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Ninja Forms Review (Sep 2021), Top Features & Pricing

Create any kind of form on your WordPress site using Ninja Forms Plugin


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Ninja Forms Overview

Ninja Forms review, pricing, top features, best alternatives that you can use. Ninja Forms is one of the top form builder plugins for WordPress that you can use to create any kind of form on your site. The plugin undoubtedly makes it one of the top choices when it comes to the form builders for WordPress.

Starting with a contact form which is a mandatory requirement for any site to lead generation, Ninja Forms will take care of everything. Depending on your business type you might need to collect information from your clients to visitors, you can easily get that done with the Ninja Forms.

Ninja Forms lets you integrate with the payment system such as PayPal or Stripe so that you can use the plugin to raise funds for your project through donations.

You can create lead generation forms and integrate it with the popular email marketing service providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact and others.

Also, to make it safe for you while collecting data from your audience, it offers you the GDPR compliance module.

So, overall It is a great choice. Let’s have a look at the plugin in detail below.

NitDit'S Rating For Ninja Forms

NitDit’s rating is influenced by the overall quality of the product, ease of use, pricing in comparison to competitors, overall community sentiment around the product


NitDit Score

Ease of Use 90%
Features 95%
Value for Money 95%
Support 90%

Top Features of Ninja Forms

  Offers free version
  Create a contact form
  Create lead generation form
  Content submission form
  Accept donations
  Drag and drop form builder
  Create multipage forms
  Add conditions to form
  Integrate payment system
  File upload option

Detailed Review of Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms, one of the most popular form builder plugins for WordPress with over 1 million active users.

If you run a blog or a website, you might already know how important the contact page is.

It can help incorporate a factor of reachability, availability, security, as well as user engagement on your website. In fact, it is one of the most essential modules of any website.

That’s why here we will be taking a look into Ninja Forms WordPress form builder plugin

WordPress, although a very powerful CMS, doesn’t come with any default options to help you create contact forms or any sort of forms for that matter.

You will have to install a dedicated plugin to help you create forms for your WordPress website/blog.

Now, there are plenty of plugins advertised to help you build forms on your website, but for this particular read, we have chosen Ninja Forms.

Ninja Forms is one of the most popular Form Builder plugins and has over a million downloads. It packs in a whole lot of awesome features.

For example, you will get a drag and drop builder for creating forms. Besides this, there are also plenty of other features which makes it very popular amongst beginners, or people coming from a non-developer background.

With that being said, let’s now take a more comprehensive overview of everything the plugin has to offer:

Comprehensive Setting Panel

Once installed, Ninja Forms will add a dedicated control panel in your WordPress dashboard from where you can control all the settings and options.

The UI is extremely good looking and intuitive allowing you to easily get a hang of all the options that have been laid down in front of you, at your disposal.

You will get full control to fine-tune every part of your forms with any hassle. The individual fields, submit actions, and emails can all be tweaked effortlessly from a single panel.


This is not just a contact form builder, the contact form is just a part of the overall plugin. You can create almost any type of form that will need on your site.

For example, you can create a 

  • contact form
  • Feedback forms
  • Post submission forms
  • Event registration
  • Email subscription form
  • Online payment form
  • And more

Developer Friendly Options

With the use of an intuitive design, drag and drop builder, and plenty of easy to use options, Ninja Forms effectively caters to its non-developer demographic. But that does mean developers won’t be enjoying themselves with the plugin.

If you come from a coding background, then you will really appreciate the hundreds of functions, action hooks, and filters that are thrown in with the plugin.

Developers can use them to add their own custom functionalities to make the plugin even more feature-rich.

Powerful Extensions


Ninja Forms is completely free to use the plugin. The abundance of settings, the drag and drop form builder, and the intuitive UI is all given to you for free.

However, they have also left another option for paid add-ons or extensions to add far more powerful functionalities to your forms.

In total, Ninja Forms features over 40 extensions; each of them specializing to provide you certain advanced functionalities. Here is a brief look at all the extensions and how they can help you to better run your WordPress website.

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Nearly a dozen of all the extensions that you get with the plugin is dedicated to providing you a diverse collection of email marketing and campaigning tools.

  • With the MailChimp and Sendy integration, you will be expanding your email list in no time.
  • You also turn your WordPress forms into CleverReach forms using the specific add-on.
  • Constant Contact is ready to help you customize your signup forms and make them more engaging.
  • Create stunning newsletters with Campaign Monitor, or Emma email marketing services.
  • Automate your email marketing campaigns using AWeber, Active Campaign, or ConvertKit – whichever tool you like.
  • EmailOctopus, another email management solution that provides email marketing automation, integration, and analytics, is also built-in.

