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Get your article published on some of the top news sites in the world for a limited price.

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BrandPush Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is BrandPush?

BrandPush is a press release service that can help you to get mentioned on popular news sites like FOX, USA Today, and 200 others. BrandPush is a great way to get your brand in front of a wider audience and to build up your credibility.

By getting featured in well-known publications, you can show potential customers that you’re a reputable business that they can trust. If you’re looking for a way to get more exposure for your brand, BrandPush can help. the team will work with you to create a press release that will get noticed by the right people.

Let’s have a look at the platform in detail. Banner

Pros of BrandPush

1. Cost-effective branding solution: is a cost-effective branding solution for businesses of all sizes. The platform distributes your article to more than 200 news sites for a limited price.

2. Flexible branding options: offers a wide range of flexible branding options that allow businesses to create a unique brand identity that reflects their specific business goals and objectives.

3. Experienced team of branding experts: has a team of experienced branding experts who are passionate about helping businesses succeed. The team is dedicated to providing businesses with the resources and support they need to create a successful brand.

Cons of BrandPush

1. May not be right for every business: may not be the right branding solution for every business. Some businesses may prefer to work with a traditional advertising agency or marketing firm.

Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of BrandPush

  200 influential news sites feature the article
  Live links in distribution reports
  Provides writing services
  Users can include photos, quotes and videos in the article
  Money-back guarantee
  Boost traffic and SEO
  Quality backlinks
  Press release within a week
  “As Seen On” website trust badge
  Revisions of the article in Plus and Pro plan

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Detailed Review of BrandPush

Browsing through a brand’s website, you might have often encountered the word “As Seen On”, followed by an impressive list of other websites. Sometimes, such a list can also be seen on small websites too. 

This raises the question: how do big websites like Fox and USA Today notice such brands or websites? 

Well, the answer is they don’t. In fact, the owners of the brands and the websites ensure they get a space on such news websites. The second immediate question is how?

BrandPush and services similar to it are the answer. However, today we will focus only on BrandPush, a news publishing service. With the help of BrandPush, you not only get published on one or two major news sites like Fox and USA Today but 200 other news websites. 

BrandPush Overview

BrandPush is a news publishing service based in Estonia. With their service, you can publish your content on 200 influential websites resulting in brand awareness and press coverage. The ultimate result of using BrandPush includes 

  • Better authority of your website 
  • Better profit for your business 
  • Real readers 
  • Press and media coverage
  • More signups 
  • Quality backlinks 
  • Higher authority

If you are wondering what type of content you should write to get published by BrandPush, you don’t need to worry about it either!

BrandPush not only helps you to publish your articles, but it can also write them down for you. However,  this service is unavailable for the starter plan. 

Digital marketing is an important marketing strategy in the current world. To grow your online presence, you can make BrandPush a part of your digital marketing strategy. 


How BrandPush Can Help?

We have already discussed the services that BrandPush offer. Let us now focus on how you can exactly benefit from its services. 


1. Brand authority 

How do you decide whether you can trust a brand or not? The most common answer is through a Google search. When your brand is featured on the first page of a Google search by a prominent news website, a reader knows that they can trust your brand.

BrandPush waves this magic wand around you by ensuring that your brand through your content gets covered by the influential news website. 

When a potential customer gets that feeling that your brand or business is genuine and can be trusted, converting them into actual leads is extremely easy. 

2. Writes an article for you 

With BrandPush, you can write your own article or ask them to write it for you. Based on your convenience, you can go for either of these options. 

However, if you want to avoid the headache of writing a quality article for an influential news website, you can get the job done by providing BrandPush information like: 

  • What is the article about?
  • Website link
  • Contact details of the business

Apart from the writing part, if you want the article to include any image, quote or videos, you can simply send them the material and rest assured, BrandPush will include it in your article.  

3. Complete details of the publications 

After publishing your article through BrandPush on multiple websites, how do you decide whether these websites are powerful or not?

BrandPush understands this concern of the customers; therefore, the platform provides the customers with complete details of the news website. 

Ask any digital marketer or an SEO expert, and they will tell you to measure a website’s success using metrics like authority, MOZ rank, Alexa rank, followers and monthly traffic. 

The report that BrandPush provides includes all these metrics of the news website where your article is published. With such data, BrandPush assures you that the news websites are really influential. 

3. Verified badge on social media platforms

As discussed previously, BrandPush ensures that your brand awareness increases. With an increase in your brand awareness, the popularity of your brand or you will increase too. 

In such a scenario, getting a verified badge or blue tick on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter become easier. 

Just like “As Seen On”, a blue tick on social media platforms can speak volumes of your success.

4. More Sales For Your Business 

According to reports, with the “As Seen On” badge, the conversion rate of a website increases by more than 45%. Therefore, BrandPush plays a direct role in increasing your business’s sales. 

BrandPush will ensure that the readers of different news websites reach your business by creating brand awareness. Once they are on your website, all you need to provide them is quality products and services to boost your business’s sales. 

5.  Better SEO and more traffic

With your content published on different prominent websites, you will receive plenty of backlinks. These backlinks can either be no-follow links or do-follow links. Both the links can result in better SEO of your website. 

Even though there is a misconception that no-follow links are not that important. This is not the case. It can positively impact the search result and this alone can drive plenty of traffic to your website. 

Most BrandPush users saw an increase in traffic within a month of getting their articles published. 

6. Publish on top news sites

BrandPush can help you to publish your article on top news sites that will help you to grow your business and increase the trust for your product or services.

The inventory of BrandPush includes the leading news sites like the following.

BrandPush News Sites

BrandPush Pricing

BrandPush gives you the option ot select from three different plans. The Starter plan comes for $195 and your article will be published on 200 different news sites. Teh Plus plan comes for $229 and in this plan the content writer of BrandPush will write the press release on your behalf and publh it on the top news sites.

The Pro plan comes for $259 and in this plan, the article will be relatively longer as compared to the Plus plan.

BrandPush Pricing

BrandPush Review Competitor Price Comparison

Find the most cost-effective solution for your business. Check the price comparison of all the software that we listed in this category. 

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BrandPush FAQs

Q1. What is BrandPush? BrandPush is a press release company that can distribute your press release to more than 200 top news sites. They also have a team of experienced professionals who can help you create an effective press release.
Q2. How much does BrandPush cost? BrandPush's prices vary depending on the package you select. Their basic press release distribution plan starts at $195, while their more comprehensive services cost $259.
Q3. What are the benefits of using BrandPush? BrandPush can help you get your press release distributed to a wide range of media outlets and generate interest in your story. They also have a team of experienced writers who can help you create an effective press release.
Q4. How do I get started with BrandPush? To get started with BrandPush, you can visit their website and select the plan according to your budget. Once your payment is processed, BrandPush will distribute your press release to their network of media outlets.

What Kind of Support BrandPush Offers?

For support, you can reach the team through email or phone.
Email Support

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