10 Best Elementor Addons Plugins

Extend the potential of Elementor Builder with these top addons.

Best Elementor Addons

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Elementor Builder needs no introduction. It is the most popular website builder for WordPress with over 8 million active users.

You can use the Elementor website builder to create a completely unique website on the WordPress platform using a simple drag and drop interface.

While you can use the basic plugin for free, the Pro version takes it to the next level and you will never need to hire a developer to create a great-looking design for your website.

Be it a simple blog or a business website, Elementor will help you at every step and make things easier for you. The builder comes with multiple elements that you can use while creating your pages.

You can create a template and use it for your pages, posts, or specific section of your site.

Once you create a template, it will be saved in the template library and you have the flexibility to use it in the future for any of your pages, you just need to select the option where you wish to use a particular template.

We have already published a detailed review of Elementor Pro for your convenience, make sure to go through that article to understand what it offers and how you can take advantage of this popular WordPress builder to create a completely unique website for your business.

While Elementor Pro is complete in itself and you can create a customized design for your website, it might need some extra features that you can add through some of the top Elementor Addons.

In this article, we have listed the top Elementor addon plugins that you can use for your site.

Before we proceed further with the article, here are a few questions that need to be answered.

Q1. What is Elementor?

Elementor is the most popular website builder for WordPress platform that you can use to create a completely unique design for your site without any coding. It comes with a drag and drop front-end builder making it very simple for the users to quickly add any element on a page and edit it.

Q2. How Elementor Builder Can Help?

If you need a completely unique design for your website, you will probably have to hire a website designer and spend hundreds of dollars and continue to work with designers to fix the potential issues. The Elementor website builder will help you to create the website yourself with ready-to-use templates, easy to use website builder, and a big collection of design elements that you can use on your site.

Q3. Why Do I Need a Elementor Addon Plugin?

Every website has different requirements. Depending on your niche and website type you might need certain design elements, features that may not be already available with the Elementor Builder. There are a number of top-quality Elementor addon plugins that bring in a range of modules to extend the overall possibilities with the Elementor Builder.

Q4. Are Elementor Addon Plugins Free?

Most of the Elementor addon plugins come in a freemium model which means you will have a completely free version along with the premium plan that will offer you more modules.

01. Elementor Pro


While trying to extend the features of the free Elementor Page Builder plugin, the first and most sorted pick would be the Elementor Pro plugin, built by the same company. Of Course, they know Elementor better than everyone else.

Be it modal popups to increase click-through rate, display conditions rules for different users, free Elementor templates, popular email plugin integrations, etc the team at Elementor Pro ensures that you are armed with a whole bunch of features that are required to create any sort of world-class website.

Since the paid plugin is built by the same team, you can expect top-quality coding standards, attention to design details, minimal impact on website speed and no need to add extra third-party plugins for integration work.

Uniques features:

  • Wider design library
  • Theme builder
  • Workflow designer
  • Dynamic content feature
  • Modal popup builder
  • Comprehensive form builder
  • WooCommerce design-builder
  • Email marketing integrations


Elementor Pro starts at a minimal price of $49/year and the unlimited website bundle is available at $999/year suitable for agency business.

02. Crocoblock

Crocoblock Plugins

If you wish to create a completely dynamic website like any top eCommerce site where you see different filters, data types, you can use the Crocoblock plugins.

Crocoblock is undoubtedly one of the most advanced Elementor addons and it can take your WordPress site to the next level. The plugin comes bundled under the JetPlugins name that helps you add widgets and visual effects to your website.

The company offers multiple plugins for adding respective functionality such as JetEngine for adding dynamic content features, JetSmart filters for adding post type filters, product gallery, JetWooBuilder, Jet compare and wishlist feature and so on.

If you ever wanted to create your version of Airbnb or an eCommerce site like eBay, you can get that done with Elementor packed with the Crocoblock plugins.

The plugins offered by Crocoblock will extend the possibilities in many different ways. The JetEngine plugin will bring dynamic functionality to your site. You can create custom post types, add different custom fields and display those filed anywhere on your site as per your need.

