Best Project Management Software (2021)

Top project Management Software that you can use to automate your process and make things easier for your team.

Detail Guide About Project Management Software

An ideal software project is all about perfect coordination. Project management software is here to ease the hassle. From combining project documentation to collaborating teams on a common platform, project management software is just getting better and better.

But what about the start-ups, the SMEs, and non-technical organizations? Do they need project management software too? 

Project management software is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, even in small businesses. Here we take a deep look at what are the reasons for making project management software so important in 2021 and beyond. 

Project Management: An Overview

Project management is the planning, monitoring, and complete management of all kinds of projects. It is a very popular umbrella term that includes a lot of different things like project planning, scheduling, and resources management. 

All professional and important projects will have some or the other kind of management team working behind to make it a success. 

Most top teams and various kinds of business organizations assign a person all the rights and power to hire team members, resources, and manage budgets, mostly called a Project Manager. A project manager is also responsible for overseeing different projects and controlling the complete execution of various tasks. 

One would not need any kind of certification to be a project manager. A project manager must be experienced enough to handle various kinds of challenges and team members. 

The person should have good communication skills, leadership capabilities, and, of course, the required skills. He/she will be playing a crucial role and is responsible for any kind of performance degradation or project failure. 

Expense Tracking Online 

The overall project management is smartly being shifted to online app-based services. One major reason for success for some of the famous project management software is easy expense tracking. Gone are the days when firms and organizations had to hire professional bookkeepers and managers for the expenses tracking purpose.

Project management software is packed with expense trackers and in-built business expenses software that easily and automatically track all the expenses of an organization. 

The expense tracker can help the project to stay on budget and reduce unnecessary expenditures easily. Projects are mostly interconnected with each other and sometimes can lead to unexpected expenditures.

In such scenarios, a centralized software for expense tracking can make sure the team stays on budget and makes the most out of the resources. 

Time Tracking

A well-known feature and functionality of some of the top project management software out there is a time tracker or time tracking. For any kind of project development, keeping up with deadlines is a priority. Time tracking software is incorporated with project management ones helping the whole team to stay on a deadline. 

Another popular functionality of modern project management software is that your admins can easily keep an eye on the time and period of all of your employees’ working hours. These software can also be used for insightful monitoring remote and work from home team members around the world. 

Additionally, some of the most popular ones also include different features like time tracking software with screenshot add-ons. This benefit of a reliable project management software simply makes the whole process of employee time tracking simpler and faster. Managers can have a much more detailed look at every employee’s working hours.

They can have a screenshot of the employee’s time tracker and check if everything is going as per plan or not. 

Cloud-Based Management

The future is cloud-based and we all are already living in the future for sure. With the growth of remote jobs and cloud-based applications, project management software is a big help for managers having remote employees and outsourced professionals.

These software are making it easier for the management of remote employees. And with the pandemic of 2020, the need for cloud-based project management is just getting higher and higher. 

Workflow Combination

These project management systems are incorporating some additional software. Some of these include tools like Gantt & Pie tools, project & task mapping for employees’ software, and other workflow management tools for the different projects. 

Constant and quick communication, mutual file sharing, easy to understand workflows, task mapping for all, and various other project-related factors on a common platform will benefit both the employer and the employees.

Modern workforces and business organizations are leveraging the power of remote working and the new normal of working from home. Teams are now having members from different time zones as well as different ethnicities and cultures scattered all around the world. Work-from-home employees have different kinds of devices. 

This is where modern, web-based project management software are highly beneficial. From management and centralization of team members to adapting to the new normal work culture, these project management software do it all. 

Multi-Device Functionality

It’s now evident that technology has come out of the LED screens of desktop computers. People are working on their easy-to-carry laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Your team might also have employees working on an on-road basis, remote jobs, and non-traditional desk jobs. 

