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Livestream your events, classes through multiple channels, social media sites by using Vimeo livestream

Free: No

Trial: Yes

Min: $7/month

Max: $75/month

Vimeo Livestream Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is Vimeo Livestream?

A detailed review of Vimeo Livestream that you can use to live stream your videos.

Vimeo Livestream delivers reliable, smooth, and high-quality virtual events at feasible costs. The platform is used quite intuitively for business-based conferences. Post the pandemic lockdown, Vimeo Livestream has gained a lot of popularity for its top-class engagement capabilities. 

Vimeo Livestream also allows you to monetize your global audiences. The integrated features of executive communications and business-based events are hard to find in any of its alternatives. Vimeo Livestream is popularly known as a “no-fail” platform. 

Video streamers across the globe have enhanced their audience reach and engagement with Vimeo Livestream. The platform has allowed users to offer high-quality video streaming to all corners of the world and on all devices. Banner

Pros of Vimeo Livestream

  • HD quality streaming
  • 30 Day free trial
  • Stream simultaneously on multiple platforms
  • Comprehensive backend dashboard
  • Tightly secured solution
  • Real-time analytics
  • Live stream recording option

Cons of Vimeo Livestream

  • Only paid solution
  • Might feel lag at times
  • Initial learning curve
Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of Vimeo Livestream

  Easy to use
  Comprehensive settings
  Customization & branding
  HD quality streaming
  Live stream through social sites
  Pre-recorded video streaming
  Screen Sharing
  Private streaming
  Session Recording
  Multiple Camera Feeds
Anjali Sud Vimeo CEO

Vimeo Livestream: Company Profile

Anjali Sud: CEO, Vimeo

Anjali Sud is an American businesswoman of Indian descent and the CEO of Vimeo, the online video platform.

Vimeo is one of the leading video platforms with over 230 million users and active operation in over 190 countries.

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HQ Location:

New York, US



Detailed Review of Vimeo Livestream

A core feature of Vimeo Livestream is that it broadcasts to any scale of audience, no matter which type or area of audience you are trying to target. From live streaming of training to town halls, Vimeo Livestream offers it all. 

The platform has powered over 10 million successful live video events from all around the world. Vimeo Livestream also offers dedicated support, SLA, training, account management, and top-class award-winning production service.  

The team has taken a tiered approach for its pricing plans. Users are offered four different plans, ranging from $7 and going all the way up to $75/month. Beginners and budding video streamers can get the basic live streaming functionality at just $7/month. 

The catch with Vimeo Livestream is that for professional and developers-level features, such as API access and monetization of the live video content, users would have to buy the most advanced plan, priced at a whopping $75/month.  

An interesting thing about Vimeo Livestream’s pricing plan is that a wide range of plans is available for all kinds of users and budgets. Apart from the four core pricing plans, Vimeo Livestream also offers an enterprise-service, named “Livestream”. 

Keeping in mind the integrated features and its intuitive pricing plan, Vimeo is a viable solution for all kinds of broadcasters and video streamers, such as educationists and video gamers.

Although there are a lot of amazing features available in the list of its alternatives, Vimeo Livestream is not a bad option. 

Vimeo Livestream’s core feature and its biggest selling point is its CDN or the Content Delivery Network, which allows you to deliver your videos to your viewers. Vimeo Livestream’s integrated CDN boosts up the content delivery speed and the overall quality. 

It also solves down the famous buffering issue for people with bad network problems. This is done as CDNs leverage the power of massive server farms and global networks spread across the globe.

People trying to view their content are automatically routed to the closest servers for enhanced quality. 

Vimeo Streaming

Better Production Quality

The Livestream Studio enables you to connect with any camera and switch between different cameras to improve the overall production quality. You can also connect pre-recorded video to your live stream to add a different angle to your video.

You can mix it up with the audio mixer to enhance the quality. You can download the video whenever you want.

Engage Your Audience

The platform comes with a number of tools to boost viewer involvement and increase overall engagement.

It comes with Q&A, live polls, audience chat, and custom calls to action options to enhance the quality of your overall production, engagement, and ROI.

Vimeo Livestream Review

Livestream to Top Social Sites

You can live stream your event on the top social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitch, or even through a custom app so that you can reach a wider audience by giving them an opportunity by choosing the platform they use.

Vimeo Livestream Review

Live stream in full HD

Live streaming events, programs, online classes are very common around the world. However, the quality of streaming can be different depending on the platform you choose.

Vimeo Livestream gives you the option to stream your event in a full HD quality with limited bandwidth.

Full HD Vimeo Livestream

Protect Your Private Streaming

Not all live streams are for the public, there are many live streams that are targeted to specific groups. For example, many online schools and colleges live stream only for their students. There are many events that are live-streamed for the paid members with tickets.

So, to make sure that your private streams are well protected, Vimeo Livestream comes with a number of protections such as password protection, embed permissions, or a central hub with SSO for your internal teams.

Private Streaming With Vimeo

Storage and Bandwidth

All Vimeo Livestream pricing plans are packed with different sizes of storage and bandwidth. While considering a pricing plan for your next video streaming project with Vimeo Livestream, make sure you have your storage goals set. 

Video Content API

If you are more on the technical side and looking to make use of the programmatic advantages of Vimeo Livestream, then the platform has a lot to offer to you. The integrated video content API simply boosts your efficiency. 

Vimeo Livestream Pricing

Vimeo offers four different plans, ranging from $7 and going all the way up to $75/month. Beginners and budding video streamers can get the basic live streaming functionality at just $7/month.

Vimeo Live-streaming Plans