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Astra Theme Discount Coupon: 63% OFF (Jan 2023)

Get maximum discount on Astra Theme, one of the most versatile WordPress theme that can be used for any type of websites.

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  Get max discount on Astra.
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Astra Theme Coupon Code

Are you looking for Astra theme discount coupon? Well, you will find the maximum discount on Astra theme in this article.

We keep this article updated with the latest offers that are that are available currently so that you can you get the maximum benefit.

Brainstorm Force, the company behind the Astra theme comes with discount offers regularly during Black Friday, New Year and all other important events. We will listing all those coupons here.

So, you can bookmark this article to check the best offers on Astra theme.

All Active Astra Theme Deal Coupons

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Get 17% OFF on Astra Pro
Get the Astra Theme with 17% off for one year.
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Get 39% Discount on Essential Bundle
Get the Astra Theme, 180+ templates, premium plugins at a 39% discount.
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Get 63% Discount on Growth Bundle
Get everything on Essential Bundle + Convert Pro Plugin, Schema Pro Plugin and more.
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Astra Theme Discount Deal

Astra is one of the leading WordPress themes that you can use to create any kind of website. We have already published this detailed review of Astra theme, you can refer to the review to know more about the product.

Astra theme is known as one of the most versatile WordPress themes and can be used for a simple blog as well as a business site. Even if you are looking to create an eCommerce site, you can use Astra theme along with WooCommerce.

The theme comes with a large collection of ready to use demo design templates to make things easier for the users. You can quickly select any of the starter template and make your site ready.

How to Avail Astra Theme Discount?

Discount on Astra theme may not be available throughout the year. However, when there is a discount offer we update it here so that you can avail maximum discount.

The process of availing the discount is very simple, go to the Astra Theme home site and click on pricing.

You have annual and lifetime pricing options. If you go for the annual plan, you will have to renew the plan every year and if you go for lifetime pricing, you just pay once.

You have three plan options, the Astra Pro, Essential Bundle and Growth Bundle. In the Growth Bundle plan, you will get access to Astra Theme as well as a number of other products that Brainstorm Force has to offer.

Astra Theme Discount Coupon: 63% OFF

As the offer will be auto applied, you don’t need a coupon code to avail this offer. Here’s the step you need to follow.

Step 1: Go to site and click on Download Now or the Pricing tab on the menu bar.

Astra Theme Discount Coupon

Step 2: Now, you will see the pricing plans to select from. You can either select Annual plan or Lifetime plan. Both the options will have the same three plans with different pricing.

Here’s the Astra Theme discount price for the Annual plan.

Here’s the Astra Theme discount price for the Lifetime plan.

Astra Theme Lifetime Discount Price

Step 3: You can select the plan of your choice. If you go for the Growth Plan, you will get the maximum discount of 63% and it will give you access to some of the top quality WordPress products along with the Astra Theme.

Step 3: Click on Buy Now link and add your details like Name, Email ID etc, and proceed for payment.

Astra Theme Coupon

Most of the time, you will have the discounted price auto-applied. However, if you have a custom coupon during special offers, you can add the Coupon Code in the checkout page to get the discount.

Click on Have Coupon option to add the Coupon Code and proceed.

Final Word

Astra is one of the top WordPress themes that is suitable for all different types of website. You can use the theme with or without any page builder. If you wish to use it along with website builders like Elementor or Brizy, it is perfectly compatible.

You can keep visiting this page to get the maximum discount on Astra Theme.

Astra Theme Deal FAQs

Q1. How Can I Get Maximum Discount on Astra Theme?

You can check the maximum discount on Astra theme by visiting this page. We regularly update the best offers that are available on the Astra theme currently.

Q2. Do I Need Any Coupon Code to Avail the Discount?

Generally, the discount price is auto-applied to tour cart. However, if there is any custom coupon code, we will update the codes in the available deal section.

Q3. What is the Maximum Discount Can I Get on Astra Theme?

You can get upto 63% OFF on the Astra theme if you go for the Growth plan.

Q4. Is Astra Theme Good for All Kinds of Sites?

Yes, Astra is one of the best WordPress theme for all types of websites.

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