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Envira Gallery Overview

Envira Gallery plugin review, top features, best alternatives. Envira is one of the best gallery plugins for WordPress with a comprehensive solution to create any kind of gallery. 

A website that is predominately all text feels a bit lackluster. That is why we use high-quality images, and pretty visual to bring some life to our online content.

However, images are heavy content and it can potentially slow down your website. That’s why for the purpose of this read, we will be taking a look into the Envira Gallery WordPress plugin.

If you are WordPress user then this is an excellent plugin to consider for your website – especially if your site is image heavy.

The plugin can help you build stunning image galleries, all of which are fine-tuned for speed and performance. On top of that, the plugin is extremely intuitive and quite beginner friendly.

If you run a photo blog or a travel blog (which needs to post a lot of high-quality images) then you will benefit from installing Envira Gallery into your WordPress website.

However, it is worth noting that this is a premium plugin. And so before you decide to invest your money and buy the plugin, you might want to read our comprehensive overview of all its features and functionalities.

So without further, let get on without review of Envira Gallery WordPress plugin

NitDit'S Rating For Envira Gallery

NitDit’s rating is influenced by the overall quality of the product, ease of use, pricing in comparison to competitors, overall community sentiment around the product


NitDit Score

Ease of Use 92%
Features 95%
Value for Money 90%
Support 90%

Top Features of Envira Gallery

  Create responsive photo gallery
  Create responsive video gallery
  Drag and drop gallery builder
  Multiple useful add-ons
  WooCommerce friendly
  Elementor builder compatible
  Ready to use gallery template
  Slideshow add-on
  Deeplinking option
  Featured Content add-on
  Fullscreen add-on
  Image watermarking option

Detailed Review of Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery WordPress plugin prides itself in certain key areas which are all necessary if you are planning to create professional galleries for your WordPress website.

First and foremost, with easy gallery building tools and a whole set of premade gallery templates, you will be able to create professional looking galleries in a matter of minutes.

Best of all, there is no necessity to have any coding knowledge whatsoever. This makes the plugin extremely beginner friendly.

However, if you do come from a developer background and have some coding knowledge, then the plugin hasn’t forgotten about you either.

Developers will get access to tons of hooks and filters which can help them extend the functionalities of the plugin and add custom features.

Now besides building stunning galleries quickly, you will also want your them to load quickly, be SEO-friendly, and adaptive to mobile screens.

Well, that is covered.

And with metadata features, deep links, and paginations, your images will help you fetch even more traffic to your online portal.

On top of all these, Envira also features WooCommerce integration, image proofing, and social media integration.

This allows you to share your images easily, create a brand for yourself, and even sell your photographs and make a profit out of them.

Envira Gallery: Features


Being a premium plugin, and also marketed as the best WordPress Gallery plugin in the market, Envira Gallery sure packs in a lot of advanced features and options. Here we have provided a detailed overview of all its bells and whistles.

Drag & Drop Gallery Builder

The plugin features a drag and drop gallery builder to help you easily create photo and video galleries. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge whatsoever.

All you have to do is simply drag and drop all the elements, modules, and your desired content, and your professional gallery will be ready in no time.


Gallery Templates

Just in case you don’t want to build your gallery from scratch, you can use one of the many pre-built templates that come with the plugin.

It offers a one-click solution to get a professional designed Gallery ready to go. Also, you can further customize all the pre-made templates to fine-tune its design to fit your likings.

Independent Galleries

With most gallery plugins, you will be able to create image/video galleries, but they will be embedded or tied to one of your pages or posts.

Now with Envira Gallery that is not the case.

You will be able to create totally independent standalone galleries which can be accessed independently of which part of your website the user is browsing.

Full-Size Lightbox Images

When opening images in lightboxes, sometimes the images get resized or cropped. This might affect the overall quality of the image, or worse, make it appear distorted. With Envira Gallery, you won’t have to worry about any such problem.

If your website users decide to view your images in a lightbox, it will not cause the images to get cropped or resized. You have full control to set them to open in full image dimensions all the time.


Responsive Galleries

Speaking of image sizes, the plugin is designed to be as mobile-friendly as possible. Most of the times, a major chunk of all the users visiting your WordPress blog/website will be coming from their mobile devices.

