65 Best Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers 2021


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Best Paying Affiliate Programs


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Planning to start with Affiliate Marketing? Finding the best affiliate programs to join is not as easy as it seems, if you are starting from scratch, you might have to try a number of different programs to find the best-performing ones.

In this article, we will look at some of the most profitable and best-paying affiliate programs to make it a little easier for you. You will find some of the tried and trusted programs here.

Now, the question is why affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has been one of the best ways to make money for bloggers and marketers. There are affiliate marketers who are making 6-7 figures revenue every month.

If you have really targeted traffic, even a blog with 100 visitors per day can make good money for you with affiliate marketing, whereas you will need thousands of visitors if you are monetizing your site with programs like AdSense to make the same amount of money.

So, let’s check these affiliate networks and programs that you can join and start making money online.

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Best eCommerce Business Affiliate Programs

Here’re some of the top affiliate programs related to eCommerce business.

01. Amazon Associates

There is no such doubt that Amazon associates is one of the best affiliate programs out there. The affiliate program is used by millions of people out there, and Amazon never fails to disappoint you.

You can promote whichever product you can find on Amazon and earn a commission from it. In addition to that, getting approval from Amazon is not that hard.

Also, since it is a widely popular e-commerce website, people would not think twice before making a purchase.


02. Shopify Affiliate

We are sure that you have heard of Shopify. As it is one of the top platforms for creating e-commerce websites with ease.

Hence it would not be so hard for you to promote it. You can simply promote Shopify plans to your blog readers and earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan.

Also, you can earn up to $2000 for each plus referral. This surely makes it one of the best paying affiliate programs for bloggers.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission Rates: For the Shopify Lite, Advanced plans you will get 20% of the commission fees. The commission rates for Shopify Plus is 10%. 

03. JungleScout

If you’re looking for a good-paying e-commerce affiliate program — JungleScout is worth a shot. Well, if you’re someone into eCommerce and Amazon FBA niche, JungleScout is worth promoting. 

The commission rates of JungleScout are flexible, and you will get 100% commission from the first month of any monthly plan. What’s more, you will also get a 15% commission on the annual subscription. The cookie duration is 90 days which makes this affiliate program more flexible. The payout structure is also flexible; you will get paid every month via PayPal. 

What’s more, as a Jungle Scout affiliate, you will also get access to various perks. Such as exclusive events, limited editions deals, early access to new tools and modules. 

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days affiliate cookie duration.
  • Commission Rates: 15% for the first sales of the annual plans. 100% of the first month of all monthly plans. 
JungleScout Affiliate Program

04. Helium 10

Helium 10 is another high-paying e-commerce affiliate program.  No, the affiliate program of Helium 10 is the most robust in the whole eCommerce industry. 

Helium 10 offers 25% of monthly commission every single month until the customer pays. There are no limitations on the amount you earn as an affiliate. The payout is the monthly basis for smooth payouts. The cookie window of Helium 10 is 30 days. 

If you have an established blog/YouTube channel, you will get an exclusive landing page to promote the affiliate program efficiently. The best part of Helium 10 is that they have dedicated affiliate managers who only keep in touch with affiliates.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie window. 
  • Commission Rates: 25% monthly commissions.
Helium 10 Affiliate Program

05. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a well-known brand in the e-commerce industry. The BigCommerce platform offers web hosting and other e-commerce solution. 

The commission rate of BigCommerce is flexible and high-paying. They offer fixed and percentage-based commissions. You will get a bounty of $200 for every referral through your affiliate link. You can also make upto $1500 per referral on the enterprise plan. 

The cookie duration of BigCommerce is 90 days. Other than that, the payout options are also flexible and hassle-free. You can signup for the BigCommerce affiliate program here

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie window.
  • Commission Rates: 200% bounty per referral and $1500 per Enterprise referral.

05. Etsy

Etsy is basically a global marketplace that allows people to buy and sell — handmade and vintage goods. Well, this marketplace is very famous in first-world countries. What’s more, their merchants come with a wide range of products, that target a large audience base. 

Well, Etsy has Awin to manage their affiliate program. You can earn a commission for every one-of-a-kind piece you share and discover. As an Etsy affiliate you can earn commissions on a percentage of revenue on each qualifying sale you bring through your affiliate link. 

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie window.
  • Commission Rates: 200% bounty per referral and $1500 per Enterprise referral.
Etsy Affiliate Program

06. Volusion

Volusion is a one stop eCommerce solution for small business owners. Using Volusion platform users can create, manage and scale their online eCommerce store. What’s more, they help businesses with various services such as — domain purchases, web design, cart integration, security, SEO and so on. The base plan of Volusion ranges from $15-$135 per month. 

