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A comprehensive WordPress plugin to manage affiliate links on your site

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Pretty Links Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is Pretty Links?

Pretty Links plugin review, one of the best WordPress affiliate link management plugins. With over 300k active installations of the free version, it is one of the most popular and widely used plugins.

This plugin can help you to create an SEO-friendly, short link for the affiliate links that you place on your site. The default affiliate links are long and ugly, so this plugin will make sure that you are able to convert those links to a much better-looking URL that will be good for your overall SEO plan.

Pretty Links plugin offers you free as well as premium version with more features. We will have a look at the plugin in detail below. Banner

Pros of Pretty Links

  • Pretty Links is a great way to manage your links
  • Pretty Links can help you track your links
  • It makes it easy to share your links with others.
  • It makes your affiliate links SEO friendly

Cons of Pretty Links

  • The Pro version is expensive
  • Sometimes the links may not work properly
Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of Pretty Links

  Offers free version
  Advanced options panel
  Custom link prefix option
  Add nofollow tag to links
  Add sponsored tag to links
  Detailed link stats
  Auto-create links
  Add links to keywords on autopilot
  Advanced redirect types
  Create link categories
  Good support by the team

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Detailed Review of Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a popular affiliate link management plugin that gives you the option to create short links for affiliate links with your own domain name to make them look better and SEO-friendly.

The plugin offers a free version that has more than 300K active installations as well as a premium version with more features and options.

If you are a blogger or an online marketer and create content with affiliate links, you must consider using a link cloaking plugin like Pretty Links to make sure that you don’t land into any SEO-related issues with tons of affiliate links making your post look spammy.

Free Pretty Links Plugin

First, let us look at what the free version of the plugin has to offer.

To get started, you can download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and install it on your site or you can directly install it right from your WordPress dashboard and activate it.

Go to your WordPress dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New and find Pretty Links and install the plugin. We already have the plugin installed on our site.

Pretty Links Plugin

Pretty Links Plugin Settings

As you install and activate the plugin, you will have a new option in your admin dashboard for the plugin. You will get a number of important settings options that you need to set before you start using the plugin.

Redirection Type

You get three options when it comes to the redirection type.

  • 307 (Temporary Redirection)
  • 302 (Temporary Redirection)
  • 301 (Permanent Redirection)

Depending on your need, you can select the redirection type. Mostly the users will use the 301 redirections because you want to redirect the affiliate links permanently to a clean link with your domain.

Pretty Links Plugin Settings

You have other options like.

  • Option to add nofollow tag
  • Enable tracking links
  • Option to enable sponsored tag

It is important to add a nofollow tag to the affiliate links. So, you can enable this option to make all the links that you create with this plugin are considered nofollow.

Creating a New Link With Pretty Links

Creating a new link with the Pretty Links plugin is simple, you can go to Pretty Links settings on your WordPress dashboard and click on add new.

You also get the option to select the redirection type for each link that you create. You don’t have to do anything here if you are ok with the default settings that you have done in the step above.

Add the title of your link so that you can easily track it even if you have thousands of links on your site. You can also add your desired prefix to the links. Prefix like Go, Refer, Recommend are some of the regularly used prefixes.

Creating a New Link With Pretty Links

Pretty Links Pro

Now, let’s have a look at what extra we get in the premium version of the plugin.

You get the option to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin right on your WordPress dashboard when you access the plugin settings. You can simply upgrade it and add the license code to activate the license.

Automated Keyword Linking

The auto-linking keyword is the best feature when it comes to the pro version of the plugin. When you have hundreds of pages on your site, it is not possible to check manually and add your affiliate links to the appropriate keywords.

Pretty Links Pro plugin will make the process easier for you. It offers you an option to set the keywords for a link, and once done it will scan your entire site and link those keywords to the respective affiliate link.

This feature will help you to make more revenue for the same amount of traffic.


Pretty Links Pricing

If you wish to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin, you the three plans to choose from depending on the number of sites you wish to use the plugin on.

Here’s the pricing plans. Please note, as the screenshot below is taken while running a deal; you might see a different pricing when you check it.

Pretty Links Pro Pricing

Pretty Links Review Competitor Price Comparison

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