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WP Quiz Pro Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is WP Quiz Pro?

WP Quiz Pro is a WordPress plugin that will help you integrate engaging quizzes to your WordPress site. You can leverage this to build up your site’s engagement level, bounce rate, and overall user interaction.

There are examples of websites that drive millions of traffic and make thousands of dollars every month just by creating viral quizzes and promoting them through social media channels.

You can use the plugin to create quizzes as a form of entertainment for your audience. On top of that, quizzes are more likely to get shared on social media.

So you see, integrating a quiz into your website can tremendously boost user engagement level, increase traffic, and cut the bounce rate.

You can use this proven strategy for your business as well. No matter what niche are you in, the quizzes are going to be one of the top engaging content on your site. All you need is a high-quality quiz system on your site.

Now, if you are interested in integrating quizzes to your WordPress website, then the WP Quiz Pro plugin is an excellent choice for the job.

The premium plugin is packed with awesome features to help you “add polished, responsive & modern quizzes to your blog.”

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Pros of WP Quiz Pro

  • WP Quiz Pro is a very user-friendly quiz plugin. You can easily create, manage and publish quizzes with it.
  • WP Quiz Pro provides a wide range of features to make your quizzes more engaging and interactive.
  • WP Quiz Pro is highly customizable, so you can tailor the look and feel of your quizzes to match your site’s branding.
  • WP Quiz Pro integrates with a number of popular WordPress plugins, making it easy to add quizzes to your site.
  • WP Quiz Pro is a great way to increase user engagement on your WordPress site.

Cons of WP Quiz Pro

  • WP Quiz Pro can be a bit pricey for some users.
  • WP Quiz Pro doesn’t have a free version, so you’ll need to purchase a license to use it on your site.
Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of WP Quiz Pro

  Advanced user interface
  Different quiz types
  Engaging formats
  Monetization options
  Fully responsive
  Email Subscription options
  Interactive List posts
  Works with any theme
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WP Quiz Pro: Company Profile

WP Quiz Pro is a plugin created by the MyThemeShop team that is known for some of the top WordPress products.

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Detailed Review of WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro is a feature-packed premium plugin for creating Quizzes on your WordPress website/blog. It comes with all the bells and whistles to create stunning and professional-looking quizzes which your audience will love.

Just take a look at all the features the plugin has to offer:

  • Responsive Design making it mobile-friendly.
  • Create Awesome looking quizzes that look highly professional.
  • 2 pre-made skins available straight out of the box.
  • Multimedia Support – you can add images, GIFs, and even video clips.
  • Support for YouTube videos in Quizzes.
  • 100% customizable allowing you to tweak its look and feel to fit your brand.
  • Over 40 awesome animation effects to make your quizzes more appealing.
  • Social Media Integration for easy sharing of all the quizzes you create.
  • The Result Page of each quiz comes with social sharing options.
  • You can ask for the user’s email address to show them the results page.
  • MailChimp and GetResponse integration for email marketing purposes.
  • Dedicated comments section so users can start commenting on the quiz results.
  • Option to randomize the quizzes which will show the questions in a randomized order.
  • Create a paid version of your quiz site
  • Integrate Stripe and PayPal with your site
  • You can give the user an option to restart the quiz.
  • Include countdown timer to add a competitive element to the quizzes.

And much more.

With all these features, you will be able to create a huge variety of quizzes to thrill your audience and generate traffic for your website. Here is a detailed overview of all the different types of quizzes you will be able to create with the plugin.

Different Quiz Formats

After installing WP Quiz Pro, you will be greeted with an array of different quiz formats to implement on your WordPress website/blog. These include:

Facebook Quiz


All of us have seen and played those “which movie character are you?” or “what does the future hold?” type of quizzes on Facebook. They offer an ingenious way to attract traffic to your website.

People see these type of quizzes to be fun. So not only are your creating entertainment value for your users but at the end, you can offer them an option to share the “result” with the friends.

This gives your users an engaging topic to talk about. All the while, you are getting free shares all around facebook from users wanting to know, “which of their friends secretly has a crush on you?”

Swiper Quizzes


The swipe-left swipe-right format has worked wonders for Tinder. And with WP Quiz Pro, you can take those mechanics and apply them to your online quizzes. Simply create a collection of 20 (or any number) of “yes or no questions.” Then configure swipe left for “yes” and swipe right for “no,” and let your users take the full test.

In the end, show them a figure of how many the got right and ask them to challenge their friends by sharing it on social media. This is a solid strategy for creating viral social content.