As an affiliate of Volusion you will get access to exclusive marketing materials, products catalogs and promo code with tracking functionality. Well, the affiliate program for Volusion is available on Impact Radius. What’s more, they have a reseller discount. Web designers and eCommerce managers also get a discount of up to 35% right on the monthly hosting plans. 

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie window.
  • Commission Rates: 200% one-time commission payment.
Volusion Affiliate Program

07. Shop4Lift aka 3dcart

3Dcart aka Shop4Lift comes with a one-stop solution for your online eCommerce store. It comes with various modules from — real-time shipping, payments gateways, marketing solutions, managing products, orders and customers. The base plan ranges from $19-$229 per month. 

As per our encounter, Shop4Lift is the fastest-growing affiliate program out there. The 2dCart affiliate program is available on both — Shareasale and Commission Junction. Both platforms basically provide you with the same commission rates and cookies. What’s more, there is additional incentive to perform affiliates. 

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie’s duration is 45 days.
  • Commission Rates: 300% and $2 per lead.
Shop4Lift Affiliate

08. Zenfolio

Zenfolio is an award-winning eCommerce platform for photographers. The platform helps photographers to build professional mobile-ready websites — without writing a single line of code. The platform helps photographers to easily build professional online photography stores. Well, they have a subscription level where the monthly and the yearly order ranges from $60-$504. 

As an affiliate of Zenfolio you can easily earn upto commission on direct paid plans along with the free trial sign-ups too. The affiliate program of Zenfolio is available on Commission Junction, you will also get marketing materials, banners, images, links and other assets.

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie window is 60 days
  • Commission Rates: Upto 30% commission

Best Marketing Affiliate Programs

Here’re some of the top affiliate programs related to digital marketing, email marketing etc.

09. Aweber Affiliate

If you are interested in promoting an email marketing platform, then you can try out Aweber Affiliate program.

This one is also one of the best paying affiliate programs for bloggers and joining it is not as hard as are thinking.

However, unlike other platforms, you do not have to promote a bunch of products. Instead, you need to stay focused on a single product which is Aweber email marketing software.

As an affiliate, you will get to earn at least 30% of the sold amount, and they have a total of 5 plans which need to be billed monthly.

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is 365 days. 
  • Commission Rates: 30% recurring referral payments.

10. Get Response Affiliate Program

Just like the Aweber affiliate program, you can also join the Get Response Affiliate Program.

Get Response is a platform that offers a bunch of tools like email marketing software, Marketing Automation tools, Landing pages and so on. And if you think that you can promote these products, then go ahead and join the program.

Get Response Affiliate Program pays 33% of the purchase amount. In addition to that, they continuously pay you as long as the customer continues to pay for the account.

So whenever you make a Get Response sale, you will not just earn once but on a monthly basis.

  • Cookie Duration: 120 days cookie window. 
  • Commission Rates: You will have an affiliate bounty of $100 and an affiliate recurring program of 33%.
Get Response Affiliate Program

11. Berush Affiliate Program

As a blogger, you have already heard of Semrush. And just in case if you have thought of promoting it, then you have to join Berush Affiliate Program.

Semrush is undoubtedly one of the best SEO tools out there, and there are many people already suggesting it. So if you too can join the league and promote Semrush through your sources.

Then you will be able to earn a 40% recurring commission for every new user. Also, you will get a commission every month. Joining the affiliate program is also super easy so go ahead and give it a try.

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration isn’t specified.
  • Commission Rates: $10 for each new signup and $200 for every sale.

12. Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

As a blogger, you have already heard of Long Tail Pro. This one is one of the best tools for keyword research.

For each sale that you make, Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program will offer you 30% of the sales price and future recurring revenue from the monthly and annual plans.

So if your blog audience is bloggers, then it is a good affiliate program that you can get. Their yearly plan costs around $297 and if you can sell that. Then you will be able to earn some good commission.

  • Cookie Duration: Not specified
  • Commission Rates: Get 30% monthly recurring commission.

13. ElegantThemes Affiliate Program

ElegantThemes makes one of the best themes for WordPress. So if you are interested in promoting WordPress themes, then you can join the ElegantThemes Affiliate Program.

The best part of this affiliate program is that they pay you 50% of the sale amount. They are known for Divi Theme which is one of the most popular WordPress themes that you can use to create any kind of website.

We also have a custom discount offer for Divi Theme, don’t miss it.

As a result, you will be able to promote themes in a better way and earn some huge commissions.

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is 90 days. 
  • Commission Rates: Provides 50% of each sale you refer through your affiliate link. 