As such it is important to optimize your site’s content for the small screen sizes. But you can rest assured as all the Galleries created with Envira are completely responsive and will adjust to any screen sizes – be it mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Envira Gallery – Add-Ons

Besides all these wonderful features and functionalities, Envira Gallery also comes with the benefits of installing extra add-ons to help you integrate extra features.

Most of the times, a plugin is plagued with too many features – where all of them don’t get properly utilized. However, since it comes with all those features, it does become heavy and impacts the loading speed of the website.

But with the use of add-ons, such messy situations need to arise. You will get to install specifically those addons which are absolutely necessary.

Now Envira Gallery offers an extensive host of add-ons which can help to make your galleries more appealing and feature full. Here is an in-depth look at all the features you get with the plugin:

  • Albums add-on: Helps you to organize your galleries in albums with a dedicated cover picture and much more.
  • Social Sharing add-on: Helps you and user users to share images on your website through emails, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.
  • Video add-on: With this add-on, you will be able to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting websites. You also have the option to self-host videos in your gallery.
  • Watermarking add-on: Scared that people might steal and use your images without permission? Don’t be! With the watermarking add-on, you will be able to watermark your images and prevent copyright infringement.
  • Pagination add-on: Allows you to split your galleries into multiple pages. This can improve the loading speed and user experience.
  • Proofing add-on: If you run a photography business, then you will benefit from this client image proofing add-on.
  • WooCommerce add-on: Allows you to display and sell images on your website.
  • Lightroom add-on: If you use Adobe Lightroom, then this add-on will create and sync photo galleries from your Lightroom collection with ease.

All these add-ons merely scratch the surface. Although these are the most used extensions by users, you might also like some of the other add-ons made available at your disposal.

  • Tag add-on for tagging images.
  • Password protect add-on to prevent unauthorized access to your galleries.
  • EXIF add-on to display EXIF data with pictures.
  • Social media add-ons for Pinterest & Instagram.
  • A featured content add-on to create galleries based on your posts or pages.
  • Dropbox Importer add-on to import photos from your Dropbox account to your WordPress library.
  • Fullscreen add-on.
  • Dynamic add-on to dynamically create galleries from different sources.
  • Defaults add-on to help you create default settings for all your galleries.
  • CSS add-on to help apply custom CSS.
  • ZIP Importer add-on to import photos in .ZIP file.
  • Download add-on to help users download images from your galleries.
  • Breadcrumb add-on to add breadcrumb navigation to your WordPress galleries and albums.
  • Zoom add-on to add zoom functionality to your images.
  • Printing add-on to allow users to print your images.
  • Protection add-on to prevent users from downloading images without your permission.

Platforms Supported

Envira Gallery Pricing

As we already mentioned, Envira is a premium plugin. It comes in three different pricing plans for regular users, and an extra plan targeted at Agencies. Depending on which plan you pick, you will get a certain selection of the features we mentioned above.

If you want access to all of them(including the add-ons), then you will have to go with the Pro plan. Otherwise, depending on your needs the Plus and the Basic plan should suffice.

See the image to get a better understanding of the different pricing plans and the features that are bundled in with them.

Envira Gallery Pricing

As you can see, the plugin is riddled with powerful features which will help you create professional galleries, not in terms of looks but also functionality wise.

Furthermore, if you are not satisfied, then you can always apply for their no risk money back guarantee. You will get a get 100% of your money back.

However, do remember to apply within 14-days of purchasing the plugin.

Envira Gallery FAQs

Q1. What is Envira Gallery? Envira Gallery is a popular WordPress gallery plugin. You can use this plugin to create an attractive photo and video gallery on your site.
Q2. Is Envira Gallery Free? Envira Gallery is a freemium product, you will get a completely free version of the plugin that you can download from the WordPress plugin repository and if you need more features, you can go for the premium version that starts at $14/year.
Q3. Is Envira Gallery Easy to Use? The Envira Gallery plugin comes with easy to use drag and drop gallery builder. So, there are no complicated settings you have to manage, simply add or select the images you wish to use in the gallery and done.
Q4. Is There Any Ready Design for Creating Galleries? Yes, the Envira Gallery plugin offers beautiful ready design templates that you can use to create your gallery.

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