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Manage your business and projects by using the powerful tools offered by Wrike

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Wrike, Inc

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HQ Location:

San Jose, California



Free Version

No Free Trial

Free Trial

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Minimum Price

$9.80 user/ month

Maximum Price

$24.80 user/ month

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Wrike Details

Wrike is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use collaboration and project management software in the market. One of the top reasons for its popularity is that the service is equally flexible for small and large businesses across the globe. 

This flexible solution allows users to collaborate and work together seamlessly. It’s quick to start with and extremely easy to use.

Wrike is more on the expensive side as compared to its alternatives. For the ones who need a quick and easy to use collaboration app, Wrike is the go-to solution for sure. 

Wrike Screenshots

How Wrike Can Help?

Wrike is simply amazing! It has to be one of your top choices if you are looking for a complete project management application. This award-winning project management solution integrates several unique features for all kinds of users and organizations.

It’s easy to use, quick to start with, and comes with a highly competitive price tag! 

The selling point? It’s an easy-to-use interface! Wrike is a bit more intuitive and easy to use and even beginners with no previous project management experience can navigate through it without wasting any time.  

You can view your tasks in a List, Gantt Chart, and Table form. The integrated customization options are simply amazing. 

There are a number of ways Wrike can help your business.

Easy Collaboration

Businesses are flexible these days in terms of employees. All the top businesses in the world hire employees in the remote locations, so you need a strong software to manage your flexible and remote team.

Wrike can be a great software in the onboarding process and managing your remote team quite effectively.

You can collaborate with your team in real-time and make sure that there is no lag as far as managing your files and feedback is concerned. There will always be visual proof for everything to maintain transparent and clear communication with the team and other stakeholders.

Easy Collaboration

A shared calendar for every project will make sure that all your team members are updated with all the important dates to make sure that you are able to deliver each project on time. You have the option to assign tasks and tag any member of the team as you need.

Automate Processes

A well-designed process makes things simple. With Wrike, you can create your custom processes depending on the project type and automate a number of approval processes to make sure that things move smoothly within the team towards completion.

All the tasks assigned to team member will be notified along with the required files so that there is no repeat work.

Wrike Collaboration

Ready Templates

Wrike offers you a number of ready-to-use templates for all different types of projects so that you don’t have to start from scratch. These templates will give you a head start and make it easier for you to plan all different types of projects.

These templates will help you to improve the overall planning of your projects by offering you a template with best practices.

Complete Task Management Tool

Along with overall project management and planning, there should be team specific and individual task management so that every team member is right on time when it comes to delivering critical projects.

Wrike comes with a comprehensive task management system which is way better than a simple to-do list. You can create a list of tasks along with all related files and deadlines.

You can automate a number of process to stay ahead of the deadline.

Task Management

400+ Integrations

Integrate Wrike with over 400 different apps that will make managing your business easier. You can integrate with all the important apps and automate processes in the Wrike dashboard as per your requirement.

Integrate Wrike with Gmail. Microsoft Project, Outlook, Github, Jira, Google Drive, Adove Creative Cloud, Microsoft Team, Slack, and so many other apps.

Top Features of Wrike

  Easy to use project management software
  Team collaboration
  Remote team management
  Project planning
  Easy project collaboration
  Ready to use templates for different projects
  Project assignment & tagging
  Task management & prioritization
  Project time tracking
  Project workflow design
  Team workload management
  Secure file sharing
  Team communication
  Email integration
  Over 400 app integration
  Customized reports
  Custom project design
  Task ranking
  Project progress monitoring
  Custom To-Do lists

What Kind of Support Wrike Offers?

Wrike offers support through a number of different channels. It depends on the package you select. They have a very active community forum, regular webinar to educate the users around all the different features they offer.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Forum & Ticket

Platforms Supported

Wrike FAQs

Q1. What is Wrike? Wrike is a comprehensive project management and team collaboration software that you can use to manage your business. You can make a completely remote team with the Wrike platform.
Q2. Is Wrike Free? Yes, Wrike offers a free plan with limited features. You are allowed to add 5 users & 2 GB of data storage.
Q3. Is Wrike Safe? Wrike takes a number of critical steps to make your data and business safe. The files you upload on the Wrike platform are automatically encrypted to protect them.
Q3. Can I Integrate Wrike With Other Apps? Yes, Wrike allows you to integrate it with over 400 different apps. This includes all the important apps that are regularly used by the business.
Q4. Can I Integrate Wrike With Outlook? Yes, you can easily integrate Wrike with Outlook.
Q5. Can I Use Wrike Offline? Yes, you can use Wrike offline as well. You will be able to manage your business from anywhere even if you don't have an internet connection. All the changes made to a file to a report will be automatically synced across all the apps and make the changes available as soon as you reconnect.
Q6. Is Wrike Available for Mobile Devices? Yes, you can access Wrike through any device be it desktop or mobile device. The mobile app is available for both the platforms iOS as well as Android.
Q7. What Sets Wrike Apart From the Other Applications? Wrike is easy, smooth, and fuss-free. The interactive drag and drop view eliminates dependencies, unlike other project management applications.

Wrike Pricing

Wrike is a freemium platform that means they offer a completely free plan along with the paid plans.

You get the option to add upto 5 users in the free plan and 2GB data storage. You can use the platform through desktop as well as mobile phone device.

Wrike Pricing

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Ease of Use 90%
Features 85%
Value for Money 95%
Support 85%

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