14. WIX

WIX is the world’s largest web publishing platform that has a high-paying affiliate program. The platform enables you to promote WIX on your website/blog/videos and earn commissions per sale. 

WIX provides $100 for each sale you make through your unique affiliate link. The payout method of WIX is also flexible and the highest in the industry. There is no limitations in the referral you make — the sky is the limit. 

The best part, WIX also offers creative resources to help you promote the platforms in a creative and engaging way. You can sign-up for the WIX affiliate program here

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie window is 30 days. 
  • Commission Rates: You will get $100 per premium user with unlimited payouts. 
WIX Affiliate Program

15. Supermetrics

Supermetrics is one of the high-paying marketing affiliate programs available. The platform is all about helping marketers spend less time making reports and analyzing reports. 

The affiliate program of Supermetrics offers 20% of recurring commissions for each sale through your affiliate link. No matter what’s the sale amount is, you will get a 20% recurring commission

What’s more, Supermetrics also provides ready-to-use templates and promotional materials, videos, and guidebooks. Once you sign-up for the affiliate program, a dedicated partner team will be assigned. 

  • Cookie Duration: Cookies have a 90 days window. 
  • Commission Rates: 20% commission of each sale.
Supermetrics Affiliate Program

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Here’re some of the top affiliate programs related to web hosting. The hosting-related programs are some of the top paying affiliate programs, hence they are very competitive as well.

16. WP Engine: WordPress Affiliate Program

Apart from Siteground, you can also promote WP Engine. This one is also one of the best paying affiliate programs for bloggers.

The affiliate program is easy to join, and you could earn up to $200 per sale or 100% of the first customer’s payment.

Also, as they have a good reputation in the market so it would not be so hard for you to promote them.

  • Cookie Duration: 180 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: Upto $200 minimum for each sale.

17. Bluehost

One of the most popular affiliate programs among bloggers and marketers, Bluehost is the top revenue-generating source for many.

If you check this list of monthly blog income reports of the top bloggers, you will find Bluehost is one of the top money-making affiliate programs.

This is because Bluehost has been around for a long time and it is one the most widely recommended hosting providers, people tend to buy it.

The commission from the Bluehost affiliate starts at around $65 but as you start getting sales, they will revise your commission to $100 or even more. So, if you can actively send traffic to Bluehost, there is a possibility that you will earn good revenue from this platform.

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie Window
  • Commission Rates: Commission starts with $65/sale.

18. SiteGround Hosting Affiliate Program

If you are interested in promoting Hosting affiliates, then Siteground hosting can be one of the perfect options for you.

Siteground affiliate program pays $50 for 1 to 5 sales. And if you make 5 to 10 sales, you will get $75 per sale. If you can make 11 to 20 sales, you will be able to earn $100 per sale. If you sell more than 21 hosting plans, you will be able to earn $125 per sale.

Also, their hosting plans are very affordable. So you would not face any issues while promoting them. Plus, they have a good market reputation which will also help you to increase the number of sales.

  • Cookie Duration: 60 days cookie window
  • Commission Rates: They have different tiers. For 1-5 sales ($50/sale), 6-10 sales ($75/sale), 11-20 sales ($100/sale)

19. BuyDomains Affiliate Program

BuyDomains is one of the largest collections of premium domain names. This website offers thousands of high-quality domain names under its list which you can promote.

In other words, you can say that this is a marketplace for premium domains. You can get up to $175 commission on each domain purchase.

Also, they offer a 45 day referral period. So within 45 days if a buyer purchases any domain, you will earn a commission.

  • Cookie Duration: Not specified 
  • Commission Rates: $175 on domain purchase

20. DreamHost Affiliate Program

If you are into hosting, then you can also join the DreamHost Affiliate Program. DreamHost Affiliate Program is also the best paying affiliate program that you can join.

The best part of this affiliate network is that it pays up to $120 per sing-up. So you will not struggle while promoting them.

Also, as they are one of the well-known companies so you can easily make your blog readers sign up for Dreamhost.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie window
  • Commission Rates: Earn upto $200 per referral

21. WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

WPX Hosting is the worlds’ fasted managed WordPress hosting provider. Well, WPX Hosting does have a high-paying affiliate program. The affiliate program of WPX hosting is flexible and has an easy payout. 

With WPX Hosting, you will get these commissions listed below: 

  • For 1-25 referrals, you will get — $70  per sale. 
  • For 26-100 referrals, you will get — $85  per sale. 
  • For 100+ referrals, you will get — $100  per sale. 

As you can see, the WPX Hosting commissions are based on a tier basis. The payout of WPX is also good; they manually check the commissions and pay you via PayPal. However, you will have to wait for lie 4-5 months for the first referral payment.

