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A modern, user-friendly software that will make your conversation better with chat interface and remove the clutter from your email.

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Min: $5/Month

Max: $10/Month

Spike Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is Spike?

Spike is a collaborative email platform that comes with the power of email but the simplicity of chat. The user can use Spike to create and collaborate regardless of the team size. Consequently, it helps the team to achieve more. 

More than 1.3 million users from across the globe use Spike to upgrade their email experience. The fact that brands like Philips, Shopify, Fiverr, Sephora and Zoom use Spike speaks volumes about Spike’s services. 

The platform upgrades the email experience through its conversational email feature. Often, the email conversation is so formal that it looks like you are communicating with a robot. 

However, you can say goodbye to this formality and talk like a human again with Spike. 

Further, most users know how confusing it can be to stay in look with the email threads. It not only creates confusion but makes it challenging to collaborate too. You can use Spiked to improve the conversational flow by ensuring natural flowing dialogues. 

So, if you are looking for the perfect combination of email and chat features, Spike is here to help you. 

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Pros of Spike

  • Instant messaging & chat option
  • Priority email inbox
  • Video meeting option
  • Collaborative group inbox
  • Task & to-do list manager
  • Voice messaging option
  • Complete file manager

Cons of Spike

  • Free version is very limited
  • No email signature
Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of Spike

  Modern, user-friendly interface
  Conversational Email
  Collaborative Notes
  Collaborative Tasks
  Group chat option
  Audio & video meetings
  Organized priority inbox
  Real time messaging
  Complete task manager & to-do list
  Complete Encryption & security
Dvir Ben Aroya CEO Spike

Spike: Company Profile

Spike was co-founded by Dvir Ben Aroya & Erez Pilosof to make email conversation easier and more engaging. The platform has added a number of handy tools in the last few years and making it a complete solution for team collaboration and communication.

CEO Name: ​

Dvir Ben Aroya

Est. Year:




HQ Location:

Tel Aviv, Israel



Detailed Review of Spike

If you are looking for software to make your email conversations better and more user-friendly, Spike is a very handy tool that will remove clutter and convert the email conversation into a chat format that is easy to read. 

It makes reading emails easier, saves time and brings in the best feature of both email and chatting in one place. Let us know how exactly Spike works. 

Spike Review

First thing first, it successfully brings all the workflow to your inbox. You can connect it with all of your email accounts. Once you connect an email account with Spike, it begins to work. 

It starts by converting your cluttered and boring emails into chat-like messages. Therefore, even though it is an email you are reading, it won’t look like an email. 

The platform supports the following three conversation modes:

  • People Mode: Organizes email by contacts
  • Inbox Mode: Mimics traditional email organisation 
  • Subject Mode: Separates the thread by subject line

Spike’s priority feature also helps you check the emails that are actually crucial to you. 

Furthermore, it makes conversation easier by removing all the repeating headers, signatures, and formalities. This makes it easy to keep a flow in the conversation.

However, at the time, the user has the freedom to expand the message to read the email tradit