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A powerful writing assistant software for brands to maintain high-quality content everywhere.

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Writer, Inc

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California, US



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Writer Details

Writer is a comprehensive writing assistant software that is perfect for brands to maintain same tone no matter where you write. Writer is the AI writing assistant that can eliminate the inconsistencies while you create content for your business.

It is very important for brads to maintain the same tone through all the pages and social media content. However, it is not easy to achieve that if you have multiple content writers in your team.

Writer gives you the option to set your own vocabulary and content tonality to make sure that the contact is of same standard and reflect your brand no matter which team member writes it.

Trusted by some of the biggest business on the internet, Writer is the tool you need to main high-standard for your content quality.

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How Writer Can Help?

AI Writing Assistant

Use the AI writing assistant offered by Writer to create your own writing guideline for your team so that no matter who is writing, the content is created with the same tone and vocabulary guideline.

You can use Writer styleguide to create a standard guideline for your team. Create your own list of words that will be used regularly by all your content writers, you can provide detailed dos and don’ts to follow.

Writer Guideline

Use It Everywhere

Writer can suggest you corrections no matter where you write. It works perfectly with most of the popular writing platforms, emails as well as social media sites.

Writer Integrations

Top Features of Writer

  Grammar and spelling checker
  Readability check
  Plagiarism checker
  Content scoring
  Custom writing style guide
  Google Docs add-on
  Chrome extension
  Create and manage word lists
  Common mistakes checker
  Banned words

What Kind of Support Writer Offers?

If you go for the starter plan, the Writer team will offer you support through email. If you go for a custom Enterprise plan, you can get support through a dedicated manager along with email support.
Email Support

Platforms Supported

Writer FAQs

Q1. What is Writer? As the name suggests, Writer is an AI-powered writing assistant software that can help you write high-0quality content for your brand.
Q2. Is Writer Free to Use? No, Writer is a premium product. However, you can free trial before you signup for a paid plan.
Q3. Can Multiple Users in My Team Can Use Writer? Yes, if you go for the enterprise plan all your team members can use the tool.
Q4. How Can I Get Discount on Writer Plan? If you go for yearly billing, you will get a 25% discount.

Writer Pricing

Writer offers 2 plans currently. You can go for the starter plan that will cost you $11/month that will offer you 1 workspace, 1 styleguide, and up to 200 custom terms. If you need more resources, you can go for custom pricing as per your need with the Enterprise plan.

Writer Pricing

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NitDit'S Rating For Writer

NitDit’s rating is influenced by the overall quality of the product, ease of use, pricing in comparison to competitors, overall community sentiment around the product


NitDit Score

Ease of Use 90%
Features 95%
Value for Money 90%
Support 90%

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