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A highly secured instant messaging app with State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption.

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Signal Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is Signal?

Signal is a popular & highly secure, free, and open source instant messaging app that you can use to send text messages, make voice and video calls.

This is highly talked about the platform in terms of security. It comes with the industry’s best end-to-end encryption to make sure that your messages are secure and private.

We will look at the top features and why you should use Signal as your preferred instant messaging app in this Signal review. Banner

Pros of Signal

  • Completely free & open-source
  • State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption
  • Instant text messaging
  • Voice & video calling option
  • Share photos, video, files

Cons of Signal

  • Requires a phone number
  • You might feel lag at times
  • Relatively new & unknown
Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of Signal

  Free & open-source
  End-to-end encryption
  Send text messages
  Make voice & video calls
  Share photos, video, files
  Group chat option
Brian Action, CEO Signal

Signal: Company Profile

Brian Acton: Co-founder & CEO Signal

Moxie Marlinspike along with Brian Acton co-founded Signal Technology Foundation in 2018. Acton is also the CEO of Signal Messenger LLC at the moment.

Brian Acton was also the co-founder of WhatsApp before founding Signal.

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California, US



Detailed Review of Signal

Signal is known as one of the highly secured messaging platforms. You can use the app to communicate with your contacts privately. It comes with end-to-end encryption to make sure that your messages are secured.

Many well-known personalities openly expressed why they prefer Signal over other instant communication apps because of the privacy that Signal offers.

Here are some of the testimonials.

Signal Testimonial

Free to use

Signal is a platform that is managed by donations and it is completely free for the users. There will be no ads or no hidden costs to the users.

Signal Review

Signal stores your communication data on your phone in encrypted form, only your phone number will be sorted on the Signal server.

Communicate Freely

With Signal, you can communicate freely and send messages to your contacts. You can make voice and video calls.

You can also hare photos, videos, files, gifs, and other files using the app securely.

It gives you the option to create a group and communicate with multiple users at a time. Along with personal use, Signal is a very handy and secure app for businesses to communicate with teams and share business data.

Signal Pricing

Signal is completely free to use.

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