Manage all your social media accounts from a single dashboard using the SocialPilot software

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SocialPilot Inc.

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No Free Trial

Free Trial

Free trail available for 14 days

Minimum Price

$ 25 Per Month

Maximum Price

$ 83.33 Per Month

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SocialPilot Details

One of the most popular social media marketing automation tools, SocialPilot will help you to keep your social media accounts active around the clock.

You can add multiple social media accounts and manage all those accounts from one single platform. It will help you to save a lot of your time and make sure that your profiles are active with fresh new content while you are busy with other important tasks.

Another advantage of using SocialPilot is that you will have complete statistics at your fingertips to understand how it is working and where you can improve.

In case you are managing an agency and you have clients, SocialPilot offers you white level reposts that you can brand with your own business details and send those to your clients.

SocialPilot Screenshots

How SocialPilot Can Help?

You can schedule posts for your social media accounts in bulk. So, you can be ready with all of your social media content ahead of time. If you schedule all your posts on the weekend, your profiles will be active with fresh content throughout the week while you focus on your core business.

You can connect all the leading social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

It integrates with some of the top tools to make things easier for you. SocialPilot integrates perfectly with Canva to help you create high-quality images for your social media posts and schedule those from the same dashboard.

Scheduling Posts on SocialPilot

The process is quick and simple, you can start by connecting your social media profiles. You can add multiple profiles for the same network. For example, if you have more than own Twitter account that you wish to manage from the SocialPilot dashboard, you can add those accounts here.


Once you are done with connecting your accounts, now you can start scheduling your posts.

Create a post, select the date and time when you wish to publish and save.

Please note, you can schedule same posts multiple times throughout the week to make sure that the post gets maximum visibility while you save your time.


Bulk Post Scheduling

SocialPilot gives you the option to schedule posts in bulk. You can schedule as many as 500 posts at a single time. So, even if you don’t come back to schedule new posts for your social media accounts for a month, it will be enough to sustain those days with so many posts.

Social Media Calendar

The social media calendar offered by SocialPilot will give you a bird’s view of all the posts scheduled for the week or the month. You can make changes whenever you need to.


Collaborate With Your Team

If you have a team for your business and someone in the team is managing all the social media posts, you can invite the team member to come on board and work on the posts while you supervise and check for quality before it is posted.

Also, if you have a business of managing social media accounts of your clients, you can use the SocialPilot social media collaboration tool invite your client to have a look at all the posts that are scheduled.

The collaboration tool also gives you the option to assign different roles to your team member to make sure that the right person can make the required changes.

SocialPilot Collaboration Tool

Detailed Statistics

SocialPilot offers you complete statistics for each of the social media accounts that you collect. You will have reports for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other accounts to have a deeper understanding of what is working and what is not.


Top Features of SocialPilot

  Complete social media management solution
  Easy posts scheduling option
  Bulk scheduling up to 500 posts
  Easy team collaboration tool
  Users and Permissions
  Detailed statistics for each of the social accounts
  Content curation tool to discover new content
  RSS Feed automation tool
  Browser extension tool

What Kind of Support SocialPilot Offers?

SocialPilot offers you a detailed knowledge base portal where you will find answers to almost all of your questions. If you still have any questions, they offer ticket and live support as well.
Email Support

Platforms Supported

SocialPilot FAQs

Question No 1. What is SocialPilot? SocialPilot is a social media management tool that you can use to schedule your social media posts in advance. You can collaborate with your team members and work together to grow your social media following.
Question No 2. Is SocialPilot Free to Use? No, SocialPilot is a paid tool. However, you get 14 days of the free trial before you go for any of the paid plans.
Question No 3. How Many Posts Can I Schedule at a Time? SocialPilot gives you the option to schedule as many as 500 posts at a time. You can repeat your posts and schedule the same posts multiple times on platforms like Twitter to get maximum visibility for a single post.
Question No 4. How Many Social Media Accounts Can I Connect? It depends on the plan you select. The agency plan gives you the option to connect as many as 100 different social media accounts.
Question No 5. Can I Invite My Client? Yes, you can. The team collaboration tool gives you the option to invite your client to check the posts that you are working on. The collaboration tool comes with the option to set roles offering different levels of access.

SocialPilot Pricing

SocialPilot offers you multiple pricing plans to elect from. Here are the plan details. The monthly price will be a little lower if you go for yearly billing.

  • Agency plan ($100/mo for monthly billing) & ($83.33/mo for annual billing)
  • Small Team Plan ($50/mo for monthly billing) & ($41.66/mo for annual billing)
  • Professional Plan ($30/mo for monthly billing) & ($25/mo for annual billing)

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NitDit'S Rating For SocialPilot

NitDit’s rating is influenced by the overall quality of the product, ease of use, pricing in comparison to competitors, overall community sentiment around the product


NitDit Score

Ease of Use 85%
Features 90%
Value for Money 90%
Support 90%

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