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Astra Vs GeneratePress: A Detailed Comparison

A detailed comparison of two top WordPress themes that are used by millions

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What is Astra?

Astra is a lightweight, fast-loading WordPress theme that is used by over a million WordPress users. If you are starting a blog or a business site, the Astra theme is one of the top WordPress theme choices you have.

The theme is created to work perfectly with the website builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and other website builders. So, it can work as a strong foundation while you completely customize it with the website builder.

To help you get started quickly, the theme offers you a number of ready-to-use templates. You can select one and make your site ready almost instantly.

What is GeneratePress?

Astra is a lightweight, fast-loading WordPress theme that is used by over a million WordPress users. If you are starting a blog or a business site, the Astra theme is one of the top WordPress theme choices you have.

The theme is created to work perfectly with the website builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and other website builders. So, it can work as a strong foundation while you completely customize it with the website builder.

To help you get started quickly, the theme offers you a number of ready-to-use templates. You can select one and make your site ready almost instantly.

Top Features of Astra?

  Free version available
  Easy to use
  Powerful admin dashboard
  Website builder friendly
  Works perfectly with Elementor
  Ready to use starter templates
  Easy layout settings
  Super quick loading time
  Color & typography options
  WooCommerce compatible
  LearnDash compatible
  SEO friendly code
  Hooks & Filters

Top Features of GeneratePress?

  Free version available
  Easy to use user interface
  Ready to use starter templates
  Website builder frinedly
  Works perfectly with Elementor
  SEO friendly design
  Header builder
  Hooks & Filters
  Super fast loading time
  Translation & RTL ready
  Color & Typography options
  WooCommerce frinedly
  Bloggers frinedly

Comparison Details

Astra VS GeneratePress, two of the most popular WordPress themes at the moment. We will look at the details of the themes and check which one is better and why.

I’m using the pro version of both the themes on my projects. I’m using the Astra theme with Elementor builder on this site and GeneratePress along with Elementor on another site.

It is really difficult to compare two products that have set high standards and similar in a lot of aspects. Both the themes are loved by bloggers and marketers because of the overall quality and reliability.

Nonetheless, we will try to go as deep as possible to understand how these two themes can help you.

If you ask for my opinion at the start, you can choose any of these two themes and you will be fine as both the themes have their own advantages and both are highly reliable.

Astra Vs GeneratePress Free Version

Both Astra as well as GeneratePress offers a free version. In fact, the free version is the base and you only need the pro version if you want to add any of the premium add-ons.

If you are going to use the theme along with website builder like Elementor, you don’t even need the pro version of the theme.

In a way, both the themes work as a strong framework for your site that you can extend by using Elementor or other compatible website builder. These themes will offer you a very strong foundation to build on.

If you look at the free version of WordPress platform, Astra currently has over 1 million installations while GeneratePress has over 700k active installations.

Download Astra Free Version

You can download the free version of the Astra theme from the WordPress theme repository, or you can install right from your WordPress dashboard.

Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Search for Astra and install it.


You can download the Astra free version from here.

Similarly, you can install the free version of GeneratePress right from your WP dashboard or find it on the WordPress repository.


You can download the GeneratePress free version from here.

Getting Started With Astra And GeneratePress

If you wish to continue with the free version of any of the themes that you can choose, there is nothing much to do. You can install the theme and get on with the customization option that you will find on the customizer.

If you have selected the premium version, you will need to install the add-on and activate the license.

Astra Pro

Once you login into your Astra account, you will find the theme file, child theme, and the pro-add-on in the download section.

Here is another advantage of using the Astra theme. It allows you to create a custom child theme easily with your site name or any other name that you wish to go for. This can be done with a little custom work for any theme, but a ready option is certainly an advantage.

This feature will help you to brand your theme. The process is easy and simple, click on the Child Theme option available in downloads, it will take you to child theme generator, give it a name and generate.

Generate Astra Child Theme


Download and install the pro add-on and you are good to go with the premium version of the theme.

We have ready set up with the premium version. Let’s check the additional features that we get with the premium add-on.


As you can see in the image above, there are a few options that are available in the free version of the theme and others are available through the pro version.

You have the option to activate only the modules that you need. Premium features like the following makes the pro version worth.

  • Scroll to top option
  • Header layout extension
  • Blog extension
  • Site layout
  • Sticky header
  • Custom layout
  • Typography extension
  • Footer widget
  • And more

We will look at the pro extensions later in the article.

