10 Best Discord Alternatives & Top Competitors 2021

Some of the top software like Discord for team communication between teams and groups.

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Are you looking for a decent Discord alternative? We got your back. 

Discord is a well-known VoIP application that also offers instant messaging, videoconferencing, and content sharing features. Discord is mostly used by the gaming community. 

It is a complete communication platform in itself but still, it lags behind when it comes to security and task managing features. 

In this post, we brought you the best Discord alternatives that include all features of Discord and a bunch of unique features such as security, task management, and third-party integrations. Choose one that completely fulfills your needs.

Let’s roll on! 

Featured Discord Alternatives

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Best Discord Alternatives List


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TeamSpeak is one of the best Discord alternatives that offers crystal clear communication across different platforms. It is one of the leading software that you can VoIP that comes with tight security to make sure that your data is safe.

TeamSpeak is a great option for businesses and gamers to communicate and it comes with hundreds of add-ons and voice packs.

Chanty Logo

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Chanty is a popular team collaboration and communication software that you can use to communicate quickly with your team or colleague. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard topo manage all your communication effectively.

You can manage your business on the go using Chanty through a mobile phone. You can create and manage tasks from this dashboard and stay organized as far as managing your business is concerned.

Free, $3/month

NitDit Score

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a comprehensive communication software that you can use for messaging, calling, video calling, audio messaging, screen sharing, remote desktop control, and a number of other features that make this software a great alternative to Discord for businesses.

It will nicely organize all your team communication and make sure that you can discuss & plan everything about your project with your remote team and keep a track of all updates.

$1 user/month
Slack Logo

NitDit Score


If you are managing an online business, Slack needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular and widely used online communication software. You can use Slack to communicate with your team instantly and manage all your team communication effectively from one single dashboard.

You can use Slack for instant messaging, voice and video calls. You can also create your own community of like-minded users and manage your discussions.

Free, $6.67/month
nTask logo

NitDit Score


One of the best task management software, nTask offers you all the features and options that you need to streamline your business. It offers you a number of different tools to organize your overall business and make sure that everything is planned properly.

You can collaborate with your team from any location and discuss your project to make sure that all your team members are on the same page. It offers you planning, scheduling, managing, chat communication, meeting management and all other required features to make things easier.

Free, $2.99/month
Flock Logo

NitDit Score


Flock is another popular Discord alternative and great software for communication. You can collaborate with your remote team using Flock and make sure that all your internal communication is in one place.

You can use it to plan and manage your project, share all related documents securely and quickly. Create a to-do list for your team and assign tasks, do regular video conferences, and all other daily business management features to make things easier for your business.

Free, $4 user/month

NitDit Score

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is another very handy Discord alternative that you can use for team communication, file, and data sharing with tight security.

It gives you the option to access the chat history or to share meeting notes to make sure that everyone in your team is on the same page. There is no member limitation as such with the Microsoft Teams, from 2 to 10,000 users no problem.

Free, $5.00 user/month
Fleep Logo

NitDit Score


Fleep is one of the best Discord alternatives as it is primarily created for communication. You can create a new discussion around a project or a topic and get together with your team.

You can collaborate with your team using Fleep and make sure that you have easy communication that is quick and secure. You can manage your tasks using Fleep and Pinboard to pin any of the important announcements for your team.

Free, $5/month

NitDit Score


Telegram has become one of the most widely used communication platforms over the years. If you wish to avoid the noise and have a meaningful conversation with your teammates, or a community of like-minded users, Telegram is certainly one of the best software.

This instant messaging platform gives you the option to chat, send files, videos, text messages as well as video calls for free. You can also create a community around any topic and have a discussion. Also, don't miss our collection of the best Telegram alternatives.

Wire Logo

NitDit Score


Wire s another comprehensive collaboration and communication software that you can use for messaging, voice calls, video calls, video conferencing securely.

You can use this platform to collaborate with your team or any group to get work done. It comes with end-to-end encryption to make sure that your communication is tightly secured.


Discord Alternatives Detail

Here’s are some of the top Discord alternatives in detail.

01. TeamSpeak

Like Discord, TeamSpeak is also a closed-source VoIP app for voice communication. Typically, users use a microphone to communicate with users on a chat channel.


TeamSpeak is specifically created for the gaming community and business management. Gamers who play online multiplayer games can get a competitive advantage by communicating with fellow companions. 

TeamSpeak offers military-grade encryption on their virtual servers. The voice quality is crystal-clear with automatic volume adjustment. The application offers you full control over the channel. If you own the server license, it is up to you who can talk, join, and 

The TeamSpeak 3 Client server is completely free to use and 32 users can join simultaneously on that particular server. The slots can be extended with different TeamSpeak Gamer Licenses. 

