity and power with integration with the popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce. 

This will allow users and customers of your business to purchase courses from within the application itself, giving you a wide range of new options for monetizing content on your website while at the same time providing an even more appealing experience for learners. 

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell physical and digital products on your website through an intuitive interface. One of the most popular eCommerce integrations for WordPress, WooCommerce has been downloaded over a million times and is supported by many flexible extensions. 

WooCommerce gives you all the tools to set up your online store quickly and easily: manage products (add pictures or videos), control prices, run promotions, accept payments from any credit card with PayPal integration, and a lot more.

LifterLMS integrates WooCommerce into its user interface to provide a seamless experience for your learners. With the LifterLMS WooCommerce integration, you can create courses with products and then sell those products on your website through an intuitive interface.

Offer Membership for Multiple Courses

LifterLMS has various features that make it stand out from other Learning Management Systems and allow you to offer what your learners need. LifterLMS allows you to create a membership for learners that can be used across different courses. 

You will also have the option of requiring adult content warnings before access is granted, which are optional but recommended. All course material is subjected to careful filtering procedures, so there won’t ever be any inappropriate or offensive content on your site. 

This feature allows you to sell more and boost your profits. You can set up this feature via the membership option on the left menu bar.

Payment Add-On Features

LifterLMS also offers different payment add-ons that are designed to help you make more money. 

These features include a price table used for selling products or services in packages and bundles; a course expiration feature, where once the learner has completed your course. 

They will have an allotted time to take all of their hassles and troubleshooting questions and get them answered; free trial, where you can offer a limited time-frame for accessing your course before making the final decision to buy. 

Though the plugin is available for free, it offers a custom payment gateway system that includes many powerful features to help you boost your profits. You get three different payment gateways to choose from, namely Stripe, PayPal, and

LifterLMS Payment Gateways

Add Video Content into Your Online Courses

Video content is one of the best ways to engage student attention and maximize learning retention. 

It also makes your courses more professional-looking, which can lead to increased enrollments, better reviews, greater success rates for sales pitches, or any other marketing exercises you might use with your course material.

LifterLMS plugin allows you to create video content and share it with your students so that you can teach in a more dynamic, visual way. 

The LifterLMS plugin lets you create video-based courses by integrating videos into the curriculum and adding quizzes to test student progress. You have complete freedom over what type of quiz questions are asked, from multiple choice to short answers in just a few clicks. 

The add-ons and extensions in LifterLMS allow you to import images, PDFs, and more into the system. You can also edit your course materials in-line or preview them online before uploading them back into LifterLMS, ensuring that everything is perfect for presentation. 

You can force your learners to watch videos before they can access any content in your course with the ability to pause and resume at their leisure.

Here’s how you can use the LifterLMS Advanced video add-on to create engaging video content for your courses.

What Makes LifterLMS a Better Option?

One of the best things about LifterLMS is that it’s so easy to use, and it has many features which are offered in the system. To do this, just drag a resource from the library of LifterLMS to your lesson or section. 

This will automatically export that resource for you to display on your lessons, courses, tests, and assignments, saving you hours from having to do it yourself. 

The system is also very user-friendly, and if you don’t know how to use something in the software, there are many tutorials on the website that will walk you through how to create lessons or assign resources manually for your courses. The option to add video content to your courses is also available in LifterLMS.

Also, all of the third-party integrations offered in LifterLMS are some of the best features you will ever find in some of the top LMS alternatives. 

You can connect your school’s Moodle, Dokeos courseware, Blackboard Learn EDU, or WebCT to assign resources and manage assignments directly in those systems via a single login with your LifterLMS account. 

What Kind of Support LifterLMS Offers?

When it comes to support, the team is always LifterLMS stands by you so that you get quick support. The product comes with detailed documentation, technical support, tutorial videos so that you can get the answers you need.

LifterLMS has a big user base and always discussing things around the product to help each other. The LifterLMS team offers live support during the working hour.

Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Forum & Ticket

Platforms Supported

LifterLMS Pricing

While the core plugin is free, you will need the premium add-ons to create a comprehensive online learning site with the LifterLMS plugin. You can select the bundle as per you need.

LifterLMS Pricing

LifterLMS FAQs

Q1. What is LifterLMS? Lifter LMS is a comprehensive learning management system plugin for WordPress. It offers you all the features and options to create a complete online learning website.
Q2. Is LifterLMS Free? While the core plugin is free to use, you will have to buy the add-ons to create a complete online learning site and to add different functionalities.
Q3. Is LifterLMS The Best LMS Plugin for WordPress? While there are a couple of other quality LMS WordPress plugins, LifterLMS is certainly up there among top 3.
Q4. Can I Use LifterLMS With Elementor? Yes, you can. LifterLMS is perfectly compatible with the Elementor website builder. You can club it with any top-quality WordPress theme that is compatible with Elementor.
Q5. Does LifterLMS Work With WooCommerce? Yes it does. LifterLMS comes with a premium add-on to integrate it with the WooCommerce plugin.

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