10 Best SEO Tools to Supercharge Your WordPress Sites

Best SEO Tools for WordPress Sites

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In this article, we will look at some of the best SEO tools to supercharge your WordPress site and make a big success.

Now, before we move ahead with the list of SEO tools, you must understand that the tools are only to support you. You have to create meaningful content on your blog that is helpful for users.

For small businesses, SEO and search engine algorithms can be a daunting challenge, but business needs to conquer them to remain on top.

Fortunately, the Internet has provided us with a range of SEO tools to function effectively and efficiently. We’ve done extensive research and compiled a list of best SEO tools for your WordPress site.

There are hundreds of SEO tools these days that offers you different services related to SEO and marketing. But, it is practically not possible to use all of these tools. So, we have listed the top tools here that will offer you comprehensive solution for your business.

Have a look! 

01. Google Analytics

It’s needless to say that installing Google Analytics on your website is still considered one of must do tasks as your site gets ready. It is still the best sources for tracking your site’s traffic. Although it is a free SEO tool, it has the potential to give a tough competition to other paid tools. 

Given the fact that you must be looking for a budget SEO tool for your small business, we’ve kept Google Analytics in the first place. 

Here is a list of the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins to help you connect your site with the Analytics account. These plugins will bring in the Analytics data right on your WordPress dashboard to make things easier for you and track your traffic right on your site.


  • Google Analytics provides the geographical location of your users to set better marketing campaigns. 
  • The advanced segments feature allows you to learn in-depth about your users. 
  • Google Analytics will offer key insights into your keywords and competition. 
  • Track real-time traffic on your site.
  • Most of all, Google Analytics is a free service.

02. SEMrush

If you’re looking for a tool to outrank your competition, SEMrush offers top-notch features to not just help you rank better than your competition but also help you track your competitors’ strategies. 

From organic and advertising research to backlink audit and content distribution, SEMrush has covered everything.

You can use SEMrush to audit your own site to make sure that it is safe and working perfectly. You can find the toxic links that might have a negative impact on your site. We have seen even bigger brands getting Google penalty for low quality links.

You can use the tool to do a detailed analysis of your competitors and find out their top performing pages. You can also find their backlink sources and try to replicate those links for your site as well.

To Analyze any domain, you can start with the domain overview report. It will give you all the important details of the domain you make a search for, such as

  • Total backlinks to the site
  • overall traffic to the site
  • Top keywords that the site is ranking for
  • The top organic competitors
  • And more

SEMrush is not just an SEO analysis tool but a complete solution for business with SEO analysis tool, paid campaign analysis to find the PPC campaigns of your competitors, social media management tool.

So, once you have SEMrush tool for your business; you will not need another tool to manage and grow your website.

Here is a detailed review of SEMrush and 50 ways to use SEMrush. This article will give you in-depth knowledge about the tool to make sure that you are able to make the best out of SEMrush.

It is also trusted by some of the business giants such as Booking.com, HP, eBay, and Quora. 


  • SEMrush allows you to use its database that has over 20 billion keywords. 
  • You can compare your keywords profile to that of your competitor and discover new opportunities. 
  • You can track your performance of social media ads and schedule posts on your social media accounts. 

03. HubSpot

HubSpot is a marketing giant and when it comes to SEO tools, it provides an all-in-one inbound marketing solution for your small business. 

With easy integration of Google search control and HubSpot, you can get a detailed report of your performance. You can also gain valuable metrics from the tool that will help you optimize your content and rank better on the search engine. 


  • HubSpot’s content strategy tool will help you discover relevant topics for your business. 
  • The tool helps you create amazing email templates and run the A/B test to improve the clickthrough rate. 
  • It allows you to track the ROI of your advertisements on several platforms. 

04. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another all-in-one SEO toolset that claims that you don’t have to be an SEO pro to help your site rank higher. 

From tracking your ranking progress and optimizing your website to finding the best keywords and analyzing your competitors, Ahrefs has covered all the aspects of SEO. In fact, many professionals consider Ahrefs one of the best backlink research and audit toll on the web. 