  • Cookie Duration: Not specified
  • Commission Rates: The minimum payout is $75 per sale.
WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

22. Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways is a well-known web hosting provider with reliable, secure, and fast web hosting. Clodwways also have an affiliate program that you can promote and earn recurring commissions. 

The commission’s structure of Cloudways is flexible; you have the flexibility to earn at your pace. Here’s the commissions’ structure of Cloudways:

  • Slab 1 (1-5 Referrals): $50/sale. 
  • Slab 2 (6-20 Referrals): $75/sale. 
  • Slab 3 (21-45 Referrals): $100/sale. 
  • Slab 4 (46-80 Referrals): $125/sale. 

The cookie duration of Cloudways is 90 days. There is one Hybrib commission calculator of Cloudways. Using the hybrid calculator, you can choose a flexible commission rate as per your needs. 

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: Starts with $50 per sale
Cloudways Affiliate Program

23. Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta managed WordPress hosting is a tailored solution for growing websites and blogs. The hosting service of Kinsta is fast, secure, and reliable. Kinsta also has an affiliate program kind of high ticket affiliate program. 

With Kinsta, you can make upto $500 for each sale referred through your affiliate link. What’s more, you will also get 10% recurring commissions each month for any lifetime customer. 

The cookie duration of Kinsta affiliate program is 60 days, which is longer than the usual of 30 days. What are you waiting for? Bring one customer and search recurring lifetime commissions. 

  • Cookie Duration: 60 days cookie window
  • Commission Rates: Earn up to $500 for every referral + 10% Monthly recurring commissions
Kinsta Affiliate Program

Best Travel Business Affiliate Programs

Here’re some of the top affiliate programs related to travel business. If you are managing a blog around travel, here are the best affiliate programs to join.

24. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

The TripAdvisor program is a great way for travel bloggers to earn commissions on bookings made through their site. The platform is known for its local reviews and how travelers can make the best out of their money—a great choice for travel bloggers for sure.

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular platforms for all kinds of travel-related businesses where users review hotels and places. You can use the site for more information about anything related to travel.

  • Cookie Duration: 14 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: 50% commission of the sales you bring
TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

25. Expedia Affiliate Program

The Expedia affiliate program is one of the most popular travel affiliate programs, and travel bloggers can benefit from it. There are over 260,000 bookable properties on this platform, so it’s hard to find a complete one. 

The commission rate is not the best available, but it can still be beneficial for those looking to maximize their earnings.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie window.
  • Commission Rates: Not specified, you can earn like $1000 per month.
Expedia Affiliate Program

26. Marriott Affiliate Program

Marriott is one of the well-known hotel chains, and they have a great affiliate program too. They offer fairly competitive rates to their affiliates, so it’s worth checking them out if you are looking for some extra income.

  • Cookie Duration: 7 days cookie window
  • Commission Rates: Not specified
Marriott Affiliate Program

27. TravelPayouts Affiliate Program

TravelPayouts is one of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers. They offer competitive rates, and they also have some great features like a built-in ad tracking system that makes it easier to track your performance.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission Rates: You will get around 60-70 for each sale
TravelPayouts Affiliate Program

28. Hotels.com Affiliate Program

Hotels.com is yet another popular travel affiliate program. They pay competitive commissions, and they also have a nice range of features that help you promote them on your site. There are over 15 million members already enrolled in their affiliate program.

  • Cookie Duration: 7 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: Not specified
Hotels.com Affiliate Program

29. TourRadar Affiliate Program

If you are a travel blogger and looking for an affiliate network that suits your needs. Then Tourradar is the perfect option that you can try out. With this affiliate network, you will have to promote Tourradar services and earn a commission from them.

However, in order to start with TourRadar Affiliate Program, you will need to sign up on Commission Junction or CJ. Over there you will find different banners and links which will help you to promote the affiliates.

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie tracking window
  • Commission Rates: You will get 5% of each sale

VPN Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

VPN affiliates can earn decent commissions by promoting the best VPNs on their site. The affiliate rates differ from company to company, but they are typically higher for other types of products or services.

30. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is a great VPN for beginners. This is one of the leading VPN providers in the world and is a great option for affiliates. 

Top online marketers and digital entrepreneurs make use of Surfshark VPN since its inception to access blocked and restricted content on the world wide web.

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: Not specified
Surfshark VPN

31. ExpressVPN Affiliate Program

ExpressVPN is a high-quality VPN service that offers fast speeds and excellent customer support. They have over 100 servers in 94 countries around the world, so you can remain connected to the internet no matter where you are traveling or living across the globe. 

Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN is surely a great platform to make passive income from.

