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7 Best Flippa Alternatives & Top Competitors 2021

The best platforms like Flippa that you can use to buy and sell websites, domains and other digital properties.

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Flippa has been the most popular platform to buy & sell websites for years. You can use Flippa to sell your website, domain name, apps, eCommerce sites etc.

The platform had the monopoly in this niche for years. However, there are a number of quality alternatives to Flippa these days where you can buy and sell websites, and other web properties.

We will look at the top Flippa alternatives in this article that you can use to sell your website or buy a website.

Flippa Alternatives

Featured Flippa Alternatives

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Best Flippa Alternatives List

empire flippers logo

NitDit Score

Empire Flippers

If you have a high-traffic site with good revenue, is the best platform for Empire Flippers to sell it. You can expect a good price as they have premium buyers who are looking for good properties. They have a more than 80% sales success rate. You can sell any kind of website on this platform. They charge a commission of 15% for sites that are sold under $700,000 and it goes low as the sales value increases.
15% Commission
Exchange Marketplace Logo

NitDit Score

Exchange Marketplace

Exchange is Shopify’s marketplace where entrepreneurs offer their eCommerce websites for sale to interested buyers. You can buy an established Shopify business on this platform or if you are managing one, you can sure this platform to sell your business. Businesses are listed based on revenue and profit, so you look at yo purchase a business based on your budget. It is safe to buy a business on Exchange Marketplaces and they will not charge any fee to use this platform.
0% Commission
fe international logo

NitDit Score

FE International

Another popular platform to buy or sell a website, FE International has been around for 10 years and offering services to sell established businesses. Your listing will be confidential and managed by professionals so that you get a good value for your business. They have over 80,000 vetted investors in their network, so you are sure to get a buyer on this platform. FE International specializes in high-end businesses with a revenue range of 7-8 figures.
2.5% Commission
Investors Club Logo

NitDit Score

Investors Club

Investors Club is another premium members-only marketplace that you can use to buy and sell websites. This platform will make things easier for you and manage all the processes related to legal documents, site transfer and offer free escrow to make the payment process safer for both parties. All the listings are exclusive and private on this platform.
5% Commission
Sedo Logo

NitDit Score


Sedo is a platform that has been around for more than 20 years and offering services to buy and sell domains. When it comes to selling domains, Sedo is one of the best alternatives to Flippa. If you are looking for a good aged domain for your business, you can look around Sedo to find one.
10% Commission
motion invest logo

NitDit Score

Motion Invest

Another good marketplace to buy and sell websites, Motion Invest is a good option when you have a relatively low revenue site. They offer you two options to sell your website, you can directly sell it to the platform at zero fees or you can use their marketplace to sell your property. If you sell using the marketplace, they will charge a 20% success fee.
20% Commission
Facebook Marketplace Logo

NitDit Score

Facebook Marketplace

You can buy and sell almost anything on Facebook Marketplace including websites and domain,s. Many users list their sell on Facebook Marketplace and the groups. While it is difficult to find seller reputation on this platform, you can surely do your own research and finalize a deal.
0% Commission

Flippa Alternatives Detail

This was our list of top Flippa alternatives. Let’s look at some of these options in detail below.

01. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is an excellent marketplace where you can find and buy businesses and websites. It has a clean, easy-to-use interface that makes it very simple to search for the perfect website. 

Founded in 2013, Empire Flippers started its journey by selling its own business. Now, it has made progress as one of the best-curated marketplaces to buy and sell online business. So far, it has managed to sell over $200 million worth of trades. 

Quite impressive, right? 

It has also earned The Inc. 5000 Award for the fastest-growing companies in America four years in a row.

Empire Flippers is a company that buys and sells Amazon affiliate businesses, affiliate websites, e-commerce businesses, and a variety of other online businesses.

How Does Empire Flippers Work? 

  • For The Seller: If you’re looking to sell your online business, your first steps start using the Empire Flippers website to submit your business for valuation. Their team will give you a general estimation and, upon your approval, will send it to a vetting team for inspection. After reserving the rights for two months, Empire Flippers lists your business on its website in return for a brokerage amount. 
  • For The Buyer: As a buyer, you’ve got to make sure everything is in order before you make a purchase. Empire Flipper will ask you to deposit a refundable 5% sum of the total value and let you analyze the URL, P&L, and Google Analytics of the website. 

Empire Flippers have a near-90 percent success rate. It ensures that companies have a strong, profitable six-month track record of over $500 before they are listed. The company also shares its Google Analytics reports and financial statements to establish credibility.

Besides, the measures for selling and purchasing the website are already considerably shortened.

The only major drawback is that it is considered a bit expensive by first-time sellers. Besides, a 5% deposit might be an obstacle for some buyers. 

Overall, it deserved to be on the top of our Flippa alternatives rankings. 

Empire Flippers

02. Exchange Marketplaces

Exchange Marketplaces, like Flippa, offer a marketplace to Shopify store owners who want to provide their websites to interested buyers. One of the reasons to establish this marketplace was to capitalize on Shopify’s popularity. 

The platform allows you to buy ready-to-use profitable Shopify stores or drop-shipping businesses across a wide range of niches. Every day, it lists hundreds of websites on the platform and their much-needed information such as traffic and revenue data. 