You can extend the search functionality with the JetSearch & JetSmartFilter plugin and add a different cluster of data to search through.

There are a number of other important plugins such as JetAppointment, JetBooking, JetWooBuilder, JetFormBuilder, JetMenu, and more.

You can buy an individual plugin or subscribe to the annual membership to use all the Jetplugins offered under the bundle.

Unique features:

  • Create a dynamic website
  • Add advanced filters
  • Extend search with different search type
  • Create a completely unique eCommerce site
  • Multiple addon plugins to choose from
  • Comprehensive appointment feature
  • Complete review system
  • And more


You can subscribe to their individual plugin for $26 as well as an all widget inclusive bundle at just $130 for a single year.

03. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is an addon plugin from the BrainstormForce team, the same company behind the popular Astra theme. The plugin offers 40+ Elementor widgets, access to starter templates and pre-built Elementor blocks and good support.

The plugin is optimized for fast loading, compatible with Astra theme and many other popular themes, options for activating/deactivating the unused widgets, particle background extensions and so on.

Elementor growth bundle from Brainstorm Force offers Ultimate Addons Elementor and access to premium starter templates which will help you build websites just by importing templates. Below are some of the notable widgets from this plugin.

This plugin will extend the core Elementor to a great extend by offer with over 100 ready-to-use template designs to choose from and over 200 ready-to-use blocks. So, your overall design process will become much easier.

You can quickly add any block to your page and start building on it rather than creating something from scratch.

Unique features:

  • 300+ Design templates
  • 40+ widgets to choose from
  • Megamenu widget
  • Cross-site copy-paste design option
  • Login form and user registration
  • White labeling feature
  • Schema markup widgets
  • And more


Ultimate Addons for Elementor is available at just $59 and the essential bundle including the starter templates is available at $169 per year.

04. Essential Addons

Essential Addons

Essential Addons is the most widely used Elementor Addon plugin. It is a freemium addon plugin with more than 1 million active installs on the WordPress repository. 

The free version offers 40+ Elementor widgets like posts, form styler widgets, better docs widgets, woo products styler features which are otherwise available in paid versions of many Elementor addons. 

Some of the notable features of the premium version of Essential addons are advanced post styles layouts, modal popup, advanced filterable image gallery, Mailchimp integration, and so on. 

Essential Addons also provides access to a variety of premade Elementor templates integrated into their Templately plugin. The templates are highly customizable nad optimized for fast loading.

Unique features:

  • Flexbox style post layouts
  • Advanced tooltip feature
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Content Protection
  • Twitter Feed carousel


Essential addons is available at $39.97 for a single website and $249 for unlimited websites that too for a lifetime.

05. Mighty Addons For Elementor

Mighty Addons For Elementor

Mighty Addon is a freemium plugin available on the WordPress repository by Mighty themes. As of now, it has 8000+ active installations and the widget offers 45+ widgets and more than 150 Elementor sections.

The plugin is a new entrant in the Elementor addon ecosystem and offers many valuable features like Cross-site copy-paste, Mailchimp integration, wrapper link, display rules for visitors, schema markup widgets, etc to combat the already established addons.

Herein we list of the offerings by this plugin that you might consider before buying it.

Unique features:

  • Section to slider converter
  • Layered shadow effects
  • Display conditions
  • Pixabay integration
  • Unsplash integration


The plugin is available at a cheaper valuation as compared to other addons. Just $12 annual fees for a single website and $40 for unlimited websites.

06. Happy Addons For Elementor

Happy Elementor Addons

Happy Addons is a famous Elementor Addon that is available in the premium version as well as offers 40+ widgets in the free mode. The free version provides access to many useful widgets like info box, slider, image carousel, data table and so on.

The Pro version of Happy Addons plugin offers 50+ high-quality widgets such as a mega menu, modal popups, one-page navigation, scrollable image.

Happy Addons has paid special attention to showcase charts, statistics and therefore created a bunch of useful widgets for the same.