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: You will get around $13-$36 per sale you make
ExpressVPN Affiliate Program

32. IPVanish

IPVanish is another popular VPN affiliate program that offers a variety of incentives. They have tons of servers in a number of different countries across the world, so you can remain connected to the internet no matter where you are traveling or living across the globe. 

This VPN service has been around for quite some time and is one of our favorites because they offer reliable speeds.

  • Cookie Duration: Not specified
  • Commission Rates: 35% on all the new subscriptions
IPVanish Affiliate Program

33. StrongVPN

If you are looking for a VPN service that is focused on providing the best speeds and reliability, StrongVPN may be worth checking out. 

They have an assortment of plans to choose from, so it should not be too difficult to find one that meets your needs. The program has been there since the year 2006 and has a pretty popular affiliate program as well.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie window
  • Commission Rates: Upto 200% commissions
StrongVPN Affiliate Program

34. NordVPN

NordVPN is another program that has been around for quite some time. The company has managed to not only grow its business but also develop one of the most popular VPNs on the market today. 

The affiliate program offers four different payout plans, such as the one-month, six-month, one-year, and two-year plans.

  • Cookie Duration: Cookie duration is 30 days
  • Commission Rates: Earn upto 40% per sale

35. SmartProxy

Smartproxy is a reliable VPN and proxy provider in the market. The best part, SmartProxy has an affiliate program that offers commissions upto $1500 per sale. 

SmartProxy offers a flexible commission of 50% per sale, which is huge compared to other VPN affiliate programs. You will earn a commission for each new customer you bring through your affiliate link. The minimum payout of SmartProxy is $100; the payout process is smooth — you get paid every month. 

The cookie duration of SmartProxy is 30 days. Other than that, they also have helpful resources and creatives to help you promote effectively.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission Rates: Make up to $1500 per sale
SmartProxy Affiliate Program

36. Private Internet Access VPN Affiliate Program

PIA (private internet access) is one of the best affordable VPN out there. The VPN is super easy to set up, and the anonymity is robust. You can access around 30+ countries. 

PIA is one of the best available VPN affiliate programs. They offer different commission structures of around 33% for each sale you make. For example, you sold a PIA base plan costing $3 to 500 customers, you will be easily earning around $1600 every month. The commission will be lifetime and recurring until the customer purchases the PIA plan. 

What’s more, you can also track and monitor your sales and commission in real-time. PIA also offers pre-built templates, banners, and videos to help you promote the PIA VPN affiliate program easily. Signup for the PIA affiliate program here. 

  • Cookie Duration: TBC
  • Commission Rates: Upto 33% per sale
Private Internet Access VPN Affiliate Program

37. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is one of the fastest-growing VPN providers in the market. With TunnelBear, you can earn as much as you can — there are no limitations.  TunneBear gives you commissions for each subscriber you bring through your affiliate links. 

TunnelBear offers 50% commissions when you bring sales using your unique affiliate links. The affiliate program of TunnelBear is also available on CJ (affiliate marketplace). The EPC (earnings per click of TunnelBear is $11.92). And the cookie duration of TunnelBear is 45 days, which is more than the usual 30 days. 

The best part about TunnelBear, there is no fine print to withholding commissions. You will get paid every month, whether it’s $10 or $100000. What’s more, TunnleBear also has a dedicated affiliate support team ready to help you set up a comprehensive promotion strategy. 

  • Cookie Duration: Cookie duration 45 days
  • Commission Rates: Upto 50% per sale you bring
TunnelBear Affiliate Program

38. F-Secure

F-Secure is a reliable antivirus and VPN platform. They started as a computer security training company but then switched to antivirus software two years later. Well, they provide the best and secure antivirus out there but they are not well-known in the market. 

With the affiliate program of F-Secure you will get paid like 15% for the anti-virus products. However, you will get around 25% commissions of 25% for their VPN solution.  The base plan costs around $39.99 so you will get around $9 payout. The earnings per click is around $14.24. 

  • Cookie Duration: 60 days cookie window
  • Commission Rates: You will get upto 60% per sale

39. AVG Technologies

AVG Technologies has around 200 million computer and smartphone users. Well, they are established and have been in the business since 1992, so they have a solid reputation in the antivirus industry. They have a high-paying affiliate program too where you can get upto 25% commission on everything you sell. 

Their payout and commission are good, and they are kind of transparent with their affiliate commissions and payouts. No matter what you sell, you get a flat commission rate and that is ethical. The EPC (earning per click) is $14.32 and that’s quite good. 

