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A quality live video streaming platform that can stream to 30+ platforms

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Restream Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is Restream?

A detailed Restream review & the best alternatives that you can use to live stream to multiple platforms.

Restream is a very popular and highly appreciated live video streaming software for all kinds of video content creators from around the world. The platform is designed and developed to enhance your visibility and market your platform online easily. 

The platform allows you to easily live stream your videos from any kind of web browser on multiple social media platforms. Restream is a powerful live streaming software that allows you to engage your target audience easily and in real-time.  

Using Restream, you can drive action during your live video streams. The platform has a huge community of live streamers and video content enthusiasts. The app allows you to integrate live streaming for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and 30 other social media platforms. Banner

Pros of Restream

  • Offers complteley free plan
  • Stream to over 30 platforms
  • Comprehensive dashboard and tools
  • Add your own branding

Cons of Restream

  • Initial learning curve
Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of Restream

  Offers free plan
  Stream to over 30 platforms
  Multiple camera feed
  Brand customization
  Live chat option
  Performance Monitoring
  Event scheduling option
  Stream pre-recorded videos
  Stream recording
  On-screen comments & captions
  Screen sharing option
  Custom graphic overlays
  Detailed analytics
Alexander Khuda CEO Restream

Restream: Company Profile

Alexander Khuda: CEO Restream

Alexander is a co-founder and CEO of Restream, Inc. One of the top live streaming solutions. You can use this software to stream your video to over 30 different platforms.

Restream delivers over 8 million monthly broadcasts and has a viewership of over 600 million every month.

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Texas, United States



Detailed Review of Restream

Video streaming is a big thing these days, so you need to make sure that you are using the top tools and software for better streaming.

In this article, we will look at the services offered by Restream and the best Restream alternatives. However, before we look at the alternatives, let’s have a look at how Restream can help you.

Restream Review

Why Restream?

One of the top reasons to choose Restream over its alternatives is that it is a complete video content distribution platform that allows you to easily spread your content on all social media platforms. 

The best part is that professional video streamers mostly gamers can leverage the power of Restream for streaming their content to their dedicated community with platforms like Twitch. The platform allows you to create and customize your chat boxes easily for reading and replying to messages across different kinds of platforms. 

The module integrates a full-fledged scheduler that allows you to upload your videos in a .mp4 or .mov format. You can even pick different channels to go live at a time or date of your choice. Restream allows you to add voice-overs and audio translations easily. 

Video broadcasters can also utilize the power of the integrated multi-camera mode. One of the core takeaways of Restream is that it allows you to analyze and engage the audience easily. You can gain a detailed and highly curated insight into your live streaming performance. 

Another key advantage of Restream is that it is also available as an integration for different kinds of streaming applications like OBS studio, Elgato, and more. 

Restream, for advertisers, is a complete platform that allows you to advertise your complete video content, at least 99% of the online time. As compared to other alternatives and keeping in mind some of the top online reviews, Restream is a good option for most people looking to advertise and monetize their video content.  

Restream Review: Top Features

High-End Dashboard

Restream’s dashboard is a full-fledged, analytics-driven solution that allows you to gain visibility and insights into the performance of your streams across different platforms. 

You can get data and metrics from multiple channels, top trending video content, and audience engagement data with Restream easily. 

CTA and Social Media Platforms

One of the core features of Restream is that it allows you to stream to different kinds of social media platforms and websites easily. Some of the top platforms include YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The platform also allows you to customize your live streams with your logo and watermark. 

You can even add a Call-to-Action (CTA) button for catching new leads and making conversions. You can engage better with your audience in real-time and broadcast content across the globe.

Chat Box Customization

Restream allows users to customize their chat boxes. Users can read and reply to their conversations in an engaging manner. You can communicate easily with all your leads and followers from a centralized dashboard. 

Restream Pricing

Restream comes with different pricing plans for individuals and companies. If you have a very wide viewership, you can choose your plan accordingly.

To start with, Restream offers a completely free plan. The free plan also gives you the option to stream to over 30 different platforms, but it comes with limited features and Restream branding.

Here’s how the pricing looks like for individuals.

Restream Pricing for Individual Plans