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Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a fast & reliable content delivery network for businesses of all sizes.

Free: Yes

Trial: No

Min: $0.085/ First 10TB

Max: Custom

Amazon CloudFront Review: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is Amazon CloudFront?

Amazon CloudFront is a popular and fast content delivery network that you can use for your online business to improve overall performance and security.

The Amazon CloudFront can reduce latency by delivering data through 310+ globally dispersed Points of Presence (PoPs). It will protect your business with traffic encryption and prevent DDoS attacks.

Some of the top businesses in the world like Reuters, Slack, Hulu are already using the Amazon CloudFront to optimize their business. Banner

Pros of Amazon CloudFront

  • Offers free plan
  • Fast & reliable
  • Stable solution for businesses
  • Developer friendly
  • variety of plans available
  • Unlimited Server Capacity

Cons of Amazon CloudFront

  • Learning curve for newbies
  • Support can be improved
Ease of Use
Value For Money

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Top Features of Amazon CloudFront

  310+ Points of Presence
  Protection against Network and Application Layer Attacks
  SSL/TLS Encryptions and HTTPS
  User Access Control
  Real-time Analytics
  Full-featured APIs and DevOps Tools
  Wide range of pricing options
Adam Selipsky CEO AWS

Amazon CloudFront: Company Profile

Adam Selipsky: CEO at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon CloudFront is offered by Amazon Web Service, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. Amazon Web Service provides users with cloud computing platforms and APIs.

The company offers its service to individuals, companies, and governments. The company started offering its web service in July 2002 and cloud computing was launched in March 2006.

Amazon CloudFront was started by Amazon Web Services 13 years ago on 18th November 2008. Currently, Amazon Web Service provides more than 200 products and companies, and most of these offer functionality to the developers. 

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Washington, US



Detailed Review of Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a web service that is designed to smoothen the content delivery process while integrating with other Amazon Web Service making it easier for the businesses and delivering to distribute content to the end-users.

Amazon CloudFront aims to ease the process of content delivery with the help of high data transfer speeds and low latency rates. Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of 215 edge locations which can be deemed as extremely last and it is spread across 89 cities of 46 countries.

This extensive network is distributed evenly across the world for the smooth delivery of the content. In addition to that, Amazon CloudFront also supports 12 regional edge caches which comes super handy when someone is trying to view the content but the content is not located at the nearest edge location.

This further reduces the requirement to go back to the original server too. 

Top Features Of Amazon CloudFront

1. Amazon CloudFront reduces the latency by delivering the data through more than 310 globally distributed Points of Presences or POPs and that too with intelligent routing and automated network mapping. 

2. It improves the security of the website through access controls and traffic encryption. In addition to that, it also uses AWS Shield Standard to provide protection to the DDoS attacks absolutely free of charge. 

3. Amazon CloudFront helps in cutting the costs with the help of consolidated requests and customizable pricing options. Further, data transfer is possible out of the AWS origin with no fees at all. 

4. The user has the freedom to balance the performance, cost and security by customizing the code that needs to run on the AWS CDN edge through serverless compute features of Amazon CloudFront. 

5. Amazon CloudFront ensures faster delivery and the delivery pace can be imagined by the fact that it has the potential to reach viewers from all across the globe within milliseconds. This is made possible through built-in compression data and edge compute capabilities.

6. The delivery of dynamic content can be accelerated through Amazon CloudFront by the purpose-built and feature-rich AWS network infrastructure that runs global along with supporting edge termination and WebSockets. 

7. Streaming can be quickened with Amazon CloudFront with consistency. Even delivering high-quality videos is possible through it with the AWS Elemental integration and AWS Media service. 

8. Amazon CloudFront has made it possible for the business to scale automatically. The updates related to game patches, software, and IoT over-the-air is possible, and that too in high transfer rates.

Here’s How Amazon CloudFront Works.

Amazon CloudFront Review