  • Cookie Duration: 60 days cookie window
  • Commission Rates:  You will get a flat 25% of the sales you bring
AVG Technologies


AVAST is a very well-known antivirus and VPN provider, you might have once even used their free antivirus software. Well, AVAST has around 435 million users worldwide and that’s huge. 

The VPN Services of AVAST costs around $80 per year and that’s huge. There is no monthly pricing available. When you promote the VPN services of AVAST you will get 35% for every sale you get. Well if someone buys the annual plan you will receive a commission of around $27 per sale. 

  • Cookie Duration: 60 days cookie window
  • Commission Rates: You will get flat commission of 35%

41. Panda Security

Panda Security is a well-known Spanish computer security and IT solutions company that was launched back in 1998. They have somewhat around 30+ years of experience in — computer security and IT solutions. 

The commission of Panda security is transparent and you can even earn good chunks with Panda Security VPN programs. You will get paid around 35% commissions you bring through your affiliate link. Basically, it’s a flat fee for monthly services. The EPC (earning per click) for this program is $11.87. You can check their official affiliate page to know all the details regarding their affiliate program. 

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is around 30 days.
  • Commission Rates: Upto 35%
Panda Security

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

The gaming industry has been booming for quite some time, and with that growth comes the need for blogging and content. There are a plethora of affiliate programs available in this industry to help you earn money based on traffic or conversions. 

Modern gaming affiliate programs have come a long way, and you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities to work in this industry.

There’s an affiliate program for pretty much every type or genre of gaming. Check out the ones you should blog about to earn handsome passive income:

42. Twitch Affiliate Program

Twitch provides a way for its users to earn money by broadcasting their gameplay sessions on Twitch. This popular video platform wants to help gamers become broadcasters and is willing to pay them for their work. 

To earn money on Twitch, you’ll need a channel where people can view your broadcasted gameplay sessions. This could be anything from just playing games by yourself or with friends online to broadcasting competitions that are streamed live. 

Once you are done with your broadcast, you’ll need to head over to the “Affiliates” section of your Twitch dashboard and click on the button that says “Link a Game Account.” You can then link one or more accounts from different video game publishers.

  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Commission Rates: 5% of the sales made
Twitch Affiliate Program

43. G2Deal Affiliate Program

G2Deal is a one-stop online platform that offers secure and swift access to different software and gaming products, such as antivirus software, productivity suites, and video games. 

The program offers specific and product-specific adverts to make sure their affiliates earn to their full potential.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Commission Rates: 0-15% on the softwares and 3% on other products
G2Deal Affiliate Program

44. Fanatical Affiliate Program

Fanatical is a one-stop-shop for gamers with gaming titles available on PC, Mac, and Linux. The company offers an affiliate program that will reward you when your referral purchases our game time cards or bundles! 

Over 85 million game keys are already sold, and new games get added to the catalog each new day. The affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction.

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: 5% commission per sale
Fanatical Affiliate Program

45. Gamefly Affiliate Program

Gamefly is a leading video game rental service that offers customers an easy way to get their favorite games, consoles, and accessories delivered right to them. 

The platform has an ocean of used and rental video games available for all users from across the globe.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: $15 for every lead and around 5% for new games
Gamefly Affiliate Program

46. Razer Affiliate Porgram

Razer is one of the leading gaming console manufacturers. From PC games to console players, Razer has got a lot to offer. Even they market themselves as “leading lifestyle brand for gamers. 

The best part, Razer also has a high-paying affiliate program. The price range of gaming laptops starts from $1500/month. The commission rates for Razer products aren’t fixed. So you get somewhat between 1-20% depending on what kind of products you’re selling. 

The cookie duration of Razer affiliate links is 30 days. The payout methods are also easy and flexible. If you’re a gamer and love promotion gaming products, Razer is affiliate program is the best shot. 

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: 3-10% per sale
Razer Affiliate Porgram

Recurring Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

The affiliate marketing world is packed with a ton of amazing affiliate programs that offer not only a one-time payment settlement option but recurring monthly or quarterly payments. 

Some of these companies even offer one-time payment settlements, but they also have a monthly recurring option for affiliates to choose from. 

This category of affiliate programs is ruled by SaaS-based products. You can find affiliate programs for WordPress, blogging tips from experts, SEO services to give your blog the edge over others in terms of rankings, and social media marketing like Instagram or Facebook Ads. 

We bring you the top recurring affiliate programs for bloggers to earn some good passive income.

47. Pabbly Affiliate Program

Pabbly is quite a new affiliate income source for digital marketing bloggers, which offers recurring commissions! Pabbly also has the lowest sign-up fee out there, and they don’t have an approval process. You can recommend products from any store you like without having to worry about complicated details or approvals.