Besides, form styler widgets, copy-paste features, a plethora of animation effects, access to 500+ Elementor templates and a huge library of icons make Happy Addons a perfect pick for your Elementor website.

Unique features:

  • 500+ Ready templates
  • 600+ Line icons
  • WooCommerce templates and blocks
  • 400+ Design presets
  • Cross-domain copy-paste option
  • And more


Happy Addons starts at $31 per year and the unlimited website bundle is available at $132 per year for 1000 websites. Please note, you may see different pricing depending on the available offer at the time you read the article.

07. Powerpack Addons For Elementor

Powerpack Addons For Elementor

Powerpack Addons is a premium addon plugin for the Elementor, the same company behind the popular Beaver builder addons plugin.

The company offers a wide range of 70+ beautifully crafted widgets in the premium version as well as offers 30+ widgets in the free version available on the WordPress repository.

The free version includes a set of content creation widgets like business hours, Info list, Pricing table, Posts widget, form styler widgets, etc whereas features like Cross-site copy-paste, white labeling, advanced posts, table of contents, video gallery are some renowned features in the premium version.

Unique features:

  • Templates library
  • White labeling feature
  • Schema markup widgets
  • Advanced display rules
  • Cross-site copy-paste feature


The single website subscription starts at $49 and the Lifetime bundle is available at $279 for unlimited websites.

08. The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons offers more than 120 widgets for extending the Elementor capabilities. The variety of setting options provided in this Elementor addon is unmatchable.

The company has divided its widgets under 4 categories – 

Plus widgets, Plus Listing, Plus Builder, and Plus extras. 

You will find almost every feature in this addon. However, this also means that the addon might have an effect on the website speed. Remember, more code adds more execution time for any plugin.

However, the company provides an option to reduce the server load by deactivating widgets. The plus addons also have a library of 100+ prebuilt Elementor templates that can help you fasten the website development process.

Unique features:

  • Built-in lazy loading feature
  • Dynamic content support
  • Woobuilder
  • Modal popup builder
  • Elementor templates library


The Plus Addons is available at $39 for a single website annually and $149 for lifetime access.

09. Premium Addons

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons is a freemium category Elementor plugin that offers 23+ widgets in the free plugin as well as a combined total of more than 60+ widgets in the Premium Addon plugin.

The free version of the Premium Addons is downloaded over 500,000+ times and the overall rating of the plugin is also recommendable. Some of the important widgets from the free plugin are blog posts, Modal popup, carousel widgets, image scrolling, etc.

The paid plugin has many important widgets like Facebook messenger, Facebook reviews, Instagram feed, and many other popular social media extensions.

Lottie animations and magic sections are some other notable widgets that are available in the premium version of this Elementor addon.

Unique features:

  • Ken burns effect
  • Instagram and Facebook feed
  • Lottie animations
  • Prebuilt Elementor templates
  • Cross-domain copy-paste


Premium Addons is available at $39 per website annually and $249 for unlimited websites that too for lifetime validity.

10. Master Addons

Master Addons for Elementor

Master Addons is a set of 70+ Elementor widgets available in the free and premium versions. The free plugin includes widgets like flip box, infobox, call to action button, links and many such handy widgets that are otherwise available in the free version of other addons as well.

The pro version of Master Addons offers many unique features like the header footer builder, image hover effects, content restriction features, Domain checker(very useful). 

One of the notable features in the premium Master Addons plugin is the availability of custom breakpoints which enhance the responsive design levels along with the import-export option.

Unique features:

  • Reveal center box
  • Custom breakpoints
  • Readymade design
  • Header footer builder
  • Floating effects


The addon is available at $39 for a single website and $199 for unlimited websites for one year.


This was our list of top Elementor addon plugins that you can use to add new functionalities into your site and extend the possibilities with the Elementor website builder.

While there are many small addon plugins that offer a few added features, the ones we listed in this article are the most comprehensive and widely used options.

Hope this helps.

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