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Twitch Review (April 2021), Best Alternatives

One of the most popular live streaming platform for gamers to stream and make money.

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Twitch Interactive, Inc.

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Twitch Overview

A detailed Twitch review & the best alternatives to Twitch that you can use for live streaming your event.

Twitch is a very popular live streaming platform, especially among gamers. If you are a gamer, you can find millions of like-minded gaming enthusiasts on this platform.

From the house of Amazon, the biggest eCommerce website in the world, Twitch is the reigning frontrunner of the global live streaming platforms for video gamers and other media works. Viewers from across the globe find Twitch entertaining and informative at the same time. 

Available on all kinds of platforms, such as desktop, mobile, browser, and set-top boxes, Twitch is a complete video streaming service specialized in real-time gameplay video broadcasting. 

Twitch has also been crowned as a winner of multiple editors’ choice awards from around the world. The adaptability and flexibility of Twitch are considered the best features available in the industry. 

Overall, Twitch’s uniqueness and its ease of use for both the presenter & viewer make it a top-class video streaming platform.   

NitDit'S Rating For Twitch

NitDit’s rating is influenced by the overall quality of the product, ease of use, pricing in comparison to competitors, overall community sentiment around the product


NitDit Score

Ease of Use 90%
Features 85%
Value for Money 95%
Support 80%

Twitch Screenshots

Detailed Review of Twitch

Twitch has a lot of unique advantages for all levels of gamers and video presenters. It is free to use and offers extended broadcast storage for broadcasters for premium Amazon users. You can get 60 days of extended storage instead of a 14-day subscription. 

This extended storage allows ad-free viewing for all kinds of Amazon Prime subscription holders. With features like exclusive emoticons, expanded chat colors, and chat badges, Twitch offers a complete package of exclusive features for all kinds of gamers and content developers. 

The platform offers you a few video games integrated with the subscription. The Prime channel subscription service is an amazing benefit as it allows you to watch different kinds of streams and programs easily. 

The best part: No ad breaks for watching streams. The only catch is that you can apply the Twitch Prime Channel subscription to only a single channel at a time. You will have to wait for at least 30 days for switching to another channel. 

The previous updates have enhanced the overall ad-free viewing experience of the users. If you want to block ads, you should use the ad-blockers for blocking all kinds of ads, which ultimately would take a lot of effort. 

A key success factor for Twitch is that it is available on different devices. You can access your favorite live stream via Windows and Mac apps. Android and iOS mobile apps are also available for Twitch.  

Another interesting factor about Twitch is that it is available on platforms like Xbox and PlayStation 4 consoles. For Roku device users, things get a little tricky as the app is officially not available for them; however, they can download Twitch unofficially with limited reliability and accessibility. 

Twitch also allows you to eliminate hassles and distractions on your screens with the integrated theater mode. The icons on its clean and simple interface are available in the bottom-right corner. Using theater mode, you can easily darken the complete interface so that the focus is set only on the video content. 



Broadcasting video content with Twitch is very easy. PC users and gamers can simply visit the Creators dashboard for getting started.  


A veteran in Twitch’s list of features: It allows users to record hyped moments and helps in grabbing a part of a video about 25 seconds before and after clicking the Clip button. 

Integrating Discord

Sync your Twitter account easily with a Discord account to interact closely with your private fans. It keeps the communication safe and secure via Discord. 

Top Features of Twitch

  Free to use
  Very large community of like minded
  Top streaming platform for gamers
  Create own community
  Make money through your stream

What Kind of Support Twitch Offers?

Twitch is a popular platform, so you will find answers to most of your questions if you make a search on the internet. However, if you still have any questions you can content the Twitch team through social media or email.
Email Support
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Platforms Supported

Twitch FAQs

Q1. What is Twitch? Ans: Twitch is a popular live streaming platform for gamers and other content creators. You can create your own community around your live stream and make money.
Q2. How Can I Make Money on Twitch? Ans: If you regularly live stream on Twitch, you can start building your own community and your subscribers will support you by paying a subscription fee.
Q3. Is Twitch Safe for Kids? Ans: Well, though Twitch has its own moderation rules it is better to keep your kids away from the platform as there could be some games and content that are not suitable for kids.
Q4. Is Twitch Only for Gamers? Ans: Twitch is the most popular streaming platform among games. However, the platform has grown to host all other types of live streaming such as musical events, general chatting, travel etc.

Twitch Pricing

Twitch is a free platform that you can use to stream your videos. The viewers can subscribe with payment to support their favorite channel. The minimum subscription amount is $$4.99/month and goes up to $24.99/month. You can get Twitch Turbo for $8.99/month that will give you access to ad-free viewing and a few other advantages.

Best Twitch Alternatives & Top Competitors

If you are looking for the best Twitch alternatives, we have listed below the top options like Twitch for live streaming.
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Vimeo Livestream

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A core feature of Vimeo Livestream is that it broadcasts to any scale of audience, no matter which type or area of audience you are trying to target. From live streaming of training to town halls, Vimeo Livestream offers it all.  The platform has powered over 10 million successful live...
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Free Version


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Max Price


When it comes to live streaming videos, StreamYard is a big name in the industry and offers amazing features that will help you bring your live videos in front of the world. You can use StreamYard to live stream your videos to multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch, and custom RTMP...
restream logo


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


Video streaming is a big thing these days, so you need to make sure that you are using the top tools and software for better streaming. In this article, we will look at the services offered by Restream and the best Restream alternatives. However, before we look at the alternatives, let’s...


NitDit Score


Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


A complete platform for video producers to create, manage, market, and sell videos. You can use Uscreen to create your own video streaming platform as well as an OTT platform with your own branding while Uscreen manages everything in the background. First things first, Uscreen is nothing like YouTube. Unlike...


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Free Version


Min Price


Max Price


Be.Live is designed and developed for all kinds of video producers across the globe. The platform is packed with features like video customization, company logo addition, video graphics addition, animated text integration, and so forth.  Similar to some of the best video streamers, you can also change and customize your...

Price Comparison With Twitch Alternatives

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