It’s not always easy as a blogger to find affiliate programs with high conversion rates and low fees. 

Pabbly’s affiliate program is for all the bloggers looking for something simple yet reliable to monetize their blogs while keeping everything transparent.

Pabbly is an email marketing platform that also offers an affiliate marketing program. From some of the best form builders in the business to complete solutions for email marketing, Pabbly offers it all.

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie Window
  • Commission Rates: 20-30% commissions
Pabbly Affiliate Program

48. Thinkific Affiliate Program

Thinkific is one of the most popular online course platforms, with over 50 000 courses and more than 500k students. Thinkific offers a variety of courses on many topics, like cryptocurrency trading or digital marketing strategy. 

All instructors are carefully vetted for their expertise in their field, and Thinkific is constantly adding new ones to its roster.

  • Cookie Duration:  Not specified 
  • Commission Rates: Earn upto $1700 per sale
Thinkific Affiliate Program

49. Buzzsprout Affiliate program

Buzzsprout is a popular podcast hosting platform that offers everything you need to publish and distribute your podcast. You can join their affiliate program and get a 20% lifetime recurring commission

The platform also has an excellent marketing manager and ideas to help you market the program.

  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: 25% for every paid account
Buzzsprout Affiliate program

50. Wordable Affiliate Program

Wordable is another popular name in the list of recurring affiliate programs. The platform allows you to save a ton of the working hours of your time by effortlessly and instantly exporting Google Docs and HTML to some of the major CRM platforms like WordPress, HubSpot, and Medium. 

With the rise of content platforms like WordPress, Wordable is becoming the go-to solution for publishing content. 

The program is easy to join and even empowers all levels of affiliates to promote their products online. They offer a recurring 30% commission for every action taken.

  • Cookie Duration: Not specified. 
  • Commission Rates: 30% monthly recurring
Wordable Affiliate Program

51. ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

This is all-in-one automation and CRM solution which helps the affiliates run their business and campaigns more efficiently. 

The platform offers a wide range of features to help you automate your marketing, sales, customer service tasks, and social media management from one place. 

ActiveCampaign’s affiliate program has been designed with simplicity in mind for making it easier for online marketers to manage their business. You can get a 30% recurring commission for every member you refer.

  • Cookie Duration: 90 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: Get upto 30% per sale
ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

Best Online Courses Affiliate Programs

Online learning businesses are very popular these days and it is going to be even bigger in the time to come. If you are managing a site around online education, here’re some of the most popular affiliate programs around online learning.

52. Skillshare

SkillShare is a popular online learning hub that provides a plethora of courses in all niches. From cooking to business, Skillshare has everything you need to learn and master a new skill. 

SkillShare has also a well-known affiliate program where you can earn a commission for sharing unique creative content. They share a new promotion every single month. You will get monthly payouts and they even have robust real-time tracking. Using real-time tracking you can easily — track all your traffic, referrals and payouts. 

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is 30 days
  • Commission Rates: You will get $7 for each new customer you bring
Skillshare Affiliate Program

53. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is a well-known online learning hub that offers test preparation for ACT, SAT along with other graduate school entrance exams. They have a high-paying affiliate program as well. Their top products range between $1500-$3000, so you can guess the commission chunks. 

Joining the affiliate program of Princeton Review, you will get exclusive discounts offers to promote with your audience. The affiliate program of Princeton is available on AWIN. Also, the payments and commissions are released every 30 days. 

Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie window. Commission Rates: Commission rates vary from product to product.

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is 30 days
  • Commission Rates: Commission rates vary from product to product
The Princeton Review

54. Kranse Institute

Kranse Institute is another reliable online prep platform. Actually, Kranse Institute is the worlds’ leader in digital test preparations — CAT, ACT, GMAT. etc. It has high-paying affiliate programs in the education niche. 

The payout methods are also easy, and the commission percentage is good compared to other educational programs. What’s more, you can track your links performance and everything. 

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie duration
  • Commission Rates: You will get 30% per lead

55. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the best language learning platforms available out there. In fact, they are an award-winning language solution. What’s more, they have a high-paying affiliate program too in the education, SaaS and software niche. 

The payout of Rosetta Stone is fast and they don’t keep you waiting. The commission percentage you will get is around 7% per sale you bring through your affiliate link.

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie window is 30 days.
  • Commission Rates: You will get 7% per sale.
Rosetta Stone

56. Coursera

Coursera is a pioneer affiliate program available out there. It specializes in providing overs 1000 courses and specialization in various niches. They are well-known for providing high affiliate commissions in the education and personal development niche. 

The course’s pricing is high so the commission you’re going to get is high. The payout frequency is monthly and doesn’t involve any complex process. 