Ahrefs is similar to SEMrush, it offers a number of different tools that will help you go deep into your competitors site. You can analyse the best keywords that are driving the top traffic, find the source of backlinks and all other details that will help you to grow your site.

You can start by analyzing any domain.


Once you have the details, you can click on the numbers and go for in-depth analysis.

There are a number of options in the left sidebar, you can use those features to understand any website better. For example, you can check the top pages of the site; this will give you some idea about the potential content that you can work on.


  • The tool provides you with an exhaustive website analysis that includes overall SEO health score, HTML tags and social tags issues, and linking structures. 
  • The keyword database of the tools supports keywords from 171 countries that can be applied to 10 search engines. 
  • The tool also provides insight into organic traffic, domain rating, and social shares.

05. Mangools

Mangools is not an all-in-one SEO tool but it covers all the necessary requirements of your small business through its features. 

With Mangools, you’ll get features of keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, SEO metrics, and backlink analysis. The advantage of using this SEO tool is that you don’t have to pay for all the services, you can pay for the feature you want for your business. 


  • With Magools, you can find the right keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume. 
  • The tool provides you reports about your search engine ranking regularly. 
  • The tool allows you to check your competitor’s link profile insights and SEO authority.  

06. Moz Pro

If you want to generate quality website traffic for your small business, you should definitely give a try Moz Pro. Although Moz Pro is a paid SEO tool, you can always use Moz as a free chrome extension if you have budget limits. 

Moz Pro has covered every aspect starting from keyword research and rank tracking to website crawling and optimizing. 

If you wish to find more tools like this, you can have a look at this list of top Moz alternatives.


  • The link explorer tool of Moz Pro provides an insight into your competitor’s link building strategies. 
  • Moz Pro helps you create customizable reports for a better understanding of your performance. 
  • The Moz keyword explorer can generate high-impact keyword suggestions with a help of its database containing over 500 million keywords. 

07. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an affordable SEO tool that has gained more popularity in recent years. It’s advanced SEO performance tracker and the analytical tool has been employed by many big companies such as Shopify, Scotia bank, and Rollbar. 

Nightwatch collects data from all the major SEO and search sources so that it can provide the most accurate insights for your business.


  • Nightwatch provides automatic backlink discovery and monitoring that will help you understand the impact of your backlinks. 
  • The tool enables you to see how your keywords are performing during each stage of the funnel. 
  • With the help of a site audit tool, you can easily optimize your on-page SEO performance. 

08. Ubersuggest

If you want to rank above your competitors on the search engine and you are dealing with budget problems, you should give Ubersuggest a try. It is 100% free and has some amazing features that you’ll only see in premium tools. 

Developed by Neil Patel, Ubersuggest provides you keyword finder tool, domain overview tool,  and backlink data. 


  • The comparison keyword feature provided by the tool is extraordinary and can result in high conversions. 
  • Ubersuggest allows you to have an insight into your competitor’s backlink strategy. 
  • It gives you top-performing content ideas for specific keywords you use.

09. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is somewhat different from the above-listed tools but caters to solve a critical ranking factor. We are talking about site speed and performance.

GTmetrix allows you to discover your site performance and optimization opportunities. It breakdowns your page or site performance in a summarized report that will help you perform better on the search engine. 


  • The tool allows you to test your web page in different countries and browsers. 
  • You can set up an alert for notifications every time your page is slow.
  • You can also analyze how your site loads on different devices. 

10. Longtail Pro

Although there are plenty of keyword research tools on the internet, you’ll need the one that will help you find long-tail keywords in minutes. As a small business, it will be important for you to optimize long-tail keywords to perform better in local searches. 

Longtail Pro uses 3 methods for keyword research – related keywords, competitor’s keywords, and manual keywords. 


  • This keyword tool helps you to measure keyword competitiveness by showcasing its different color codes. 
  • The tool allows you to conduct your competitor’s website analysis. 
  • The built-in rank tracker helps you gain valuable insights into whether your strategy works effectively. 


There are some SEO tools that will bring the best out of your marketing efforts. We know that it might be difficult for a small business to spend extensively on such tools.

Therefore, we added some high-rated free SEO tools as well. Choose the one that fits your purpose well, and supercharge your SEO. 

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