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A comprehensive ad management platform that you can use to manage all your digital ads

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WASK Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is WASK?

WASK is an online software that enables you to easily manage all your digital ad accounts in a single platform. Users start to design, create, manage and optimize their Facebook, Instagram and Google ads immediately after connecting their ads accounts into WASK.

The main goal of the software to make everyone give ads like a professional. Also, make professionals save time by using numerous automation and optimization features. That’s why the interface is simple to encourage learning for beginners, while enables professionals to manage multiple ad accounts at once.

Having a design tool within the software, users can design their ads and publish in seconds. Therefore, WASK provides a complete digital ad experience. Also, do so for an affordable price and the outcomes seem remarkable. Users usually do not need any other ad software and that’s a plus.

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Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of WASK

  AI-Backed Target Audience Finder.
  User Panel that shows all the accounts in the same screen.
  Advanced ad creation pages for Google and Facebook ads.
  Design tool with free templates, stock images, shapes, emojis.
  Easy-to-use layers section within design tool.
  Autopilot buys you time and energy.
  Scheduler makes you plan your ads.
  A/B Test to find better performing ads.
  Ad Comparison and Reporting.
  Wordpress integration and Facebook Pixel support.

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Detailed Review of WASK

It is so easy to use. Even beginners and those who want to start from scratch can place ads in minutes using WASK

Once you connect your Facebook or Google ad account or both, the user panel becomes a single screen to track and manage all the ads. You can see digital marketing metrics such as total clicks you get from your ads, CPM, CPC, CTR and many more.

All together shows you how efficient your ads are. And you can edit your ads easily from the area located just below the metrics.

WASK hugely benefits from AI in terms of the target audience. AI finds the perfect target audience for you based on your website and your social media accounts. The audience can be edited using areas of interest, region, age, gender. It gives you a more accurate target audience, and it means better ads. Your ad budget will not be wasted on the wrong audiences with WASK.

When your audience is ready, now it is time to creating ads. WASK recently published a Design Tool, that is an easy-to-use simple way to create ads images.  

WASK Review

It provides plenty of free templates, stock images, shapes and emojis. Everything you need to design a good social media ad. It also has Layers section that helps you edit quicker. You can publish your ad immediately when your design is ready. Also, we provide a media library to store images for future use.

Once your ad image is ready, publishing an ad is really easy. You select whether you want to publish Google, Facebook or Instagram ads and it is done in seconds. 

The other features come into the scene after you have published several ads. Autopilot and Scheduler help you automate the ads to gain more with less effort. Autopilot stops, deletes or changes budgets according to metrics you set.

The scheduler enables you to place ads when you are not available, let’s say while you are on a trip on a weekend. 

A/B Test and Performance Comparison find the best ads for you by comparing several ads. You can keep the better-performing one and delete the worse-performing ad. It gives a constantly increasing quality to your digital advertising efforts.  

These and many more features help users to get more customers and more conversions/clicks while spending less.

WASK Pricing

  • Free Trial: WASK offers a free trial of 15 days. No billing info is required. (See the details)
  • Basic: For those who have only one ad account ($9 per month).
  • Premium: Up to 4 ad accounts ($19 per month).
  • Professional: For professionals, marketing teams and brands ($99 per month).
Wask Pricing

WASK Review Competitor Price Comparison

Find the most cost-effective solution for your business. Check the price comparison of all the software that we listed in this category. 

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Q1. Will I pay separately for each ad account I connect into WASK?

No, you will not. You will pay for your subscription package only. Our packages have different account limits. You can check our packages from here.

Q2. Which ad platforms can I connect to WASK? You can connect Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads to WASK. LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads are coming soon.
Q3. How can I connect my accounts to WASK platform without giving any password? When you click on the “Connect Account” button when connecting your accounts, the login page of the relevant company opens and you log in via that page. WASK never asks your accounts’ passwords.
Q4. How can I create ads after connecting my accounts? Just click to “Create New Ads” button on the main dashboard. After you clicked, you set the content and the target audience, then the software will create new ads in seconds.
Q5. How does Scheduler help me to manage my budget? You can stop your ads automatically when they reached to the amount that you have specified before. Thus, you can control your money as you want.
Q6. How can AutoPilot help me with my inefficient advertisements? WASK creates a performance score for every ad you have. AutoPilot stops ads which scored below the specified score.

What Kind of Support WASK Offers?

Email Support
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