Project management software needs to have cross-device functionality. It should empower users to access the software from mobile, browser-based websites, and of course, the desktop version. And future-centric project management software has to offer them all.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

A project is a process that has a lot for the team to learn from. If done the right way with the right tool, a well-planned and powerful project management software would allow you to fetch a lot of insightful and crucial data.

You can learn about which one of your employees performed the best, which task took the longest, and what more can you do to improve your future projects. 

And of course, you would learn a lot about your plans and how would your strategies have benefited your business organization. 

Optimal Resource Utilization

Every business in the world, especially the small ones, has very limited resources to do business with. A well-established and powerful project management software helps you in utilizing the full potential of your available resources. 

Resources is an umbrella term that includes all kinds of assets like your employees, budget, physical devices, and so forth. Project management software are packed with tools and features that allow all levels and sizes of business organizations to easily make the best output with limited resources. 

Why Use Project Management Software in 2021?

A consistent and united workforce is a must for all kinds of organizations across the globe. But the fact is that this is only halfway to a successful business. 

The strategic use of a resourceful and intuitive project management software is important for planning projects, tasks, and employee schedules in a highly productive and feasible manner. 

Post the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, remote working has taken the front seat for all kinds of workforces. It is empowering businesses of all types and kinds to keep up with their projects and deadlines. 

From small to enterprise-sized businesses, all kinds of teams are leveraging the power of remote working for keeping their projects and teams managed. It has stood out as the only answer to tons of our productivity roadblocks like document sharing, remote working productivity, data centralization, tracking projects, time tracking, and so forth. 

A web-based online project management software is the only and simply the best answer to all kinds of remote working roadblocks. The best part is that modern online project management software is that most of the best ones are integrating the power of AI and automation.

This new technology speeds up the whole process of project management and remote working. The automation in project management software also streamlines different processes like task delegation, all kinds of team collaboration processes, workflow customization, multi-task management, and so forth.   

Some of the most appreciated ones allow users to easily import and export multiple projects from different kinds of platforms like desktops, mobile applications, and tablet PCs. Managers can easily set up priorities and balance team efficiency. 

And if you have a very strict budget, modern project management software takes care of that too. It eases the cost of project management and remote working for all levels of businesses in the world. You would not have to maintain and invest in costly hardware for keeping your data safe and secure. 

You can easily invest in making your core business advanced and profitable in the future rather than keep your projects and deadlines on the line. 


Project management software is all about increasing overall productivity and easier team management. If your project management software is doing the opposite, you need to part your ways with the one you are using. And in the upcoming years, with the rise of such remote-based jobs and work from home culture, project management systems are here to stay. 

Being one of the most important areas of business management and employee organization, project management is something you just can’t ignore. Also, the web-based project management software world is packed with a lot of amazing tools.  

With future-proof features and tools to offer, such as Cloud Storage, Online Chat, Mobile & Web Application, Time Tracker, Gantt Chart, Resource Scheduler, Timesheets, Clone Projects, Activity Tracker, Screenshots, Overviews and so forth, a reputed and profitable project management software is all you need right now. Do let us know which one you would choose for the upcoming year.

FAQs About Project Management Software

Q1. What is a Project Management Software? Project Management Software helps businesses to manage projects from start to end. You can collaborate with your team, discuss all requirements, plan project outlines, manage tasks, and deliver projects to your client.
Q2. How Can Project Management Software Help My Business? Well, you will be able to manage most of your process from a single platform. If you are using multiple tools to manage your daily tasks, you will integrate all those with the Project Management app and manage everything from a single platform. You can also collaborate with your team on the cloud. So, you can easily manage a remote business using Project Management Software.
Q3. Are Project Management Software Free? Depending on the Software, there are free as well as paid plans. Most of the top-quality Project Management Software offers free plans with limited features.
Q4. Can I Use Project Management Software on My Phone? Yes, most of the leading Project Management Software offers mobile apps for iOS and Android so that you are able to manage your business on the go.

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