For now, let’s get introduced to the pro version of GeneratePress.

GeneratePress Premium

Both Astra and GeneratePress are similar in the ways it operates, and functions. You can install the free GeneratePress theme right from your WordPress dashboard and then install the premium add-on plugin to get the pro features for your site.

Once you install the plugin, you will see the premium features and you can activate the modules that you wish to use.


Astra Vs GeneratePress: Ease of Use

Now, let’s get into the head on head comparison of Astra Vs GeneratePress.

When it comes it easy of use, there is no reason why one should be placed ahead of another because both the theme operates in the similar way.

All the customization options are placed on the WordPress customizer. So, you can easily get things done from the customizer, you don’t have to be a pro WordPress user for this.

Astra Customizer


GeneratePress Customizer


I have activated a few modules in both the themes to check how they perform.

I personally find a few elements in the GeneratePress theme customizer a little more comprehensive than the Astra theme.

However, most of the settings are same.

For example, you can set the overall container layout, update your site details like Logo, site title, favicon etc.

Header Design

When it comes to header design, GeneratePress offers a few more design options than the Astra theme. However, if you wish to customize the header section on your site created with Astra theme, you can activate the header that will enable a few more options so that you can add content above and below the header.

Astra Header Option


GeneratePress Header Option


Here is a good news for you.

Both the themes offers you a custom pro add-on module to create a custom header for any of your section, posts, pages etc.

You can create a completely unique header design for your blog posts just like a page builder.

This module works similarly in both the themes. You can design it and set the display rule as per your need.

Astra Theme Header Module

You can create a custom header section by using the Page Header module of Astra Pro.

Once you activated the Page Header module, you will see the option to create a custom header for your pages.

Let’s have a look at how it works.


Select the page header layout, text color, and all other design options to make it perfect as per your need.

Merge Header

The header merging option will help you to display the entire header section over the components like the navigation menu. So, your menu will also be a part of the section that you can design accordingly.


Display Condition

Once the header section is ready, now you can show the header in the selected section of your site or you may choose to display it on the entire site.

It will give you the option to select from all the pages, posts, achieve, templates to choose from.


GeneratePress Theme Header Design Module

Activate the elements module in the GeneratePress pro module section and and now you can create a completely custom header by adding a new element.

As you activate the Elements module, you will see the option to add a new element under appearance. You can click on it and get started.

You will see a few options such as Block, Hook, Header, Layout, etc. We will discuss Hooks and other elements later, let’s focus on the custom header for now.


Select the header Element and get started.


You can create a custom hero section and style it with background image or use the featured image as the hero section image and style the text design accordingly.

You have complete control over the design. Just spend some time to understand the module through it is simple, there are no complicated settings whatsoever.


Once you are ready with the basic hero section design, you have the option to merge it with the header. You can display the header elements like the menu below the hero section which is a popular practice.


Here is the most important step, where you want to display the header you just created. You have the option to choose from, you can display it on entire site or select as per your need from the dropdown.

If you choose to display it on entire site or an entire section like the blog, all single pages or any other option that you have selected, you can now exclude any page that you wish to have another design.

You have the option to exclude any section or page as per your need.


Starter Sites (Demo Designs Templates)

Both Astra and GeneratePress comes with starter templates to help you getting started easily. You can choose any of these demo design templates and make your site ready in no time.

Astra Starter Templates

The Astra Theme comes with a big list of demo designs that are created with different website builders. If you are using Elementor on your site, you will number of demo designs to choose from. Similarly for Brizy builder, Beaver Builder as well as Gutenberg.

To get the starter sites, you will have to install a free theme offered by the Astra theme. Here is the link to the free plugin.


GeneratePress Demo Templates

Like Astra theme, GeneratePress also offers you a list of amazing templates that you can use to create your site.



We have already checked the header customization options above. Like the header you can customize the design of the footer section of your site.

Both the themes offers option to customize the footer design. You also have the option to set custom color on your site from the color options.

Astra Theme Customization

You can set custom color for all your basic elements on your site.


Here are the footer settings


Setting for the footer widget: You can select from multiple layout options for your footer section.


GeneratePress Theme Customization

Similar to Astra Theme, GeneratePress also gives you a comprehensive option to design the footer section of your site as well as set the color option for all your elements in the site.