However, it is worth noting that is format is more suited towards mobile phone users. The swipe gesture isn’t particularly associated with users coming from a desktop.

Personality Quizzes


These type of quizzes are an all-time favorite amongst internet users. People want to know if their personality matches with their favorite character or actor/actress. Indulge their curiosity by creating these personality quizzes.

The plugin will allow you to create questions, coupled with a list of options for the user to choose. Depending on the answers they select, you can program particular result to show up for your readers.

You can choose to show these quizzes in a single page layout or a multi-page layout. You can also add a “subscribe to see the result” or “share to see the result” option at the end of the quiz.

It is all about flowcharts, and the plugin handles it extremely well.

Flip Card Quizzes


Let your audience test their knowledge with flip card quizzes. It mostly works with riddle based content. You showcase an image with a riddle or a question and ask the user to guess the answer.

To check if their guess was right or wrong, they can click on the image, which will flip it to show the actual answer.

Trivia Quizzes


You can create trivia quizzes where you ask your readers about everyday useless stuff and let them test their knowledge base. People tend to get competitive over such matters, and they will always ask their friends to take the test to compare results.

Much like the “personality quiz” type, here also you will get different formats to showcase your trivia questions.

The end result is that you are getting more traffic.

List Quiz Type


This is a new addition to the WP Quiz Pro plugin and it is a very effective content type to engage your users. In the list type of quiz content, you create a post and give options as the results, the users will vote and move the best option to the top of the page.

For example, you are managing a health-related website and you create content around the best ways to lose weight. So, you list ten different things as the ways to lose weight and ask the users to vote the most effective option.

The user can vote the option they think is the most effective and move it ahead in the ranking.

Advanced Statistics

All the stats of your quiz site will be at your fingertips. You can check how many users are participating in your quizzes. You can check the voting pattern on questions, the number of upvote and downvote.


Create a Paid Quiz Site

With the WP Quiz Pro plugin, you can create a paid version of your quiz site. The plugin comes with all the features that you will need to monetize your site.

It offers you a front-end login and register option so that your users can login and participate in the quizzes. You have the option to integrate Stripe or PayPal to receive payments from your users. You also have the option to select your currently.

So, it goes deep into the integration to make sure everything is taken care of.


How to Get Started With WP Quiz Pro?

You can get started with the WP Quiz Pro plugin like any other WordPress plugin. Once you have downloaded the plugin from the MyThemeShop store, you can go to your WordPress dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New.

Upload the plugin Zip file and install it.

Once you activate the plugin, you will have the option WP Quiz Pro option in the WordPress dashboard to create new quizzes.

Select Quiz Type

If you are not going to use all the quiz types offered by the plugin, you can only activate the ones that you are going to use. All the quiz types are on by default, you can select and switch off the options that you don’t intend to use.


Increase Email Subscription

You will have an option to add the email subscription at the end of the quizes. You can use it to increase the email subscription for your quiz site.

The plugin offers you a number of email service provider options to integrate for your site such as mailChimp, AWeber, Getresponse, ConvertKit.


WP Quiz Pro Pricing

Currently, you can get the WP Quiz pro plugin for $77 and you can use it on 3 sites. You also have the option to go for the membership option where you will get access to all the MyThemeShop themes and plugins for one site just for $99.

In case you don’t like the product for any reason, you have the option to get complete return within 30 days from your purchase.

As far as support is concerned, MyThemeShop has a very active community and ticket support system. I have used multiple products from the store and they always offered great support.

In most cases you will already get the answers to your questions when you make a search on the support site.


WP Quiz Pro Review Competitor Price Comparison

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WP Quiz Pro FAQs

Q1. What is WP Quiz Pro? WP Quiz Pro is a WordPress plugin to create quizzes by the MyThemeShop team. It is one of the most comprehensive quiz plugins available for the WordPress platform.
Q2. Is WP Quiz Pro Plugin Free? Yes, the WP Quiz Pro plugin offers a completely free version. And if you need more features you can go for the premium version of the plugin.
Q3. Is WP Quiz Pro The Best Quiz Plugin? The WP Quiz Pro plugin is certainly one of the most comprehensive quiz plugins for WordPress.
Q4. Is There a Money Back Guarantee on WP Quiz Pro? Yes, you will get a 30 days money-back guarantee when you buy the premium version of the WP Quiz Pro plugin.

What Kind of Support WP Quiz Pro Offers?

MyThemeShop has a very active support team, so you can get all your questions answered quickly. Also, you will get almost all your answers in the forum section. So, before you ask a question, you can make a search on their forum section.
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