How Does Exchange Marketplaces Work? 

  • For The Seller: The first prerequisite of selling on this marketplace has an existing Shopify business. After fulfilling other requirements, you can send your listing for review. Once the inspection is approved, you can post your listing and wait for a buyer. After the two parties have agreed on a price, the payment is approved in your Exchange app as an Escrow transaction. This sale is subject to a buyer inspection period.
  • For The Buyer: Once you identify a suitable business listing, you can message the seller directly and negotiate the price. After the seller creates an Escrow transaction, you’ve to make your payment and conduct an inspection on the assets. Once everything is accepted, the Shopify team will provide you the ownership of the purchase within three days. 

Exchange Marketplaces has done pretty well in providing a good range of stores for buyer’s selection. Stores are divided into categories such as businesses that offer support after the sale, handpicked businesses, businesses with experienced entrepreneurs, and much more. The migration and transaction process management also builds credibility for this decent-looking marketplace. 

The only limitation we had with this marketplace is that it offers services only for Shopify stores.  

Exchange Marketplace

03. FE International

If you’re looking for a well-established broker for online businesses, FE International is the one that should come to your mind. Founded in 2010, it has grown exponentially. It has already built its offices in three continents and has hosted its conference successfully. 

FE International is an award-winning M&A advisor and has already received awards such as The Inc. 5000 award and Deal Maker of the Year from the IBBA. 

With a sales success rate of over 90%, FE International provides its services to sell SaaS, content, and e-commerce businesses. It deals in businesses with mid-market valuation, i.e., less than $1 million. 

How Does FE International Work? 

  • For The Seller: You’ve to start with a no-obligation-free valuation service provided by this marketplace. FE International’s team assesses your business and prepares various documents and reports to supply to potential buyers. After the marketplace markets the listing, you’ll have to negotiate the acquisition. After its team verifies everything, the deal gets closed with its in-house legal team. 
  • For The Buyer: You’ve to first go through the available listings and identify the business that suits you the most. After assessing the business thoroughly, you can negotiate the price with the buyer. You could transfer the funds to the seller after you’ve completed all of the paperwork.

FE International has maintained the standards due to its high success rate. The main reason behind this success rate is its undertaking to verify and re-verify all the information provided by both parties. To build their confidence even more, they ensure that the seller compiles to its after-sale services. 

The only major drawback of this marketplace is that it allows low-rate sites to get posed. 

FE International

04. Investors Club

Investors Club is like a new kid in the town who makes quite a name for himself.

It helps owners and affiliate marketers sell their online businesses. 

Andrej, the founder of Investors Club, established the platform in 2020 after being dissatisfied with the traditional broker model. He built a forum where sellers are handled fairly, and buyers are given sufficient time to consider their options.

What makes this marketplace unique is that it is a members-only marketplace. It doesn’t you’ve to pay anything to become a member. You’ll only have to showcase a minimum of $10,000 proof of funds. There’s also a VIP upgrade at $59 per month to access all the features of this marketplace. 

How Does the Investors Club Work? 

  • For The Seller: To complete the first step, you’ll have to fill a small questionnaire and submit your site for sale. Your site then gets a review within 24 hours, and if it seems to be a good fit, you have to list the details of your business. Your site is then subject to verification and valuation. Upon completion of the above steps, your business gets listed. 
  • For The Buyer: If you’re a buyer, you won’t have to deal with much of the process as the Investor Club’s team takes care of the majority. It offers full-scale migration and internal escrow services without any additional costs. It also handles the inspection process and contracts. 

While other marketplaces charge a hefty amount of 15%-20% in commissions, Investors Club commissions are capped at 5%. Their team ensures that buyers have a good reputation and required funds to spend through its membership entry.

The biggest advantage of using this platform is, if you’re not able to sell your site in 45 days, the platform will pay for your time invested. 

If your site’s valuation is in millions, we won’t advise you to this marketplace. 

Investors Club

05. Sedo

With over 19 years of experience and a customer base of over 2 million, Sedo is considered one of the best online business marketplaces. Since it has managed to sell in over 150 countries, you won’t face the problem of speaking in their language. 

Sedo isn’t the marketplace where you can buy and sell websites. Instead, it’s a platform where you can buy, sell, and even park domains. It’s the perfect alternative for Flippa’s domain services.  

With the most significant market share in the used-domain market, Sedo helps you get your desired domain name.

How Does Sedo Work? 

  • For The Seller: Sedo allows you to undergo an auction process to sell your domain. First, you’ve to communicate to buyers that you’re interested in receiving offers for your domain. After receiving the first offer, you can put your domain for auction and set the first offer as the base price. Sedo’s broker service will contact the potential buyer, negotiate the price, and secure the transfer. 
  • For The Buyer: After creating your free customer account, you’ll have to search domains on the platform. After you’ve finished reviewing domains and their prices, you’ll need to work out a price with the seller. Sedo’s transfer service would ensure a safe payment transaction and the transfer of ownership.

The “Buy Now” option given to the sellers enables them to sell their domain three times faster. It also hosts your domain when you try to sell it without any cost. 

Although there is no upfront cost, the commission or broker service cost starts at 10%. This flat cut is a massive chunk of your profits. 


Flippa Alternatives FAQ

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