12 Best Instagram WordPress Plugins 2021

Grow your WordPress site with regular traffic from Instagram, here are some of the top WordPress plugins for Instagram.


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Best Instagram WordPress Plugins


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If you are looking for the best Instagram WordPress plugins, we have listed the top options in this article.

Instagram has made a name for itself as one of the top social media sites around. People love sharing their images with others in many forms.

The outstanding world of WordPress makes it so you’ll have an easier time making the most out of your website. So, don’t you think it would be a great idea for you to link the two together?

The great news is that it’s not overly hard for you to make the most out of your work on Instagram and WordPress when you use the twelve plugins featured in this profile.

These are all useful plugins that make it easier for you to stay online and to make more out of your content.

When you manage any business, be it an online business or offline business social media is extremely important these days.

With social media, you can increase your audience base by using social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

If you are selling any product, you can increase your customers and sell your products to someone living far from you.

If you are managing any online business, be it a blog, services, or a product site; the social proof is important. So, make sure to use the best social proof plugin so that other users get confident.

The best part of all of these plugins is that you can get them through the WordPress website at wordpress.org.

Be advised that while many of these plugins are indeed free for you to hire, you will have to look at some expenses involved with others.

These include some choices that might cost extra for you to hire based on the features that you want to incorporate in your work.

Feed Them Social

Start your search for the best Instagram WordPress plugins with Feed Them Social. You can use this to create unique social feeds on your WordPress page.

You can produce feeds that incorporate all your Instagram photos. You can add these photos to any sidebar or page on your site.

You can also use Feed Them Social to share other social media content details that you have, including ones for Pinterest, Twitter, and wherever else you might be while online.

  • You can customize the font settings on your feeds
  • The shortcode generator lets you adjust your content in moments
  • You can use this with as many social feeds as desired

Slider and Carousel Plus Widget

With so many Instagram photos on your account, you might want to find a way to display them well while being interesting.

The Slider and Carousel Plus Widget plugin lets you display your Instagram photos in many ways.

You can use the widget to display items with a grid or slider layout. The shortcodes included in this widget let you control many things that you can do for your display purposes.

You can produce limits on how many images you want to show on slider or carousel as well. The widget is useful for people aiming to create more unique pages.

  • Produce loops based on how long they can run for
  • You can support view count displays or comment segments
  • The instructions included are easy to follow

WPZOOM Widget For Instagram

The customization feature that you’ll get out of WPZOOM Widget For Instagram lets you adjust how your Instagram photos are going to appear on your work.

The design of the widget lets you display things on not only your feed but also up to twelve photos from different feeds. The feature is useful if you’re trying to promote your content and your general social outreach efforts.

  • Can be used with any theme you have
  • Includes help for a display header and bio
  • Works with the lazy load feature on your WordPress account

Custom Feeds For Instagram

Custom Feeds For Instagram has been used quite well as a program for many Instagram usage needs.

The system was originally known as Instagram Feed. The plugin helps you to maintain your social engagement and keep it moving.

You can add a header to your feed and also include a button that lets people choose to follow you on Instagram, thus adding to the interactivity of the program.

  • Use the Load More button to quickly get more photos added to your page
  • You can work with many Instagram feeds on the same page
  • Mobile-ready layout

Photonic Gallery and Lightbox

The Photonic plugin works for more than Instagram. You can also use Photonic for handling photos for Flickr, SmugMug, and Google Photos among other places.

The helpful functionality of Photonic is ideal for all your photo display uses. The ability of Photonic to read as many needs as necessary and to update your WordPress page as new images come along will especially be to your benefit.

  • Works with many lightbox scripts
  • Includes the option to organize your content by folder
  • Works with the latest versions of all WordPress templates
Photonic Gallery

10Web Social Feed

You can enjoy the use of 10Web Social Feed for when you’re looking to produce a more valuable and unique layout for your content.

10Web lets you enhance your social engagement and works with different layouts based on what you might prefer to use. You can get mixed feeds or single feeds depending on what you might prefer to use on your site.

  • Offers support for HTML5 content
  • You can use scroll and pagination features on your account
  • Incorporates many themes for your convenience

Enjoy Plugin

Enjoy provides a good layout for helping you to get your Instagram content to be more noticeable and useful. With Enjoy, you can produce a shortcode for posts and page data.

You can use many grid view effects, including ones that allow for fade-ins and unique resolution settings.

The design is perfect for those who might want to see your content on low-resolution screens, especially as this will not take as much time to load up as what you might get elsewhere.

  • One-click setup
  • Works with PHP7
  • You can add media captions to all your images or link them through your existing WordPress captions


The shortcut and widget functionality of BlossomThemes makes it a helpful choice for when you’re trying to find an Instagram WordPress plugin.

With BlossomThemes, you can get up to five photos on a single row. You can get a total of twenty photos displayed at a time.

You can take multiple Instagram feeds are arrange them by different rows. This works if you’ve got many accounts and you need extra help with keeping the content secure and open.

  • Easy to add profile link text
  • Takes a few moments for you to get your images out on BlossomThemes
  • You can get your images ready in a few minutes depending on the use
BlossomThemes Social Feed

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery plugin offers what it says it promotes. The plugin lets you produce a distinct image layout that includes a convenient design for highlighting your work.

You can also load the metadata and tags on your Instagram site to your WordPress page through Photo Galley. The added tag and meta content makes it easier for your site to be visible on a search.

  • You will get full control over the visual contents of your page
  • The modern layout of your plugin makes your site look more professional
  • You can arrange many navigation icons on your plugin for simplified use

Gallery For Instagram

Your last choice for a WordPress plugin that links to your Instagram page is Gallery For Instagram. The universal design of the plugin provides help for all major web browsers, as well as most mobile browsers.

The layout adjusts the resolution display based on the type of photo being posted and how well the content may appear. You can also use many Instagram usernames or hashtags in your work as you prefer.

The unlimited array of layouts and colors is also helpful, although you can adjust these to your preference as necessary.

  • Can work alongside Visual Composer Element
  • You can add many feeds to your site at once
  • Can work with hundreds of fonts through support from Google Fonts
Gallery for Social Photo

Final Word

These are some of the best Instagram WordPress plugins that you can use on your WordPress site to add the widget to showcase pictures from any Instagram account.

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