10 Best Email Name Generators

Find professional name for your email using the top email name generators listed here.

Best Email Name Generators

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Are you looking for the best email name generators? Well, we have listed some of the top tools that will help you to find the perfect email name.

Every day, the population in the digital world is increasing and with it, is increasing the difficulty to find the right email name. 

Try looking for an email name that only consists of your name and surname. Boom! The email name is already taken. Isn’t that frustrating? The users then go on juggling random prefixes and suffixes to create the ideal email ID

Thankfully, you don’t need to do it manually now. There are many wonderful email name generators that you can use for creating the perfect email id. 

Why Have A Good Email Name?

When the perfect email id with simply the name or name and the surname isn’t available, users go ahead to generate a new email name by adding their birth year. For a casual email id, it might be fine but it doesn’t give a very professional touch. 

Imagine adding that email id with your birth year in a professional document! Doesn’t leave a very good impression for sure. 

To have a professional email id that sounds good, ensure that 

  • It sounds professional 
  • Is short 
  • Looks neat 
  • Doesn’t consist of unnecessary and senseless character 

It should be clean and precise and a representation of you. If you are struggling to choose the right email name for yourself or your business, we are here to help you. Here’s the list of the best email name generators. 

01. Kparser

For generating a username using Kparser, you need to enter one or more targeted keywords in a separate line. In addition to that, you need to enter the following information

  • The domain where you want to create the email id
  • Country name 
  • Language in which you want your email id in 

Go ahead and then click on “Start” to get thousands of email name ideas. 

The email name ideas generated by Kparser can be personalized to suit you better. Even if you miss the perfect email name, you will get tons of creative ideas to create the best email name.

02. Spinxo

Spinxo is an intelligent email name generator that not only will help you in creating the right email id but also the perfect social media handles too. 

Just enter the words and adjectives that perfectly describe you and voila! You will get the perfect email name. Apart from giving you the best email name, it also instantly checks the availability of the generated username. 

03. Name Generator

If you are looking forward to having a cool-sounding email name, then Name Generator is the best option available to you. 

For generating email names through Name Generator, you need to enter a prefix and suffix. Don’t forget to include the domain name in the suffix box for getting the complete package. 

04. WebHostingGeeks

If you are looking for an email name especially curated for your business, then you can go ahead with WebHostingGeeks to generate cool names for your product and business

All you need to do is enter the keyword and then decide where you want to place the keyword, along with the number of letters that you want to include. 

05. Nameboy

Even if you are not looking for a domain name, you can still take ideas from Nameboy. Designed for generating the best domain name, you can use it to choose a captivating email name too. 

Just enter the keyword and you will instantly get plenty of domain name ideas, which with a slight twist can be converted into cool email names too. 

06. Panabee

Panabee is a simple way to search for a username that you can use in your email name, app name, business name and even website name. 

If the original perfect name is already taken, it generates more username ideas derived from 

  • Phonemes
  • Syllables
  • Abbreviations 
  • Suffixes
  • Prefixes
  • Popular domain trends

It doesn’t randomly add words to your original idea. It tells you about the changes that it has made to the original username. 

07. Namemesh

Namemesh works best when choosing a username with 2-3 keywords. You can separate the keywords using a space. The user can also choose the maximum length of the characters. 

Namemesh generates a username based on the following categories:

  • Common
  • New
  • SEO
  • Short
  • Fun
  • Premium 
  • Mix

On the basis of your requirement, you can choose a username from one of the above categories. 

08. Lean Domain Search

It is another tool which can be used for generating username for both the website and the email names. You can enter both your first name and last name and then search for the options available. 

When we tried doing the same, it generated 4999 options in just 2.353 seconds. The result can be sorted based on:

  • Popularity 
  • Length 
  • Alphabetical 

The different search term filter present here are:

  • All 
  • Starts with search term
  • Ends with search term

09. Freshbooks Name Generator

Whether you are looking for the perfect business name or the email name, Freshbooks presents you with tons of ideas. 

Firstly, you need to select your industry. The four options available are:

  • Creative and marketing 
  • Legal services and business consulting 
  • Trades and home services 
  • Information technology 

After selecting the industry, you need to type the one word that you want to surely include in the generated name. While creating an email name, this word can either be your name or the name of your business.

Freshbooks will keep showing you brand new name ideas in a batch of three. 

10. LastPass Username Generator Tool

Generate a secure username or an email name with LastPass. You can use the email name generated here for the casual email id and not the professional ones. 

LastPass allows the users to customize elements like 

  • Username length 
  • Easy to say 
  • Easy to read 

Also, you can decide whether you want to include or not 

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase 
  • Numbers 
  • Symbols 

Wrap Up

You can go ahead with any of these email name generators. Even though you will receive many great and creative email names, do not forget to give your very own personal touch to it whenever required. 

For personal email names, always try your luck first in “firstnamelastname@gmail.com”. If it is not available because of a digital explosion, you always have these email name generators for your rescue. 

FAQs About Email Name Generators

Q1. What are the characteristics of good email names?

When creating a personal email id, a good email name has the following characteristics:

  • It consists of your first and last name
  • It is short and easy to read and pronounce
  • It shouldn’t include random numbers and characters
  • It shouldn’t include random words 

Lastly, your email id should be a reflection of you. 

Q2. Which is the best email service  provider?

Currently, the top three email service provider are:

  • Gmail 
  • Yahoo 
  • Outlook

Q3. How to choose a good email name for a business?

When choosing a business email name, the email name should ooze out professionalism. The number one tip is to simply go directly for your business name. You must have chosen the business name because it is unique, right?

If your business name is not available as an email name, go for the email name that consists of your business name followed by the word ‘official’ 

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