Payment Options

Some of the Ninja Forms extensions also allows you to take payments using WordPress forms.

  • PayPal Express integration allows you to add a payment button to your WordPress forms. Customers, after filling out a form, will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction in a secure fashion.
  • Your customers might not have a PayPal account, and forcing them to create on might affect your conversion rates. Instead, why not allow them to pay using their credit cards. Well, with the Stripe and Elavon integration with Ninja Forms, you can do that effortlessly.

CRM Integration

You have built up your email list, you have loads of customers buying stuff from your website, now it is time to manage them.

You will want to build and manage a positive relationship between you and your customers, so that return to your site. This is managed with the use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

Now, Ninja Forms offers a load of different extensions that help integrate it with all the popular and powerful CRM solutions in the market.

There are a bunch of different extensions which will help you to connect with:

  • Zoho CRM.
  • Capsule CRM.
  • Insightly CRM.
  • Salesforce CRM.
  • PipelineDeals CRM.
  • Highrise CRM.
  • OnePage CRM.

Team Management and User Management Solutions

There are also a couple of extensions which will help you with managing your teams as well as your user base.

  • Trello Extension: You can enable this to create Trello cards from your Ninja Forms submission.
  • Slack Extension: The plugin will help you get Slack notifications through your Ninja Forms.
  • User Management: User Management will enable 3 new WordPress forms and 3 new actions to provide a full suite of options to better manage users on your site.
  • Recurly: With Recurly and Ninja Forms, you can create subscription forms on your WordPress website which will introduce your visitors to a subscription management system of Recurly.

Other Options

All the extensions we just talked about are merely the tip of the iceberg. There are even more add-ons to help include far more advanced options to your WordPress website.

  • File upload extension allows users to upload and save files to your server, media library, or even on Dropbox and Amazon S3.
  • Extensions like User Analytics can collect user data on form submission whereas Intelligence WP will integrate Google Analytics into Ninja Forms.
  • PDF Form Submission extension can create standardized PDF copies of any form submission without hassle.
  • Option to export your Form Submissions as a spreadsheet is also provided thanks to Excel Export extension.
  • There is the Zapier or Webhooks extension which you can use to integrate almost any external service in minutes, without the need of any code.
  • Extensions like ClickSend and Twilio SMS can help you send SMS to anyone who submits a form.
  • There are even extensions to Save Progress of filling out a form, Popular documents and digital papers/contracts using WebMerge, and so on.

Form Building Options

All these extensions can help supercharge your WordPress Forms with a host of awesome and powerful functionalities.

But what about the look and feel of each of these forms? Well, there are also extensions to help you tweak around with the design of the forms, as well as configure how they function.

  • The conditional Logic extension allows you to build smart and dynamic forms that are interactive.
  • Multi-Part Forms extension can help you break a single form into multiple pages.
  • Layout and Styles extension helps you to create multi-column form layouts that can be beautifully styled using CSS.

What Kind of Support Ninja Forms Offers?

If you need support around the Ninja Forms or anything else; you can go through the detailed documentation or you can contact the team. If you are a paid member, you will get a reply within 8 hours and it may take up to 24 hours for free users.
Email Support
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Platforms Supported

Ninja Forms Pricing

Now as we mentioned, all of this extensions are paid options. You have the option to buy them individually or go with some bundles.

Here is a detailed look at the different pricing plans for the extensions of the plugin.


Ninja Forms FAQs

Q1. What is Ninja Forms? Ninja Forms is a WordPress plugin to create various forms on your site. You can use this form builder to create a contact form, content submission form, use it as a lead generation form and integrate with top email service providers, and more.
Q2. Is Ninja Forms Free? Ninja Forms is a freemium plugin that offers you a completely free plugin that you can on your WordPress site and if you need more features you can buy the premium add-ons
Q3. Can I Customize Ninja Forms? Yes, you can. The plugin comes with drag and drop form builder that you can use to create a completely unique form as per your need and you can add the premium add-ons to enhance the functionality.
Q4. Is Ninja Forms The Best From Builder for WordPress? There are a number of top-quality form builders for WordPress these days that offer features like drag and drop builder and integration options. However, Ninja Forms is certainly one of the top options that will offer you everything needed to create any kind of form.

Best Ninja Forms Alternatives & Top Competitors

If you are looking for the best Ninja Forms alternatives, we’ve listed some of the top form builder plugins like the Ninja Forms plugin.
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Price Comparison With Ninja Forms Alternatives

Find the most cost-effective solution for your business. Check the price comparison of all the software that we listed in this category. 

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