Features of TeamSpeak

  • Lag-free communication with low latency, echo cancellation, and noise reduction
  • Personal customization options with 100+ add ons
  • Direct messaging options
  • Advanced client servers are made for large conferences with 1000+ slots
  • Share files on your channels and maximize your collaborative experience 


  • 64 Slots – $55 (1 Virtual Server) 
  • 128 Slots – $100 (2 Virtual Servers)
  • 256 Slots – $175 (2 Virtual Servers)
  • 512 Slots – $300 (2 Virtual Servers)
  • 1024 Slots – $500 (2 Virtual Servers)

02. Chanty

Chanty is a collaborative communication application. With this app, you can quickly activate conversation actions such as audio & video calls and private & team text messages in a single place. 


Chanty is not just only used in gaming but it is also used among college students and business purposes to boost productivity. The application also offers several task management features that can be used to manage your team members. You can also assign different tasks to each team member and track their progress. 

Chanty also allows users to share content and large files on channels. Pin important messages and highlight members with @. The features of the app are exactly the same as Discord which makes it a perfect alternative. 

Features of Chanty

  • Lag-free voice and video calls
  • Instant private and team text messaging 
  • Create and manage tasks with ease
  • Collaborate with friends to work on a single project
  • Enable Kanban board to optimize your workflow
  • Take full control over your channel 


  • Free Plan$0 (allows up to 10 members for a team)
  • Business Plan $3 user/month (additional features and unlimited calls) 

03. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is an innovative communication and team collaboration platform. It is a SaaS-based application that offers two-way team communication for people to connect, talk, share, and discuss in a single place.

Troop Messenger

With Troop Messenger, you can easily add participants to initiate an audio or video group call. Each participant is allowed to share their screens on a video call. You can also share all kinds of files with private and group chats. 

Troop Messenger allows seamless integration with many apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Mailtrim, and many more. They also offer 24/7 live chat support for technical assistance. 

Features of Troop Messenger 

  • Collaborate with your clients, vendors, and customers to chat on a single platform
  • Crystal-clear and lag-free audio calls
  • Group organizing option
  • Share ideas, work updates, and deliverables through messages, files, and images
  • Track live location of teammates
  • Collaborate with team-mates in real-time


  • Premium $2.5 user/month
  • Enterprise $5 user/month

04. Slack

Slack is a professional project management software. In terms of integrations, it is considered better than Discord and offers value-driven features. It is integrated with popular third-party software such as MailChimp, Google Drive, Trello, GitHub, and many others. 

Slack Team Management

With Slack, you can create video and calls in decent quality. The free version allows you to create one-on-one calls while Pro & Business allows you to add up to 15 participants simultaneously. With Premium subscriptions, you can also share your screen with others. 

To use Slack properly, you must create channels where you can add your team members for different projects. It is like a personal workspace where members can discuss important stuff and work on assigned tasks. 

Features of Slack

  • Chat, video, and voice call options
  • Integrated with 800+ third-party software 
  • Clean and intuitive UI
  • Drag & drop file upload system 
  • Offers enterprise-grade security layers (included two-way authentication)
  • 24/7 live chat support 


  • Free $0
  • Pro $2.67/month 
  • Business $5/month

Also, don’t miss our detailed Slack review and the top Slack Alternatives article.

05. nTask

nTask is a powerful project management application that also offers a range of chat & communication features. The software gives you the capability to streamline team communication with task managing functionality. 


With nTask, you can create meeting links and send them to team members to join in. You can assign members on tasks and track the progress. If you need, you can record meetings and discussion points with the in-built recording feature. 

You can also chat individually or in a group without any hassle. Share password-protected files and images with clients. nTask also offers the Kanban Board feature with premium subscriptions. You can enable it to increase your workflow. 

Features of nTask

  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Lag-free audio and video calls
  • One-on-one and group chat options
  • Issue tracking 
  • 5 members per team
  • Flexible task management features 
  • In-built recording options


  • Basic $0 
  • Premium $2.99 user/month (additional features and 14-day trial) 
  • Business $7.99 user/month (Every Basic & Premium Features and 14-day trial) 


These are our top picks as Discord alternatives. There is no doubt Discord is the ultimate live communication application but it is not that good for business purposes.

The above-mentioned applications offer a smoother workspace with task managing features which is good for business. All of them work perfectly on popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and many others.

Discord Alternatives FAQ

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