11 Best WordPress Auction Themes 2021

The best WordPress themes that you can use to create an auction theme


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Best WordPress Auction Themes


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Best WordPress auction themes to create a complete auction site and make recurring revenue.

A properly run auction website can prove to be a very profitable niche. These websites provide the perfect platform for sellers and buyers to meet up with one another.

A popular example of an auction website would be eBay, and we all know how successful it is. Now, if you are a WordPress user, you too can seamlessly create a professional and fully functional auction website using a WordPress auction theme.

The trick to making a successful auction website lies fundamentally in providing your users with a functional and intuitive interface.

The major traffic on your site will be generated by the sellers coming into selling their products and buyers coming in to bid, and ultimately buy those products. And hence, you have to make sure that both parties get the best experience using your platform.

We have recently published an article about the best-classified WordPress plugins that will help you to create a listing site.

Now, there are plenty of WordPress themes particular curated for Auction websites that are imbued with all the necessary features and functionalities to make a successful auction website.

And so, for this read, we will be looking at some of the best WordPress Auction Themes in the market.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight to it:

Auction Theme – PremiumPress

One of the most powerful and complete auction theme for the WordPress platform, this auction theme from PremiumPress offers all the features and options to help you create a perfect site like eBay.

PremiumPress is one of the top WordPress product store that has been around for years and offering products to create sites around auction, classified, directory and related niches.

This theme we are talking about here is created for the auction sites. It comes with over 150 design blocks to make sure that you will never have to write a code to customize anything in your site.

The theme comes with some beautiful design options custom created for auction sites. It offers you over 500 different admin options in the theme dashboard making it one of the most comprehensive solution when it comes to creating an auction site.

Here’re some of the top features of this auction theme.

  • Advanced admin dashboard
  • Over 500 admin options
  • Over 150 design blocks & ready templates
  • Membership packages
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Advanced Ajax search option
  • Feedback & rating system
  • Smart bidding system like eBay
  • Mobile-friendly design
Auction Theme PremiumPress


One of the most popular actions, classified ad, product comparison, and eCommerce WordPress themes, the REHub is one of the best choices in this list.

When it comes to product-related WordPress themes where you wish to allow your users to list their products for a discounted price, this theme offers everything you need.

It is one of the top-selling themes in this niche with the big community of users and ever-evolving developer team behind it. So, your site will be on safe hands.

It gives you the option to create your own community around your auction site to make it more engaging. So, you can create a membership kind of site where you display product with discount and you have a ready to sell community of users.

If you wish to create a product comparison site, this is the best theme for you. It comes with everything that you may need to create you a product comparison site that can be compared to best in the business.

  • High-quality SEO-friendly WordPress theme.
  • Offers you all the features and options to create an eCommerce site.
  • Custom Elementor modules and page control.
  • Perfectly compatible with the Gutenberg editor.
  • Dynamic modules and latest eCommerce design.

Taskerr Theme

Taskerr is a great looking feature rich freelance marketplace and auction theme that you can use to create a successful and sustainable business site.

To start with, the Taskerr theme offers you a very engaging design that can instantly grab your users attention.

Your users can create their profile and submit their gigs so that the other users can view the details of the gig and hire them.

The theme offers you all the option required to setup different pricing plans and packages to make sure that you can make regular recurring revenue from your site.


  • Created on a strong foundation framework.
  • SEO-friendly design.
  • Comprehensive user dashboard.
  • Plans and pricing options.


A WooCommerce based multiple vendor auction WordPress theme that you can use to create your auction site.

The theme is created with modern design and incorporated all the important features and options that you may need to create a successful site to make recuring revenue.

It comes with fifteen ready to use demo design templates. You can quickly import any of the demo design options and make your site ready almost instantly.

The theme comes with a number of different shortcodes related to auction that you can add to your site just by adding the shortcode.

You can use any kind of auction site for any product using this theme. It perfectly compatible with most of the eCommerce plugins such as Dokan,  WC Vendors Marketplace and more.

Be it client testimonial, vendor showcase, success stories, you don’t have to design any of these important elements from scratch as the theme already offers you ready to use.

  • A custom-made auction theme.
  • Fifteen ready-to-use demo templates.
  • RTL Compatibility.
  • WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins compatible.

Auction Theme for WordPress by PremiumPress

Starting off our list, we have the simply named Auction Theme for WordPress by PremiumPress. It is feature packed and merely installing it to your site will transform it into a full-fledged online auction website. It is also super easy to use thanks to all the management tools and the intuitive admin area.

The theme is built on top of the powerful Twitter Bootstrap framework. It comes packed with the flexible drag and drop page layout builder – Elementor.

However, if you don’t want to build your site from scratch, you can also use some of the ready-made designs bundled in with the theme.


  • Built-in bidding system with standard bidding, buy now auctions, and automated biddings.
  • Ability to set up membership packages on your platform.
  • A dedicated member’s area.
  • Members can view their entire bidding history.
  • Advanced Auction searches with watch lists and favorite auctions.