  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is 30 days
  • Commission Rates: Get upto 45% per sale
Coursera's affiliate program

Best Affiliate Program Marketplaces

Here’re some of the top affiliate marketplaces that you can join to find the most rewarding affiliate programs around your niche.

57. Impact Radius

Impact Radius is another very popular affiliate network platform where you will find the affiliate programs of many leading providers.

If you are in the tech space and promoting, themes, hosting related products, you will find a number of popular brands such as Envato, HostGator etc on the platform.

Envato is one of the biggest marketplaces for creatives to find the best themes, plugins, creative designs. Platforms such as ThemeForest, Envato Elements host their affiliate program on Impact.


58. VigLink

VigLink is also one of the best paying affiliate programs for bloggers. The best part of VigLink is that it easily converts your normal outgoing links to an affiliate link.

As a result, you will get paid from all the available Affiliate networks. For example, if you are promoting Amazon products but you are not associated with Amazon Associates.

Then do not worry, VigLink will convert your links into affiliate links. As a result, you will not have to sign up on multiple affiliate networks. Instead, simply sign up on VigLink, and you are all set to go.


59. Awin

One of the biggest affiliate networks Awin has a strong global presence. They have offices across 15 different parts of the world and over 1000 employees are managing over 200k publishers and 15k advertisers.

They have a big network, ShareaSale is also a part of the network though it still runs independently. Awin has programs from all different niches, so no matter what your niche is, you are sure to find some suitable products to promote.

A big advantage for the publishers is that Awin pays you on time. You will get paid your commission no matter what the payment cycle of the advertiser is.


60. Shareasale

Shareasale is one of the most popular affiliate network sites which is regularly used by bloggers.

This is a platform where you can find affiliate programs from almost all niches. You can join the platform and then apply for individual affiliate programs.

If you are a general blogger, you can promote web hosting services that are high-paying affiliate programs.


61. PeerFly Affiliate Network

PeerFly is also one of the top affiliate networks available out there. When it comes to tracking your sales, this platform works the best.

Thanks to its Custom Tracking Platform. The platform has more than 2000 live offers which you can promote without any issues, and each month you will get a guaranteed payout.

They also offer you a bunch of free training tools. So you can take your affiliate game to the next level. Singing up with Peefly affiliate network is also not so hard. Just a few clicks here and there and you are good to go.


62. BlueSnap Affiliate Network

In the end, you can try joining BlueSnap Affiliate Network. It is also one of the best paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers.

BlueSnap Affiliate Network is also pretty much similar to the Rakuten Affiliate Network. And it has more than 10000 digital products under its name.

You can promote hosting, SEO tools, and other products through this and earn some huge cash. Also, they do have a good payment system.


63. Rakuten Affiliate Network

If you are interested in joining the CPS affiliate network, then go ahead and give a try to the Rakuten Affiliate Network. Rakuten is one of the biggest affiliate networks out there which has hundreds of companies under its name.

One of such companies is Best Buy. So if you are interested in offering Best Buy products, then you can join Rakuten Affiliate Network. Signing up with Rakuten is also not so hard task.

Just enter a few details, and after that, they will manually verify your application, and you are all set.


64. FlexOffers

Flex Offers is also one of the biggest affiliate programs available out there. This affiliate program pays the publishers faster than any other network in the market.

Also, they are backed by 10 years of experience and hugely trusted by users around the globe. It offers quite a lot of tools and campaigns which you as a publisher can use and make more money.

It has thousands of affiliate programs under its name. Like you can promote apps, subscription-based networks and so on.

However, the approval process is not straightforward. They take at least two days to approve or deny your website.


FAQs About Best Paying Affiliate Programs

01. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting third-party products. You get a certain percentage fixed amount of commission when a user referred through your site buys the product.

02. How Much Money Can I Make Through Affiliate Marketing?

The amount of money you make through affiliate marketing depends on a number of factors such as the percentage of commission, the product type and other factors.

03. What is The Difference Between Affiliate Program and Affiliate Network?

An affiliate program is referred to as a single affiliate program by any product or service company while an Affiliate Network is a marketplace of affiliate programs where you can find multiple products or services related to your niche that you can promote.

04. Is There Any Prerequisite to Join Affiliate Program?

Every affiliate program have their own terms and conditions. While some affiliate programs approve sites right away there are affiliate programs that will check your site to make sure that it fits their terms and then approve or decline.

Final Words

So those were all the Best Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers. Now it’s your call to go ahead and check these affiliate programs out and see which one of these working the best for you. Also, for any questions feel free to comment below.

Also, don’t miss our collection of the best SaaS affiliate programs.

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