Color Settings

As you can see in the image below, GeneratePress gives you the option to set a custom color for each section of your site.


Footer Settings


Typography Settings for Astra

Both the themes comes with detailed typography settings option to help you choose the right font and design it.


Typography Settings for GeneratePress

You can select any section of your site, be it the header, Footer, body, you can customize the typography as per your need.


Astra Vs GeneratePress: Working With Page Builders

Astra and GeneratePress, both the themes works as a great foundation to work with the website builder.

The astra Theme works perfectly with the Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg builder. So you have the variety of popular options to choose from.

GeneratePress works perfectly with the Elementor, Beaver Builder and Gutenberg.

And both them themes offers custom demo templates that are created with different website builder to make it easier for you to choose from.

I have multiple sites that are created using Elementor taking the Astra theme as the foundation including this site.

WooCommerce Compatibility

Both the themes are fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and comes with a number of custom elements created for the WooCommerce store.

You can create your won custom elements for online store.

Astra Offers WooCommerce Elements like

  • Infinite Scroll
  • Grid Settings
  • Off-Canvas Sidebar
  • Dedicated Sidebars
  • Quick View Option
  • Product Gallery Option
  • Dropdown Cart
  • Sales Bubble Style
  • Product Catalog
  • Product Variations
  • Checkout Options

Similarly GeneratePress comes with a deep integration with the WooCommerce plugin.

Astra Vs GeneratePress: Performance

One of the primary reasons why Astra and GeneratePress are so popular among users is the kind of performance it offers.

Both the themes are very lightweight and it will surely cut loading time of your site to a large extent as you start using any of these two themes.

I have checked both the themes and it loads within 1 second for me.

Support And Documentation

Both the themes are very well documented. Also, as Astra and GeneratePress are very popular themes, there are tons of content around these two themes.

You will find an article for almost anything that you wish to achieve with these themes.

For Astra theme, you can access their knowledge-base portal to find answers to your queries or check for a video tutorial on YouTube.


Similarly GeneratePress have a detailed documentation section and a very active forum section to find your answers.


If you ask me my personal experience with the support and questions, I have found answers to most of my questions evene without going to the support team.

However, there were a couple of instances when I raised a ticket and I found that GeneratePress is slightly more active and quicker in responding to questions.

Astra Vs GeneratePress Pricing

The Astra theme offers different pricing plans to choose from depending on your requirement. If you are going for annual billing, you will get the product for $59.

If you go for the Mini agency bundle, it will come for $169 and the Agency Bundle for $249. You also have the option to go for lifetime billing.

GeneratePress comes for $49.95 and you get a 40% discount during renewal.

So, GeneratePress is slightly more affordable than Astra. If you have a limited budget, GeneratePress is the best theme option for you.

FeaturesAstra GeneratePress
Astra LogoGeneratePress Logo
Free VersionAvailableAvailable
WooCommerce CompatibilityYesYes
Website BuilderElementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, GutenbergElementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg
Starter TemplatesAvailableAvailable
Customer BaseOver 1 MillionOver 700k

Final Verdict

Well, when we talk about a comparison article the final verdict is important and a clear winner makes it complete. However, it is not the case in this Astra Vs GeneratePress comparison because both the themes are identical in many aspects and considered as top themes at the moment.

So, it actually comes down to your personal choice. If you are creating a business site Astra could be a better choice while GeneratePress is popular among bloggers.

You can select any of the theme be it Astra or GeneratePress, you are sure to get great performance and a reliable foundation for your site.

Q1. Is Astra Theme Free The Astra theme comes in a freemium model that means it offers you a free version as well as a premium version.
Q2. Is GeneratePress Free? GeneratePress is a freemium product. It offers you a completely free version and a pro version to choose from.
Q3. Is Astra Better Than GeneratePress? Bother Astra theme and the GeneratePress themes are similar in the way they are designed and function. Bother the themes are considered as top quality products and used by a big community of WordPress users.
Q4. Astra Vs GeneratePress: Which Offers Better User Interface? Both the themes are simple and if you look at the backend dashboard, both look identical. GeneratePress has a few more important options available without any additional plugin.
Q5. Astra Vs GeneratePress: Which One is Faster? Both Astra & GeneratePress offers a great loading time. If you look at the loading speed with a similar hosting setup, both the themes will load within around 500ms.

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