WordPress Project Bidding Theme

If you want to start a bidding website for services and not products like a freelance marketplace, then the WordPress Project Bidding Theme is the perfect pic.

With this theme, you will be able to turn your WordPress website into a freelancer website in minutes. Similar websites in this niche include UpWork, 99designs, TaskRabbit, and so on.

The interface, design styles, and features are designed to provide the optimal platform for employers and freelancers to negotiate on projects. The employers will be able to post projects, and the freelancers will be able to post bids.

Based on the bids and freelancer profile, the employer will award the project and transfer the freelancer fees once the project is completed.


  • Each freelancer gets a user profile to fill with professional information.
  • A private messaging option between employer and freelancer.
  • Feedback and rating system.
  • Multiple Payment gateways and Escrow facility.
  • Option to take a percentage fee out of each project.

Essentials – WooCommerce Auction Theme

Essentials is a WooCommerce-ready theme for turning your WordPress website into an Auctions portal. As you already know, WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress which helps you to set up an online shop and make monetary transactions form your website.

With this theme installed on top of that, you will be able to set up your auction website along with your e-shop.

The theme bundles in one of the popular – WooCommerce Simple Auctions extension for free which gives you all the necessary functionalities for running your auction website.

It also features another premium plugin – WooCommerce Simple Bulk Discounts, which allows you to provide – bulk discounts. Besides this, there is a whole host of customization options to make sure your site’s design and aesthetics are according to your desires.


  • Extensive customization options.
  • Super Slider with parallax effect.
  • Compare list and wishlist for customer convenience.
  • Product Zoom functionality.
  • Specially designed cart and customizable checkout page.

Adifier – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Adifier isn’t strictly an auction theme for WordPress, but it is a Classified Ads WordPress theme used for creating listing websites.

However, it does integrate an auction system which you can turn on to let the buyers and sellers achieve the best possible price in a particular transaction.

It has a boatload of awesome features and is completely equipped to run a fully functional classified ad marketplace.

Furthermore, all its features are built from scratch and not dependent on any third party plugins. It is designed to be the best, and deliver the best possible experience.


  • User Dashboard.
  • Multiple Ad types – auction being one of them.
  • Advanced search filters.
  • Option to charge a percentage for posting ads on your platform.
  • Option to monetize your platform by promoting ads.
  • Several Payment Gateways.

Auction – Car Dealer WooCommerce Theme

Lastly, if you wish to create an auction website for car dealerships, then this is the theme for the job. Auction – Car Dealer WooCommerce Theme boasts a clean and modern design creating the perfect space for mechanic and car listing. It also comes packed with all necessary features particular to this niche.

It is worth noting that this too is a WooCommerce theme and will require you to have the WooCommerce plugin installed on your WordPress website.

You will be able to set up a basic shop for selling cars as well as an auction system so that buyers and sellers can get the best deals off every product.


  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap Framework.
  • Rich customization option with a dedicated page builder tool.
  • Well Organised options panel so you get easy access to all these features.
  • Inquiry form to facilitate buyers’ and sellers’ communication.
  • Pricing tables.
  • Widget support.

Responsive WordPress Auction Theme

Next up, we have a responsive WordPress Auction Theme. This is one of the most popular and powerful auction themes for WordPress.

It is super easy to install and features all the necessary functionalities related to the niche. This saves you the trouble of downloading and installing additional plugins.

The theme is essentially a plug and play solution to get your responsive auction website up and running.

Just think of a feature that you may need for the success of your auction portal, and chances are the theme will have it. All users will be able to create their profile from where they can monitor their auctions and other statistics.

There is also a private messaging option for buyers and sellers to get in touch. You can also charge a fee for every auction listed on your site. And all these features can be conveniently managed from the backend.


  • A dedicated feedback and star rating system.
  • Filter auctions based on Zip/Postcodes.
  • Escrow functionality along with Payment Gateway integration.
  • Automatic Bidding.
  • Option to launch an online download shop.
  • Social Media integration.

WordPress Penny Auction Theme

WordPress Penny Auction Theme is a turn-key solution for creating a penny auction website. In a few clicks, you will have your Penny Auction website up and running.

This makes it an excellent choice for beginners. However, the collection of premium features and functionalities also makes this attractive for advanced users.

The theme is fully designed to handle all necessities that you may have while running a penny auctions website.

You won’t need to install any additional plugins, as all the functionalities are built-in and easily accessible from the WordPress admin panel. They have also nailed the site’s design and layout. Everything looks professional.

However, you should note that there isn’t a whole lot of customization options.


  • You can add penny auctions as custom posts from WordPress admin.
  • PayPal payment gateway integration and multi-currency support.
  • Plenty of auction tools to make the entire process as intuitive as possible.
  • Users on your platform can create a user account.
  • Blog support.
  • Social Media Integration.

In Conclusion

So these were our picks for the top WordPress Auction themes. We hope you found this read to be helpful. If you already use one of the themes mentioned in the list, don’t forget to write about your experience using it. Your fellow reader will love to learn about your first-hand experience.

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